For their two-year anniversary, Mark gave Maureen a diamond bracelet. Where he got the money, no one knew. Maureen never asked. All she could do was look from the bracelet to his beaming face and back over and over again before she dove on him, kissing him everywhere. She never took it off, wearing it day in and day out for the next year and a half.

It wasn't until when they broke up a few weeks before Christmas that it left her wrist. He confronted her about cheating and she got defensive. It troubled Maureen to see Mark hurt like this. She had never meant to hurt him, but it was all too easy.

Maureen was scared, so she panicked. Backed against the door with Mark approaching her, she hurriedly tore the bracelet from her wrist and flung it across the room. It hit Mark's glasses first, cracking them slightly, before falling downwards and whipping his cheek. He still has the scar. Mark had doubled over in pain, gripping his cheek and crying in pain. Maureen ceased the opportunity to run from the loft, never to return for Mark's forgiveness.

She never found out about the diamond ring he bought. The one he was going to give her on Christmas when he planned on proposing. But maybe it was better that she never knew.