Title: Pale Horse

Author: DebC

Fandom: Highlander: the Series

Keywords: genderbender, AU, female!Duncan

Paring: Danae/Methos (Danae is the genderbent!Duncan)

Summary: Essentially? "Comes a Horseman" is Duncan were female and Cassandra never existed.

Author's Notes: A huge thank you to Azar and Angelsgracie for the support, brainstorming the picking of muses brains. It really helped and will continue to help in the days o come. Especially since I couldn't find a decent name for her! An even huger "thank you" to Medie for inspiring the idea in the first place. I hope Danae meets with your approval.

Written for "Medie" as a Christmas WIP. There will be more.

"Pale Horse"

There was a time when hot water and thick white bubbles could undo any ailment under the sun. Danae remembered that time as well as she did anything else in her nearly five hundred years of living on this earth. 'Bubble baths,' she'd told one of her husbands once, 'are gifts from heaven itself.' They eased sore muscles, relaxed, soothed... especially with the right herbs, oils or champagnes added to the mix. And candles. Definitely candles.

She often employed any combination of these with her bubbles after a fight with another Immortal. Playing the Game -- especially when she won -- was a stressful ordeal and she liked her down time to be pleasant. So it was no surprise that just hours after her confrontation with Melvin Koren was interrupted, Danae was soaking in her bathtub.

Of course, her bubbles had already melted and the water was no longer hot.

Neither was she particularly relaxed, as Koren was not someone she'd expected to run into again. The last time she'd seen him was 1867, when she was a saloon girl in Agua Dulce and Koren was the leader of a band of cutthroats. He'd come after her, only to be shot down by the Texas Rangers.

That he was back now filled her body tension that not even a heavenly bubble bath could relieve. Perhaps a good work out instead...

Rising from the tub, she reached for her towel and was just wrapping it around her body when the sensation of an approaching Immortal slapped her with all its force.

Securing the towel in a knot under her arm, Danae raised her sword and left the bathroom, announcing loudly, "Whoever you are, you have me at a disadvantage."

"Oh, I wouldn't call it that," an all-too-familiar voice replied from behind her open refrigerator door. Methos soon followed, holding a beer -- her beer -- in his hand. He looked her over with a lascivious expression on his face and grinned. "I'd think you could disarm quite a few men with that get up."

"You bastard!" Danae shot back, scowling at him for good measure before putting away her sword.

"You love me," he quipped and followed her into the bedroom.

"Sometimes I wonder why," was her reply. She went to her wardrobe and busied herself by ignoring him as she found something to wear.

"Naturally, it's because I'm so adorable." Methos walked over to the bed where she'd tossed the clothes she intended to wear and picked up the plain white undergarments. Tossing them aside with an impudent grin, he walked over to her dresser and rooted around until he pulled out something in black lace. "Wear this instead," he told her.

"I was heading to the dojo to work out," she told him.


"I can't work out in those!" They'd ride up in places she'd rather not mention.

"C'mon, Highlander! Live a little!" Methos teased, and she knew he was teasing now because he could.

"I've lived plenty, you old fossil," she told him, finding it difficult to sound exasperated when he was grinning at her like that.

"Sticks and stones," he retorted and stepped towards her.

"Sometimes I'd like to break you bo--" the comeback was interrupted somewhat by his hands grasping the sides of her face and his lips crushing down hers with deliciously ferocity.

And that was one of the reason she loved him, Danae thought briefly before he pulled her down onto the bed for a very different kind of work out.