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The Last Shot

"Christmas of 1995," Mark's voice echoed through the film. The shot was snow falling around him as he stood on the loft's fire escape, light and eerily beautiful. The camera tilted until Mark was filming the street below, panning the layer of white that had already fell to the earth and stopping on his best friends as they attempted to make a snowman on the sidewalk, doing more throwing of snow and laughing then making a snowman at all.

Around them, Manhattan was eerily silent, and Mark realized this was why he loved Christmas more than any other time. He peered over the railing, coming into the shot slightly, looking down at them as Maureen wrestled Joanne to the ground with an evil laugh, and as Collins tossed a handful of snow down Mimi's back. She shrieked and jumped as she laughed and tried to shake the cold off. A car pulled up a few feet down the road and Benny stepped out, walking over to his recently renewed friends, a soft, happy grin on his face.

Mark's eyes sought out Roger, finally spotting his roommate as he stood off to the side, a bittersweet smile flirting on his lips. Roger, sensing Mark's gaze, turned his head upward to meet Mark's eyes with his own. They stared at one another for a few moments and Mark filmed this moment between the two of them, the camera capturing the dying gaze Roger held, and the weakness his body seemed to exude.

To any eye, it would be obvious they were losing Roger, and they knew it.

The camera tilted pulled back as Mark turned it towards himself, his blue eyes glazed over with the same look Roger had held.

"December 25th, 1995," He said softly, "This will be the last time I do this, in an homage of my dying best friend. I love you all, please remember that."

The camera cut out, leaving the world in the dark.