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Chapter Ten

Creeping slowly inside the manor, Walter slowed his breathing to the point where he almost stopped, hoping to not make a noise for fear of further endangering Sir Integra. He found himself unconsciously thanking his own father for forcing him to remember the layout of the mansion, for now in the dark, he knew exactly where he was and where he was going.

However, that didn't necessarily stop him from stubbing his toe twice, bumping into a wall, and stepping in something rather squishy that he preferred to know only that it was squishy.

Stretching his now surprisingly soft hands around the hair thin wire, Walter continued to creep along the entryway wall, counting out his steps until he reached number 34… or was it 43? In any case, he eventually made his way to where he was sure the box was. Then, turning slowly to the left, he stretched his hand out, questing for the large fuse box that just happened to be located in the entryway. Mind you, it wasn't the only one. There were four of them on each level of the house, each one controlling the power for the entire house.

Thinking logically about it, Walter had to wonder if it was such a good idea, having the fuse boxes so out in the open… He made a mental note for himself, Ask Sir Integra about moving fuse boxes to more… secure locations.

A smile crept on his face as he reached out, opened the box, and flipped the main switch. For some reason, the prospect of a fight was tempting. Perfect chance to see if this 'manicure' had been worth his 36 dollars…

Instantly the entire house was lit up. It took his eyes a few agonizingly long seconds to get used to the light, but what he saw once they were adjusted was enough to almost give him a stroke.

"Oh…my God…"

8 8 8

Seras Victoria winced, yawning at the same time as she was jostled about in the bumpy car. A warm arm wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her towards her Master as he drove them towards the airport. Sadly, the time to leave had come.

Staring forlornly out the window, Seras was pleased to see that the weather seemed to be saying good-bye. Tiny flakes of snow floated down, whipping around the car as they drove merrily along. Pressing her hand against the window, even her cold hands left a tiny hand-mark on the window. She shivered against her Master, pressing closer to him in an attempt to keep warm.

"Sorry Master…" He chuckled, saying nothing as he rested her against his side, his arm draped protectively around her shoulders. Thinking back to the night before, Seras blushed angrily at herself. After only a few moments of standing in the snow, Seras had become light headed and had fainted, just as she was getting used to the fact that her Master cared for her. Luckily, that wasn't the reason she fainted. She actually remembered waking up to see the snow around her covered in her own blood. Thanks to that damned blade, her wounds kept opening unless she remained motionless, which was fairly impractical for daily life.

Especially since she exterminated Freaks on a nearly daily basis.

Well, that had been the night before, but luckily, she had been the sole object of her Master's attention as he fed and spoke to her throughout the night until she managed to fall asleep. Hell, she had even woken up to find him next to her, watching her quietly as she slept. However, this just raised another question about her Master.

"Do you ever sleep, Master?" Another chuckle but no answer.

Now, relaxing against his side, Seras found that she was more peaceful than she had been since becoming a vampire. Thinking carefully, she began to wonder if maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be so bad to be a vampire… As long as she had her Master…

As though he had been reading her thoughts, she felt her Master's fingers curl around her own as he grinned down at her.

" I knew that you'd see it my way Police Girl." Blushing, Seras smiled back at him, allowing herself to be lulled back to sleep by the soft bumping of the car and her Master's surprisingly warm arm wrapped around her.

She hoped that they won another tennis tournament in the very, very near future…

8 8 8

Walter's jaw dropped as did the wire in his hands as he stared in surprise at the room before him.

" SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALTER!" Surrounding him was every single member of Hellsing, each wearing jauntily placed party hats, or sporting various noisemakers.

Standing in front of the large grouping of people were Sir Hellsing, Pip, and his brother, Bob, whom he hadn't seen in years! His jaw dropped, if possible, even farther until he was sure it was hitting the floor. Without his knowing, the corner of his eye began to twitch. This was just too much information for poor Walter to comprehend at one point in time.

As though he was watching a movie in slow motion, he saw balloons dropping from the ceiling, noisemakers being used and Bob was rushing up to embrace him. And for some reason, he still found himself unable to move.

Was it really his birthday? That was it?

"Walter. Aren't you even going to say thank you?"

"Oh, look at 'im Zir Integra! E' is too shocked to zay anyzing! 'Aven't you wondered what we were doing zis entire time?" Oh if only they knew.

All Walter managed to do was smile a dopey, happy smile as everyone advanced on him in a wave, pulling him in towards the happiness that was his party.

ONLY A PARTY! AND NOT EVEN A MARRIAGE PARTY! He was pretty sure that that was his birthday present. Finally, he could sleep that night.

8 8 8

Seras yawned as they stepped off the plane. As before, they had spread themselves out in the row of seats, Seras sleeping nearly the entire way back, hoping that her wound would heal a little more. Her eyes were still drooping and her brain wasn't on all the way as Alucard wrapped his arm around her shoulders, holding her up and against him, hoping to take pressure off her wound.

Together, the two made their way slowly down to the baggage claim area. Gently he set her down on one of the chairs towards the entrance. Kneeling in front of her, he cupped her face in his hand and spoke slowly.

"Seras. I'm going to get our bags. Stay. Here. Do not move. I'll be back in a moment." Now, if you've ever stood in the airport, waiting, annoyed, for your stupid bag to come out on the stupid rotating belt, then I'm sure you've seen your share of strange looking people.

Imagine, however, an incredibly tall, strangely dressed man with a large hat and orange glasses looking like he's ready to kill someone as he tapped his feet waiting, same as you, for his bags. Well, needless to say, there was quite a space of room around him.

Oddly enough, as he stood there, a tiny girl, no older than three, walked up to him, tugged on his pants legs and said,

" Find my mommy!" Of course, his natural instinct was to flick her away. However, staring down at her tiny resolute face with not a hint of fear in it, he had to chuckle before lifting her high above the heads of others to set her on his shoulders.

" LOST CHILD! LOOOOOOOST CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILD!" The little girl giggled, clapping her hands excitedly as her mother came stumbling from the crowd, eager to reclaim her daughter from the intimidating vampire. He glared, handing the child over (she had screamed out "MOMMY!" at the sight of her, so he assumed that she was, in fact, the little girl's mommy) and growled an angry warning at her. Had he been so inclined, he could have kidnapped her.

Lesson learned, that mother never let that tiny girl from her sights… ever again.

Oh yes, now back to Seras…

It took her a minute or so to register what her Master had finally said to her. Blinking slowly, Seras groaned loudly as she brought her legs up to rest on the empty seats around her. Closing her eyes in a grimace of pain, Seras bit her lip and rested her arm over her eyes in the hopes that her Master would hurry back.

" Alo Polize Girl!" Jumping, and immediately regretting it, Seras sat up, hissing angrily in pain. Whirling, she found herself face to face with none other than Pip.

" Pip! What are you doing here!"

" Well Polize Girl, Walter iz enjoying 'iz party and so I came to pick you up!" He plopped, unceremoniously, down next to Seras, grinning like a madman. Seras wasn't exactly happy with him, since the last time she had seen him, well, he had seen far too much of her. Still, his silly grin rubbed off on her, bringing forth her own tiny smile.

Alucard, having seen Pip sitting next to Seras, strode quickly back over, hoping that Pip (or anyone else in the airport for that matter) couldn't see the small blood stain slowly spreading on the Police Girl's stomach. Besides… he wasn't quite as forgiving, and still wanted to boil Pip's head in a bucket of holy water with a side of potatoes…

Seras looked up at the towering figure that now stood in front of her. Smiling weakly up at him, she pointed over at Pip.

" Pip's here…" Alucard nodded, not even sparing a glance before dumping their fairly heavy bags into his lap. Pip 'oomf!'ed before standing shakily with both bags in hand.

" What do you 'ave in zere! Bricks?" The Great Nosferatu chuckled before scooping up Seras in his arms, much to her embarrassment.

" Master… I think I can walk…"

You're bleeding Seras… Seras gasped and looked down at her stomach. Moaning angrily, she covered the spot and buried her face in her Master's shirt. Alucard sighed. Healing Seras completely was going to take a few weeks of solid bed rest and tons of blood packs. Although, and he smirked at this, he would definitely make sure that she wasn't bored.

Out of the corner of his eye, Alucard happened to look over at Pip and had to force a grin back at the jealousy he saw in Pip's eyes. He didn't have to read his mind to know that Pip would love to have Seras pressing herself up against him. And it wasn't necessarily like he minded it either…

8 8 8

The drive back to Hellsing was fairly uneventful. There were several bumps, all of which caused Seras much pain and more clinging. This, in turn, caused Pip to cough in the driver's seat and swerve slightly, which caused even MORE clinging.

All in all, it was a vicious cycle of swerving, clinging, jealousy, and coughing. After what seemed like an eternity of pain, of which only a small amount was alleviated by her Master, they arrived at the gates of Hellsing.

Seras lay curled up in his lap, one hand still covering her wound, and the other clutching her Master's shirt as she slept fitfully on his lap. Pip continued to glare, using the review mirror to watch them. Alucard subconsciously brushed various strands of hair from her face, stroking her hair and murmuring calming things to help her sleep.

Even without delving into the little Police Girl's mind, Alucard could almost see the dark, terrifying waves of energy that came off of her.

Apparently, she was having a very, very bad dream. He was anxious to get back to her room to calm her down. He couldn't risk doing it in a moving vehicle, let alone with Pip glaring at him.

The moment the car finally pulled into the driveway, and Pip threw it into park, Alucard was out of the car. By the time Pip noticed, they were halfway to the front door.

" Oh, I zee zen! So I am supposed to bring in all of ze bags? You bastard." Grumbling, Pip did indeed bring in the bags, only dropping them three times on his poor feet.

Alucard strode quickly to the door, holding Seras closely to him, doing his best to avoid bumping her around. She continued to toss fitfully around, pushing him to move faster. He was really starting to wish that he had killed Jacob long before he had been enlisted in Hellsing. Long before turning Seras.

Phasing through the immense double doors, Alucard stepped over the threshold and yes, his eyebrow twitched for several moments at the sight laid out before him.

Walter was up, shaking his groove thing to some god awful music from his childhood, his brother dancing and laughing alongside him. And if seeing Walter shaking is groove thing wasn't bad enough, Sir Integra stood a little ways off, a glass of wine in her hands, swaying with a large smile on her face.

Alucard decided not to ask.

Making his way down to the dungeons, he felt a smile work it's way to his lips. Despite Seras being incapacitated (which wasn't going to be so bad, now that he really thought about it), it had been a fairly good trip.

Still, more importantly. The No Life King was happy to be home.

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