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Ron and Hermione have been dating for one full year only, and Hermione discovers one day that she's pregnant.

There's a problem, though. She doesn't know if it's Ron's...only because she hadn't told Ron that she'd been harrassed (you know how) by Malfoy.

So...here's the question: who's baby is Hermione having?


Also: There will be a little Ron/Ginny (bro/sis) in this fic, as well as some Harry/Ginny


"Hermione? Are you okay?" Ginny Weasley hammered her fist lightly on the bathroom door. "Hermione?"

The only answer she got was the sound of vomiting and a low groan. That was something that shot a tingle of worry up Ginny's spine. Stop it, she thought to herself, You're just as bad as Ron! "Hermione! Do you need something?"

"M'fine!" she muttered through the other side of the door.

"I can get Ron, you know!" Ginny urged, wanting to help in any way she could.

She jumped back slightly when Hermione came out, her face pale and hair in a messy bun. "M' fine," she said again. "I- I'm just going to lie- down," she muttered to nobody in particular.

But Ginny didn't listen. She ran to the boys' side of the castle and banged both fists on the door. "RON! RON!"

She stepped back when the door opened. She was disappointed to find that it wasn't Ron, but his best friend, Harry Potter. "Where's Ron?" she asked in a rush.

"Sleeping. Why, what's wrong?"

Ginny made a disgusted face, muttered something about 'boys', and walked right in. She stopped by Ron's bed and shook him. "Ron...Ronny!"

She giggled lightly when he pushed her hand aside and muttered in his sleep. Ginny wasted no time, however, in leaning close to his ear and yelling, "RONNNYYYYY!", then laughed, delighted as she watched him fall out of bed and clumsily get to his feet. "Blimey, Ginny! What the bloody hell was that for?"

"Don't swear," Ginny said, crossing her arms. "It's Hermione."

"'Mione?" Ron instantly got alerted. "What's wrong? Is she okay?"

"Okay, except for the fact that she was throwing up again," Ginny said, heading for the door. "I say you'd better come with me."

"Yes, Ma'am," Ron rolled his eyes. "When did you become my mother?" he muttered under his breath.

Ginny heard him, but decided not to comment. Right now, she just wanted to make sure her best friend, her brother's girlfriend, was going to be okay.

When they got to the room, Ron went straight over to Hermione's bed and knealt in front of it so he could be eye level with her.

Ginny stood on the other side. "Hermione," she called in her normally soft tone.

"Mm?" Hermione mumbled, but didn't open her eyes.

Ron took Hermione's hand, causing her to open her eyes. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "You're gonna get yourself in trouble!"

"What the bloody hell is wrong with you?" he asked. "This is getting ridiculous!"

Hermione sat up and rolled her eyes. "Please don't swear," she muttered. "And don't tell anyone. Not even Madame Pomfrey. I'll be fine," she said.

"That would be the responsible thing to do, Hermione," Ginny said. "Telling someone."

"I don't wanna," she whined. "I've never been sick in all my life. Nobody needs to know that now."

Ron planted a soft kiss on her cheek. "I need to know. Blimey, Mione, what if it's something big?"

"It's not," she said confidently. "It's just a stomach bug or something. Flu, I'm guessing. It is the beginning of December," she said.

Ron sighed. "Fine. Do what you want."

Hermione could tell that by his tone that he wasn't pleased with her...and she knew that he'd keep up his act until she gave in. "That won't work, Ron," she said, a smile playing on her lip.

Ron gave her his puppy- dog eyes and pouted cutely. "Please, Mione? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?"

Hermione sighed and closed her eyes. He'd gotten to her. "Fine. I'll go talk to Madame Pomfrey later today."

"Promise?" Ron asked, the puppy- dog eyes still shining.

"I promise," Hermione couldn't help but smile and giggle just a little. She also couldn't resist ruffling his messy red hair. "You're just too cute to say 'no' to."

"I know," Ron beamed, smiling.

Ginny grabbed Ron's arm. "You better go before someone finds you missing."

Ron nodded. "I'm going, I'm going...sheesh."

Hermione gave Ron a sweet, quick kiss before Ginny dragged him out the door.

Once out in the halls, Ginny smiled and hugged him. "Thank you," she said.

"For what?" Ron smiled and retured her hug.

"I was worried...I know it sounds odd, but I was. She's one of the best friends I could have," Ginny explained.

"Doesn't sound odd," Ron said. "I was, too."

"Well...that's kind of different," Ginny shrugged. "She's your girlfriend."

Ron had to laugh. Sometimes Ginny was just too cute and sweet.

But still, as Ron made his way back to his room, he still couldn't help but think that there was something much bigger that was keeping Hermione sick like she was.

Just something...


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