Danae was in her office at the dojo, pacing as she flipped through an old book. Her mind was only half on what she was reading, however. She'd call Joe earlier that afternoon, and had asked him to send over anything he could about the Immortal named Melvin Koren. Mostly, Danae wanted to know where he'd been since Agua Dulce, who he'd beheaded... how hard he would be to actually beat.

Feeling the presence of another Immortal, she looked up from the book and smiled when she saw Methos entering the dojo. She went to the office door to meet him, but her smile faded when she noticed how out of breath and shaken he was. Paler than usual, too. Something had happened, she was sure of it.

"Methos?" she inquired, letting that one word convey everything else she wanted to ask -- was he okay, had something happened? Was it Koren? If it was... she wasn't confident Methos could take him. Hell, she wasn't even confident she could take him, but at least she was in better shape to do it than Methos.

Methos shook his head. "Something unexpected has come up..."

"Yeah, tell me about it," Danae answered, eyeing him for a moment. Something was up; she knew because Methos was acting enigmatic. "You, ah, wouldn't happen to know an Immortal by the name of Koren, would you?" she asked, testing the waters.

"Koren?" Methos repeated, choking a little when Danae picked up another book from her desk and showed a picture of a in western garb.

"Yeah," Danae answered. "Do you know him?" It might have been unlikely that Methos knew him, but the look he got in his eyes when he saw the old tin type photo was disconcerting. "Methos?"

Methos took a deep breath, and Danae could have sworn an answer was coming when her phone rang. It was Joe, telling her that if she came on over to the bar, he had a few things for her, regarding her 'friend.'

"Sure, Joe," she said into the phone. "I'll be right there." Hanging up, she turned to Methos. "That was Joe. Wanna come with me?"

"Nah, you go," Methos told her. "Like I said, something came up and... I'll catch up to you later."

What he did next, however, came as a shock. Methos kissed her good-bye. That wasn't normal for them. Methos was affectionate -- when he wanted to be -- but always played the loveable ass because he could. But this... pulling her into a crushing embrace and kissing her in such a way that made her toes curl and her heart pound in her chest... was different for him. Not that she minded the pleasure which coursed through her at his touch. On the contrary, she liked it a lot, and would not have minded indulging a little had she not told Joe she's right over.

When the kissed ended, she couldn't help but lean in, resting her forehead against his until her breathing returned to normal. "What was that for?" she asked softly.

"No reason." Methos shrugged and kissed the tip of her nose. "You'd better not keep Joe waiting," he said.

Danae studied her lover carefully. He was hiding something, but five thousand years of masking his entire life had made him just good enough that she couldn't tell what it was when she looked into his eyes.

"Right..." she answered and kissed his cheek. "Why don't you stick around?" she suggested. "Go upstairs, make yourself comfortable. When I get back from Joe's, I'll cook something and we can pick up this conversation... " Here she initiated a kiss as deep and passionate as the one he'd given her. "where we left off."