The Inquisition

Disclaimer: All Buffyverse material belongs to Joss Whedon and LOTR to Tolkien. Any resemblance to works other than the use of those characters and worlds is completely un-intential.

Rating: K+ due to use of two naughty words.

In response to the FFA #2228 Dawn Summers/Elrond on TTH

Authors Notes: I plan on making this a series of drabbles crossing the two universes. This is my first time publishing any of my writings. I am very nervous. I hope you enjoy.

The young brunette crossed her arms over her chest and looked at the person in front of her trying to judge his worth.

"I have a few standard questions. Are you evil?" Some of the watchers chuckled. The one she addressed remained silent. "Is there a possibility of you becoming evil?" The male in front of her raised his eyebrow. "Do you have any plans to create hell on earth, end the world or just kill innocents and or my family?"

"I have no intentions of harming anyone."

"Hum. Okay. How old are you?"

"I have passed my 5000th year." Dawn raised her eyebrow. He looked good for someone who had seen five millennia pass.


"I am an Elf"

"Elf? Like Santa's helpers elves or Kebbler elves?"

"Elves as in immortal beings of light. They have magic and can only be killed from a mortal wound in battle or fade away due to heartbreak." Giles quickly explained.

"Huh. Can you fight? And do you have a problem if my sister can and will kick your ass if necessary?"

"My people are warriors. I have fought many battles. And if your sister can defeat me it is because she is the better warrior. I would respect her for her victory and be honored to fight by her side."

The room was quiet as they waited for Dawn's decision while she looked at the hot guy in front of her.

"Do you brood?" Again the group chuckled and the male raised his eyebrow. "Well, you certainly are my sisters type. Older than her, non-human variety, strong fighter, and a total hottie." He nodded his head at her comment. "At least this one is a being of light."

Dawn stared at the Elf in front of her for a moment before she smiled.

"If you hurt my sister in any way, I will make your death slow and painful even if you are immortal. I will find a way to kill you. Welcome to our dysfunctional family, Elrond." Dawn smiled at the handsome Elf. "Cookie?"

She walked over to the coffee table and grabbed a couple of the sugar cookies Willow had made off the plate before handling one to her sister's newest boyfriend. He appeared a little non-pulsed.

"So tell me about this Rivendale Buffy mentioned."