A/N: Most people who know me from LJ, know that I like Bobby. A while back I started noticing that every once in a while Bobby reaches for his belt. Liking that move I kept a close eye on his actions during episode to see if he would reach for his belt again. I posted many screencaps on my LJ with pictures. Some friends of mine pointed out that when a man does that he wants to attract sexual attention from another person or he's thinking about that. That made things even more interesting and I capped episode in which Bobby looks at Alex when he goes for his belt. The belt obsession had started and that is how this drabble came to life. Enjoy!

The Belt

At first she thought it was a nervous tick. At the strangest moments he would reach for it. She left it at that. That was until she had an interesting conversation with her friends. They had given her some interesting insight. Apparently when a man reaches for his belt he unconsciously thinks about sex or wants to attract sexual attention from someone. The next question of course was, whose attention did he want?

After some more detailed observations she saw he mostly reached for his belt in her company. This all led to only one conclusion. He wanted her attention. Well he had it, that much was sure. Now how to confront him? That was much more trickier since it was a delicate subject and well, it was Bobby. Personal matters were always tricky with him. Next time he reached for his belt, she would ask him about it.

So here they were in one of the exam rooms when she saw him reach for his belt. "You know, you can ask in stead of doing that all the time." Alex said as she closed the case file.

"Euuh.. excuse me?" Bobby asked, confused by Eames' question.

"Every once in a while you reach for your belt and.., I don't know, touch it."

Looking down at his belt and back up to her, he still didn't get it.

"I know what it means, you know." She watched him shift on his feet.

"Wha.. What does it mean?" He dared to ask.

"When a guy reaches for his belt he unconsciously thinks about sex or wants to attract someone's sexual attention. Now…" She continued ignoring by the look of shock in her partner's eyes. ".. since you do this almost every time when I'm around, I suspect you want my attention. You could have asked, you know, if I'm attracted to you. Didn't have to do the belt thing. Good thing I'm so observant otherwise I had to have waited, I don't know how long, before you got the courage to ask. I wonder if it means the same if a woman does that. Probably not." That being said she left a very dazed partner behind in the room.

Bobby was still in the exam room, shocked by Alex's words. Surely he did not reach for his belt that often? He couldn't deny her words. He did want her and even though he hadn't been truly conscious of the implications of his actions, he could see the reasoning behind it.

Going over her words again, it would seem that she implied he had her attention and he only had to ask. Gathering his stuff he walked back into the bullpen to their desk. Sitting at her desk he watched her. She didn't seem tense or angry. Could she really be okay with this?

Suddenly she looked up at him and smiled. Hesitantly he began. "W… would you like to have dinner with me?"

His question was met with a wonderful smile. "I'd love to, Bobby." She couldn't resist teasing him. "Maybe afterwards we can see what we can do about that belt." She laughed when she saw the big, tough MCS detective blush. It was sure going to be an interesting evening.

The End