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Ame ni Matte

Wait in the Rain

Chapter 15: Love

Weekly Report 4: 11/10 to17/10

From: Lorna Relson and Marshal Gray

To: Professor Hojo, ShinRa Labs

It has been nearly a month now since the settings for the Jenova Project clones 2-4 A, B and C were all placed in natural surroundings. Over the course of this week, there have been several noticeable changes in the three. We mentioned in the Weekly Report 2 of the three taking a shopping trip together, where the photo images sent gave proof that 2-4-A Experiment 'Yazoo' placed an order in a SOLDIER weaponry store.

We have enclosed a copy of the documents Yazoo signed, after spending this week interrogating the manager, one Alexander Frest. As a side note, Yazoo's signature reads 'Y.Gast'. On Frest's account and by studying these documents, it can be confirmed that Yazoo ordered a gun and a pile bunker. Their models are R1972/54 and P77.9 respectively. Frest has also verified that he gave a 20 discount price and sold to these youngsters since he thought they were purchasing the items for Sephiroth. We have asked him to continue as usual and allow for business with these underage purchasers. The order will be picked up this coming Tuesday.

On Thursday, we spotted 2-4-B Experiment 'Loz' in Wall Market. By studying the images we have sent you, it is clear that the oldest of the three has taken charge of the gun stolen by Yazoo before his escape. Outside visits and conversations suggest that the three have a fierce trust in each other, and 2-4-C Experiment 'Kadaj', despite having a keen interest in it before (refer to Weekly Report 1), has lost his enthusiasm for it. On the topic of Kadaj, it may be good to note that on at least two occasions, he has been spotted sitting on the wall outside their home, using scissors to cut out all sorts of shapes. It may be his new fascination; we will keep you informed.

We have sent to President Shinra a copy of our reports, and he requests for you to actually turn up to the board meeting next Friday. He also reminds you that the fee for the gun misplaced in this Jenova Project still needs to be paid.

There it was again, a small tap against his shoulder.


Yazoo stirred. Someone was shaking him, hissing in his ear.

"Niichan! Wake up!"

He forced his eyes open, greeted by a hazy blue night. Eyelids and limbs felt so heavy, and all Yazoo wanted to do was go back to bed. He was shaken again. Blinking, rubbing his eyes and at last, getting used to the darkness, he looked up from his pillow to see why he had woken up. It was not at all surprising.

"…What is it Kadaj?" he muttered.

"I have hiccups!" Kadaj whispered loudly. "Look look, watch."

Yazoo did so with eyes half closed. There was nothing at first but then there was a loud hic and he saw Kadaj's whole frame jump, visible even in the dark. A giggle escaped from Kadaj.

"I told you I have them. How do I get to sleep with them?"

"…Drink some water."

The blankets ruffled as Kadaj flopped down next to him, the youngster's chin pressing against his shoulder blade. Yazoo could feel Kadaj smiling against him.

"Loz is in the way. I'll need you to help me move him."

Yazoo, still laying down and refusing to get up, felt through the dark to his left and grasped the neck of a small bottle, bringing it back to nudge it against Kadaj's arm.

"You can drink some of mine."

Kadaj sat up, and there was an audible tut from him. "…You were meant to push Loz out the way with me. You're not interesting."

"…You'll find I'm like that when I'm half asleep."

Yazoo watched as Kadaj took a sip from the bottle, wiping his mouth and leaning against the cupboard behind him. There was a short silence, which Yazoo was enjoying. It allowed him to slowly and discreetly drop off back to sleep. He let his eyes shut, but Kadaj spoke up.

"I'm also quite sick." Yazoo could see that sly grin, even with his dark surroundings and his hair in his eyes. Over the years, it was something Yazoo was able to sense, and sure enough, Kadaj lifted the bottle once more to his lips, added roguishly, "I think it was those flapjacks you made."

Yazoo sat bolt upright. Talking of his cooking was a very sensitive subject, since as fate had it, it was even worse than Kadaj's burnt breakfasts and experimental recipes. Memories of serving smouldering flapjacks that looked more like scorched bricks.

"Don't blame my flapjacks for your sudden illness," Yazoo spat. "I made those two days ago!"

Kadaj snorted, and water spurted out from his mouth and the bottle, splashing onto the blankets and unfortunately, on Yazoo as well.

"Made you moody! Made you moody!" sang Kadaj. Yazoo rolled his eyes, willing himself to try and see the funny side of the situation.

"You also made a mess," he stated. Kadaj was clutching his stomach, laughing uncontrollably and taking no notice of what Yazoo was saying. Yazoo took his younger brother in his arms, covering Kadaj's mouth as Loz stirred at the noise. Within a few moments though, the oldest had fallen back into his deep sleep. Kadaj looked up at Yazoo with wide apologetic eyes, and Yazoo let him go.

"Heh heh, that was funny," murmured Kadaj, fixing the lid on the bottle and attempting to wipe the wet patches on the blankets with a sleeve. "Look at Loz, niichan, his foot's sticking out. And he's snoring again."

"He's tired, like me," Yazoo replied dryly. "Not everyone has the same amount of energy you have in the dead of night."

Kadaj's eyes glistened. He joined Yazoo, sitting next to him and linking their arms. "So. Are you excited about tomorrow?"

Yazoo stifled a yawn. Kadaj was persisting for him to answer, judging by the way he stared avidly. Yazoo propped his chin up with a hand, feeling warmth in the blankets and wishing he could go back to sleep soon. He ought to have expected for his younger brother to have difficulty sleeping the night before a big day.

"…I'm relatively excited," Yazoo answered, and, realising it sounded rather lame, added, "I'm not particularly fussed about what my gun will look like, I just want to see Loz when he gets that pile bunker. He really deserves it."

Kadaj nodded in agreement, but Yazoo saw a faint scowl. The eyes had looked away, and where there used to be a content smile, there was now a pout. Yazoo brought his hand up to rest on the back of Kadaj's head.

"We went through this yesterday," he said softly. "You're too young, and I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself."

"I know, you just said we went through this yesterday, why remind me again?" Kadaj shot him an angry look, but it was followed by a smile. "I'll get a gun or something later on though, won't I?"

"Absolutely." Yazoo lay back down in the blanket as Kadaj joined him, still keeping a hold of his arm. Loz muttered something in his sleep, and reaching out, Yazoo tucked the blankets under his older brother's chin and straightened his pyjama collar.

That morning, Yazoo was devastated to find he was the last to wake up. It meant that his breakfast was cold, he had wasted much of his day, and that he could be late for the weaponry store he was due to go to. He hurried down the stairs, putting on his jumper and rushing into the bathroom to wash his face.

Loz was flicking through a book and Kadaj, sat next to him with a towel on his wet head, was reading a newspaper, looking rather grown up as his eyes scanned the pages. However, as Yazoo noticed when he sat next to him, this was not the case, since Kadaj was merely reading the cartoon strips. Kadaj looked up and giggled.

"You've got toothpaste on the side of your mouth," he said. Yazoo immediately raised a hand to wipe it off, feeling a sudden rush of embarrassment, but Kadaj took it off for him, rubbing his sleeve against Yazoo's cheek somewhat roughly. Loz chuckled.

"We were going to go wake you up, but you were sound asleep, so we gave you a lie in," Loz said. "I persuaded Kadaj not to attack you with a pillow. Here. Your breakfast."

Yazoo took his breakfast of pancakes gratefully, which were evidently made by Loz since they tasted so good. He finished within minutes, checking the time and going to the hallway to put on his trainers. They were worn and going grey, but with very little gil left since spending it on their guns, their money was spent wisely. The money that had been stolen from Evangeline and Dominic's Country Inn had served them well; Loz and Yazoo had resorted to pickpocketing and shoplifting in order to overcome their financial problems. And with enough money, the three brothers had agreed on buying the pile bunker and gun.

What both Loz and Kadaj didn't know though, was that Yazoo had been saving up his own lot of money, little snippets taken away from his daily rounds of shoplifting and kept hidden under the sink in the bathroom.

As Yazoo set off with his order form in hand, he could hear Loz shouting warnings of saying no to strangers and to look before he crossed roads. He smiled inwardly as Kadaj yelled, "Shoot the strangers niichan!"

The walk there was quite chilly, with a harsh wind and greyish clouds passing the sun that threatened to bring down rain, but Yazoo always liked the outside, whether it was sunny or dismal, day or night. He loved to feel warmth on his back, or see his reflection in big puddles, rippling as his foot stepped in them.

The SOLDIER weaponry store was empty save for the manager Alexander Frest and an old man who Yazoo wondered was doing in a shop that produced weapons. He waited at the counter patiently, noting that Frest seemed to be taking an unnecessarily long time in arranging several guns in a glass case. Finally though, he walked behind the counter, snatched Yazoo's order form and greeted him with a half-hearted, "A pleasure to see you again, Mr. Gast. Your order has come."

With a bored wave of his hand, Frest gestured behind him. "If you'd like to follow me through to the back, you can take a look at them and see if they will do."

Yazoo stepped carefully over a box of cartridges, observing the slapdash state of the store and wondering if Frest ever cared about risk assessments, followed the manager into a dim room that was lit by a single light bulb hanging in the corner of the room.

"This one's the pile bunker for your brother – its measurements have been checked, so it will fit your brother comfortably." Frest gestured to the pile bunker, and leaning over to examine it, Yazoo struggled to restrain his excitement in seeing what Loz was so desperate to have.

"Yes, that's great, that'll do fine," he said breathlessly.

"Sadly, it's a bit heavier than I expected," said Frest, "so it might take a bit of time to get used--"

"Weight's no problem with Loz," Yazoo said absently, mesmerised by what was next to the pile bunker. Frest shut the lid to the black case the pile bunker sat in, and turned to an identical box next to it, boasting two silvery-white guns. They lay on their sides on a smooth purplish cloth of velvet, sparkling and untouched.

"These are your guns. Lightweight and of a sensible size, this beauty'll be no problem for you." Frest took a slip of paper out from a pocket in the box. "The company who made the base of the gun – everything minus the pretty design it has – have said this particular kind of gun works well when you have two of them, hence the other one here, free of charge. You can of course, opt to stick with just one, since using two guns isn't easy…"

"I'll take them both," Yazoo replied straight away. "What about the cartridges?"

"Included with your purchase," said Frest. "You can restock at all sorts of weapon stores. Though your design is unique, the actual gun isn't. The same applies to your brother's pile bunker."

Yazoo watched as Frest shut the lid to the two guns, stacking the box on top of the pile bunker.

"There we go, a perfect order. Most customers usually complain about how their weapons look." Frest looked irritable for a moment, but it changed to an expression of curiosity as Yazoo took out from his pocket a large amount of gil – his secret savings.

"I've got another order to place," Yazoo said, "for my other brother."

"The titch?" Frest said immediately. "The one who was trying to steal cartridges?"

"That's the one." Yazoo smiled very faintly, remembering this happy thought, but to Frest, an enigmatic smile from Yazoo didn't look friendly at all.

"Er…okay…" he said, heading out the room back to the shop with the two boxes, dumping them on the counter. "Er…what is it you're looking for?"

"A sword."

Frest passed him a catalogue, watching Yazoo beadily as though suspecting for him to try and steal it. Yazoo turned the pages, not impressed with long, flimsy looking swords, and swords that were so big, he wondered if they could even be lifted. One of the swords on page 9 caught his eye though. It looked almost like a pair of scissors if Yazoo used his imagination a lot.

"Souba?" he read. Frest looked up from a paperclip he was bending round his finger.

"Eh? Oh, yeah, that's Souba, a very old type of sword that's barely used nowadays. Two blades, one's shadow like – it can barely be seen once that sword swings. Lightweight but amazingly strong."

Frest spoke proudly, and Yazoo assumed so since the price was so hefty. Still, he could afford it.

"I'd like to order Souba," he said. "I like the design it already has, except maybe you could change the handle to be blue and white. Black and white is a bit boring."

Frest made a note of it. "And measurements?"

"I haven't a clue," Yazoo said swiftly. "My brother will pick up this sword in several years' time. He would've grown a lot by then. I've used my own measurements as an estimate, base it around those."

"Understood," Frest answered. He filled in an order form, ripped off its top sheet and handed it to Yazoo, checking the payment given to him greedily. Yazoo looked over at his signature 'Y.Gast' automatically, pleased with his name and liking the ring it had.

Frest looked all the more eager for Yazoo to leave the shop, and he did so, ambling out with two heavy boxes. This however did nothing to bring Yazoo's mood down; in fact, the weight of the boxes spurred him no to reach back home quickly, excited to show them their new purchases.

The door was already open as Yazoo reached it, where stood there was Loz, twisting his fingers impatiently. His eyes were wide and anxious, and Yazoo wasn't surprised to hear Loz's first words as, "Did you get it? The pile bunker?"

"Yes," Yazoo replied, "let me come inside and I'll show you."

Kadaj was leaning over the banister of the staircase, singing loudly, "Presents, lots of presents" to a tune Yazoo assumed the youngest brother had made up. Almost immediately after Yazoo had set down the boxes on the coffee table, did Loz reach for the larger box, opening it and promptly, burst into tears.

"It looks so much better for real than in a newspaper," he blubbered into his sleeve as he wiped his nose, using his other hand to touch the weapon almost nervously, as though he might break it.

Kadaj had taken the liberty to open Yazoo's box, mouthing a "Wow" as he looked at the pearly guns. Yazoo said pointedly, "They're mine, Kadaj. This is yours."

He held up his order form, and unsurprisingly, Kadaj wrinkled his nose and crossed his arms.

"What do I want a piece of paper for? Blow my nose on?" he scoffed. Loz looked as though he desperately needed something to blow his nose on, and absently, Yazoo passed him a tissue.

"You're so narrow minded Kadaj," Yazoo sighed, "it's not any piece of paper, it's an order form. You'll need it to pick up a present I bought for you."

At the mention of the word 'present', Kadaj snatched the paper, reading it quickly and muttering to himself.

"Souba? What's a Souba?" he demanded. Yazoo leaned back against the sofa, taken aback somewhat as Loz clutched onto him, still sobbing. "What's a Souba, niichan?"

Yazoo pondered for a few moments, patting Loz's head and eyeing the untouched guns on the table. Then, looking at Kadaj's impatient face, answered slyly, "…Who knows?"

---The End---

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