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Chapter One

Everything was just a bit fuzzy as the young vampire slowly awoke. She felt as though there was a thick layer of gauze wrapped around her eyes and brain. She wondered vaguely if it was because she was hungry. Within the bowels of her stomach, a deep rumbling sound emitted; it made a lovely growl which finally made her wake up.

She groaned softly before attempting to sit up. Something was over her waist, and truthfully she wasn't all that sure if it was a blanket or not. It was heavier than a blanket and a bit warmer… However, that was momentarily forgotten as her head made contact with a familiar wooden something.

" Ohhhhhhhhhhh, how did I get to my coffin? I thought I was at the tennis courts…" Not quite wanting to get up, Seras allowed herself to flop back down onto the soft bottom of the coffin. Only, something wasn't quite right. Yes, it was, most certainly, a coffin. She had been in one long enough to know what a coffin felt like. Still, this coffin was… different. First of all, Alison wasn't there. Each time she had slept in her bed, Alison had curled up next to her stomach or lower back, keeping both of them warm.

Besides that, it didn't feel right. It was longer, and wider than her coffin. Not only that, but it smelled different. Each person has their own smell, since Seras had become a vampire, smells had multiplied ten-fold at least. This was not her own smell.

Give the Police Girl just a bit of credit. While we probably know where she is, poor Seras was still a bit slow that early morning. The gauze was, perhaps, a layer thinner, but she was still very slow.

Slowly her eyes widened. Gingerly she sat up, narrowing her eyes to better look at the thing over her waist. Yup, you've guessed it. It was Alucard's arm.

Not just Alucard's arm, mind you, for right behind her (she wondered how she had missed the warm air on the back of her neck) was the great Nosferatu himself. Sleeping like a baby. A big, dangerous, red-clad baby.

It's times like this where I wish I could phase though things… Her stomach growled again, loud enough for Alucard to stir next to her. The young vampire paled, even more than she usually was. If she didn't escape soon, she would wake Alucard up. If she wasn't hungry, she actually wouldn't have minded just sort of… laying there. This thought reversed the effect of her paling, giving her more color than before she had paled.

Only one chance for me. I must phase… Through the wood… Through… the… wood… Closing her eyes, she focused on the wood no longer being there. Of her body weighing no more than a feather. A moment later, she was aware of a tingling sensation beginning at her toes and spreading the tips of her fingers and throughout her scalp.

Seras then lost her 'breath', unable to draw even a fake one. Something told her not to open her eyes, almost like a second instinct. While all of this felt as though it took hours, it really was no more than two minutes until finally.

"Oof!" Seras unceremoniously hit the floor right beneath the coffin. Rolling out from under the coffin stand, she attempted to right herself. She couldn't believe it. Seras Victoria phased through something. She couldn't help but hop up and down. Unfortunately, she hadn't been prepared for phasing and immediately became woozy.

She staggered a few steps backwards right into the waiting arms of her Master.

" Master! How… did you?" He smiled down at her bringing another blush to her face.

" Well done, Police Girl. I thought that you would never do anything vampiric. By the by, do you have any idea whether or not we won?" He stood her back up, Seras staring back up Alucard.

" You mean, you don't remember?"

" If I did, do you think that I would ask you."

Seras stifled a laugh and shook her head.

" Come on Master, let's go talk with Walter, alright?" And that was that, Seras exited his room, Alucard in tow.

Walter was ecstatic as he went about preparing some three a.m. caliber tea (meaning more caffeine than tea) and food. While nobody (save young adults and kids) likes to stay up through all hours of the night making tea and food, Walter didn't exactly care. The faithful Hellsing retainer was simply happy to already be back on a regular schedule.

A yawn escaped his lips then. True, he was happy to be back on their schedule, but he was still tired, and the attack on his back by that damned renegade hot-dog had left his back and neck fairly sore.

Still, he did what he had to. Once the tea and breakfast were ready, Walter turned and used his rear end to open the swing-hinge door and turned to come face to face, in a sense, with Seras and Alucard. Living in the Hellsing house for as long as he had, having run-ins with people and vampires was no stranger than waking up and yawning.

However, without really meaning to, Walter still jumped. Just a little.

" Oh! Master Alucard. Ms. Victoria. What brings you up so early this morning?" And here I thought I was the only one up at this time of day…

" Morning Walter! Um, Master and I were wondering what we won…" Walter was now very much confused. Hadn't he had a meeting with both team captains to discuss what they would essentially be playing for? He shook his head for a moment before answering the very happy looking Seras.

" Well, because you both won, I do believe that you will be taking a vacation to Pennsylvania, where I assume, because of the weather, that it may be snowing. I don't mean to be rude, but I must go and wake Sir Integra, and you two should probably be getting back to sleep." Walter bowed his way out before making his way up to Sir Integra. She would be fairly angry if he didn't wake her up on time, and he was already running behind schedule.

Seras, meanwhile, was (to say the least)just a bit stunned. She had heard 'vacation', 'Pennsylvania' and 'snow'. For a moment, everything was quiet, Alucard pondering this. This vacation would actually work. He had a place that he owned, or had owned, in Pennsylvania, and Seras may enjoy the trip… Maybe…

"M..M…Master… Did… You… Hear… Walter… WE'RE GOING ON A PLANE! AND THERE MAY BE SNOW!" Now it was Seras' turn to be ecstatic. She hadn't seen snow since she was a little girl, hardly old enough to remember, and even then she had been with… her father…

She was now hopping up and down, unable to control herself now. Dignity, thy name was not Seras. Alucard, on the other hand, simply leaned back on the wall and watched her with an amused expression on his face.

" Police Girl, are you finished?" Seras paused in her jumping, a blush still on her ears. She turned and looked right at him, smiling broadly.

" Master! When do we leave, how long is the flight, how will I ride in a plane? I've never been in a plane… What if I get sick! Oh, that would just be gross…"

" Police Girl. We have another few days or so. The night is wearing thin, I do believe that you'd better get some rest…"

" But Master, I'm starving…" Alucard raised an eyebrow. The more he thought about it, the more he decided that it was a good idea for her to teach him that sport. It seemed to have changed something about her. And in a good way.

" You will sleep after you eat. I will take my leave right now…" Before her eyes, Alucard dissipated before her eyes, leaving nothing but his grin, much like the Cheshire Cat…

" Now to find some food…"

Meanwhile, Walter was just reaching Sir Integra's room. He knocked, as was custom, before using his backside to open the unlocked door.

" Sir Integra, it's time to-wake up?" Looking around, he was surprised to find that her bed was empty, folded, and her pajamas in the hamper. This was highly irregular for Walter, but he had an idea where she may be.

Exiting her bedroom, Walter walked down the corridor until he reached the large, oak, oh so familiar double doors that would lead him into Sir Integra's study. Just as he suspected, there sat Sir Integra, head bent over a stack of papers. However, what he hadn't expected, yet that he was seeing, was Pip sitting in front of her, joking or laughing about something or other.

For a moment, Walter froze. He felt his eye begin to twitch as he pondered at what the hell Pip was doing in Sir Integra's study… At three am…

Not wanting to anger Sir Integra for not making his presence known, Walter cleared his throat as loudly as possible. Immediately, Sir Integra's head snapped up, staring him down from her desk. Pip too turned to look at Walter, his eye bright and his hair braided.

" Allo zere Mizzter Walter!" Poor Walter, it took everything he had not to dump the cup of boiling tea over Pip's head. Clearly his accent is fake… The elder retainer thought to himself.

" Sir Integra, I have your tea and breakfast and a cigar, unless you'd prefer for me to come back later…"

" Don't be silly Walter. Set it down please." Already the elder retainer noticed something strange with Sir Integra. Generally, she just wasn't this nice. Something was up… Why was Pip looking so mischievous? Why was Sir Integra being so nice? Was the fabric of the space time continuum being completely torn apart? WHY WASN'T WALTER'S TWITCH GOING AWAY!

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