Author's Note: This is the first KyoHaru fanfiction/drabble that I've ever written! This is a special birthday present to archy the cockroach, who's one of my favorite authors! XD You should definitely check out her work!
Pairing: KyoxHaru
Dedication: Special birthday drabble for archy the cockroach! XD - I really hope you like it!
Summary:How to solve an argument between Black Haru and Kyo. The fun way.
Rating: M for certain implications and swearing from both parties.

Best I Ever Had


She bounded into the house, loud and careless as always, and Haru knew that Shigure would be due for some more house repairs. Why Kagura had to be so violent with Kyo just to show him that she loved him was beyond Haru. But she always did, leaving bruises and fractured bones for Kyo to fix before she returned for a second visit. And as much as Haru hated seeing this happen to his kitten, he couldn't finght Kagura. Sure, they had fought each other while training with Master, but outside of lessons he couldn't do it. She was still just a girl. And so, the abuse continued.

"Why didn't you do anything to stop her!" Angry vermillion eyes questioned the ox's grey ones as he held an ice pack to his face with one hand and struggled to bandage up his side with the other. "I'm sure that if you had just gone black, you could have at least put some half-ass fight to keep her the hell away from me so I could get as far away as possible! Damn brat..."

If Kyo had been watching more closely, he would have seen something flicker in those slate-colored eyes. The ox grabbed the gauze roughly and jerked it tightly around Kyo's waist eliciting a sharp intake of breath from said cat. "So what? Now you want me to just turn black when it's fucking convenient for you? What am I? Some sort of fucking body-guard for you?"

"Oh so now you're black when I don't need you to be? Well isn't this damn great timing?" was the harsh response as Kyo jerked the gauze out of Haru's hand and attempted to tie it off himself. He failed magnificently before Haru smirked and jerked the white cloth back tight around his waist, forcing the cat to draw in more breath and glare at his ox.

"You didn't seem to mind so much when I was black last night! Is it only convenient when you want me behind you, making you moan for more? Or when you need me to protect your little fairy ass?" Black Haru was mere inches away from his kitten's face at this, and flushed cheeks let him know that he had finally hit the right nerve. "Feel horrible my little kitty? Kagura hurt you that bad? Want your real master to make you feel all better and hot inside?" At this the ox grabbed Kyo roughly and pulled him into his lap, facing each other.

Kyo grabbed Haru's face and pulled him in for a rough kiss and the battle for dominance ensued. Finally drawing back for some air, Kyo gasped out what Black Haru least expected to hear. "Only if you make it rough and seriously put some feeling into it. It better be the best I've ever had. And then if it's the most amazing sex you've ever given me, I'll have Shigure invite Kagura over more often."

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