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Sam had worn black. A beautiful black dress that Danny told her repeatedly was wasted on the occasion. But, even so, she was the crowned princess now and as much as she didn't like it, she had appearances to keep up. She was the calm steady one that kept people from thinking Danny was an uncontrolled loon (which he was, but they didn't need to know that). In any case, it was a pretty black dress with a sweeping skirt and rather modest neckline. She didn't want to have to be wearing it in the first place, but there she was.

Danny, on the other hand, had had no shame in disregarding the color of mourning and wearing bright blues and greens to Lord Masters' funeral. He couldn't have been happier that Vlad was dead. Danny had never made good on his threat to kill him, no, but he was not sorry that the man had "passed on." Known for being eccentric, no one seemed to mind that Danny was grinning like an idiot in his bright colored clothing throughout the entire service. Today, to both Danny and Sam (and most of the rest of the palace and royal court), was a day of celebration.

In fact, life seemed to be going pretty well for everyone.

Tucker and Jazz had gotten married, after finally making their love known to Maddie, who seemed to be more than happy with the idea. They spent most of their days either in the library, the lab, or in their bedroom…

Stella had been banished from ever returning to Amity and had crawled back home to Casper with her tail between her legs. No one seemed to miss her.

Dr. Li, who'd always proclaimed himself a bachelor, had hit it off quite well with Cherry, Sam's maid. They could often be found wandering the grounds, Li fawning over Cherry, who could only blush her face off. Madison never seemed to be far behind, but always hidden from sight, just to see what would happen. Sam found the entire situation silly, but amusingly so and was glad that her father figure had found someone who finally made him happy.

Danny and Sam, were of course, engaged to be married. Sam hadn't said goodbye to anyone in Casper didn't seem to care. In fact, she was quite delighted when Danny informed her that she would never have to set foot in Casper again if she did not wish to. The pair were just as in love as ever and spent most of their time either in Danny's bedroom, Sam's bedroom or the lilac grove. They could sometimes be found in the library with Jazz and Tucker or sneaking into the kitchen. As promised, the wedding was to take place in the lilac grove and for both Danny and Sam, it couldn't seem to come fast enough.

King Jack was still somewhere in the palace, chasing after the many spirits of his ancestors that still hung around the place. It was doubtful he knew of the contest, Sam, Jazz and Tucker's relationship or that Vlad had died. No one saw fit to tell him anything, mostly because no one saw him at all.


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