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It was the first really warm day of spring. He looked out the window at the sun. He never tired of it, he was always in awe of it and of his ability to walk in it again. Walk in it with her. Angel filled two mugs with coffee and went out the back door to the porch. Handing his wife a cup, he marveled at the love her eyes held for him. Something he knew he didn't deserve, but something he would never reject. A small five year old girl ran up to him, wrapping her arms around his legs. "Daddy, pick me up."

He smiled, putting his coffee down on the redwood table and giving in to her demand. Laughing to himself, he knew he would refuse this child, his daughter, nothing.

"You spoil her." Buffy smiled at the picture they presented. "She so has you wrapped around her finger."

"Oh yeah. And you never spoil her? Please, give me a break." He rolled his eyes at his wife.

Buffy never stopped thanking the powers that be for the life she now had. A life she never expected. A life she would never take for granted. When Dawn had jumped off that platform six years ago she not only closed the portal, she gave them a life they never expected to have. She was still a slayer but more importantly a wife to her soul-mate and the mother of this precious child. They had named her Dawn, she had to be named Dawn because Buffy knew she was Dawn. She rubbed her flat stomach, knowing that in a few short months the life growing there would soon make his presence known to all, she was also sure a son would be born to them. But for the first few months, she and Angel decided to keep it to themselves. Their precious secret.

Dawn wiggled out of her father's arms and ran over to the white arch that was decorated with wild flowers and colorful streamers. "Mommy, can I please put my new dress on now? I don't want to wait until it's dark."

"Soon sweetheart, very soon." Buffy leaned into Angel's embrace. Spike and Tara were formalizing their relationship. Tara had finally convinced Spike to turn her, with Willow's assurance she would replace her soul with the help of the Orb of Thesula. Willow was quite the accomplished witch now. She and Cordelia had lived with a coven in England for a few years while Willow honed her craft and Cordelia had supported her in the endeavor, as she supported Willow in all things. So, now Tara would live an eternity with the vampire she loved with the help of all who loved her. Tara had sought out Buffy's help in convincing Spike that this was the right choice.

"Buffy, you of all people must understand where I'm coming from with this. Please, talk to Spike. Convince him. If I knew he would eventually deal with my death, I think I could grow old with him, but I know him Buffy. He'll go all Edwardian romantic and walk out into the sun with my ashes. Please Buffy, I want to live forever with him."

And so Buffy had convinced him. Eventually. It had taken a couple of years, but here they were. Willow would perform the handfasting tonight and afterwards, after Spike turned his lover, Willow and Cordelia would replace her soul. All very romantic and all very bizarre. Only in Sunnydale. Xander had been invited, but had refused to attend. He considered it sick and perverted. Especially after he had broken Anya's heart and she ran away to Europe with an immortal type of her own.

"So, are you ready for the ceremony?" Giles walked up behind Buffy and shook her out of her trance. She smiled up at him and gave him a hug.

"Don't know. I mean we're ready for the celebration, but I'm still frightened for Tara. And for Spike. If anything ever happens to her…well I have no idea what he'll do." She considered the older man before her. The man who had taken care of and eventually fallen in love with her mother. The man who had nursed Joyce through her first brain aneurism and had mourned for her when she had succumbed to her second. Buffy was just happy her mother had a chance to find love again and to see Dawn before she died. Buffy had conceived that first time she and Angel had made love, what were the chances? she had asked. Very good it would seem, was the answer. But it was a blessing. Joyce had fallen ill in Buffy's sixth month of pregnancy and had died when Dawnie was nine months old.

"Buffy." Joyce turned to her daughter in awe as she held her granddaughter in her arms. "She's Dawn. Did you know?"

Buffy smiled at her mother, "I suspected. It's only right, don't you think?"

"Yes, only right." Joyce's eyes never leaving the little girl in her arms.

"I'm just glad you could make it. Did you bring Olivia with you?" Buffy looked behind Giles, searching for his wife.

"No, not this time. I'll be flying back to England in a few days and she didn't want to take time off work for just a short trip. We'll be back for a longer visit. Promise." Giles sat down as Angel handed him a cup of tea. Setting it down just in time as Dawn threw herself at him.

"Missed you grandpa!" She burrowed her head in his neck.

"Missed you too, poppet." Giles smiled up at the couple.

"Funny isn't it? How life works it's way without us realizing." Angel was very pensive tonight. The turning of Tara taking him back several years to Buffy's own turning. Angelus had no qualms, but Spike, his 'soulless' grandchilde took years to convince.

"Where is your mind tonight husband?" Buffy took his hand in hers.

He shrugged and looked into her eyes. "It just amazes me where our choices take us. How they take us." He looked over at Giles as he nodded in agreement, smoothing Dawn's hair.

Buffy smiled. "We shouldn't never second guess sweetheart. Ours took us here and that's all that matters. I would do it all again Angel. I would always choose you."

He smiled at his wife and pulled her close. "And I you, my love. I will always choose you."

The End