The Seventh Element

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Every 5000 Years

-Cairo Egypt, 1914-

The Egyptian sun shone its ray down onto the desert sand below. A young boy riding a camel pulled the scrap piece of cloth on his head lower to provide some protection from the heat. He was traveling to meet his brother Noah at the temple. Noah had been hired by a Japanese archeologist to assist in excavating a temple. The temple in question was in the middle of nowhere, miles from Giza or the Valley of the Kings. It loomed ahead like a beacon of hope, a shelter in the middle of the heat and sun. Mokuba urged his camel to go faster.

He neared the temple and hopped off, desperate to get inside from the sun. He grabbed the gourds of water from his camel and rushed into the entrance. The passage went in for ten, twenty feet before turning right. Mokuba crept up and peeked around the corner. A large mirror sat in the corner, reflecting the sun around the edge of the stone. Another small boy lay sleeping there, holding a second mirror. Beside him sat a middle-aged man with a sketchpad. Opposite them was the renowned Arthur Hawkins, furiously translating hieroglyphics. Noah shifted his position in his sleep, and the mirror point its ray down. Arthur growled as the light left his work.

"Noah, LIGHT!" He roared. Noah jumped awake with a gasp and quickly repositioned the mirror. Arthur's partner Solomon chuckled to himself and checked off an eleventh checkmark on his sketchpad.

"Noah, light." He muttered. Arthur sighed.

"Alright, I'll start again." He said to himself, looking over the ancient pictographs.One was of three planets, each casting a shadow over their moon. The shadows from the planets converged into a central point. "When the 3 planets are aligned into eclipse, a door is opened to another realm. Evil comes, terror and chaos reign in its wake. Ah, Solomon, get this. You see this?" Arthur tapped his brush against a picture of a snake hissing at a series of corpses and wilting plants. "You see, this snake, all who meet him die. Peoples, plants, the ground itself, it all withers in his wake. He is evil, the ultimate evil, make sure you get this." Solomon shrugged and made a rough sketch of the snake.

"Yeah yeah yeah Arthur, I got the lousy snake." He muttered. "So when is this terrifying reptile gonna come around exactly?" Arthur frowned and peered at a small inscription under the snake.

"Let me see here…if this is the five…then this is the one…then…every 5000 years." He concluded. Solomon stopped his sketch and raised an eyebrow.

"So…I've got some time then?" He joked. Mokuba watched them and gasped as a hand clamped onto his shoulder. He spun around and breathed a sigh of relief. The tanned man behind him smiled and looked at the gourds in Mokuba's hands.

"Ah, good boy, you bring water for them?" The man asked. Mokuba nodded. "Good, good boy. Go, I will take it to them. Be safe from, go now." Mokuba nodded again and eagerly fled. The man adjusted his white turban and observed Arthur over the stone.

"And look at this…the peoples of the world, they gather the energy, the six elements of life." He murmured. On the wall before him, six mystical symbols were positioned around a pedestal. "Water fire, earth air, light darkness. They gather them, take them to a seventh…" Arthur trailed off as he noticed the being standing on the pedestal. Trails of energy curled around him. "A seventh element…" The man in the turban cursed under his breath. He reached into his robes and removed a small vial of poison.

"Ra forgive me." He whispered. "But one man cannot jeopardize all we have strived to protect." He emptied the vial into the gourd of water and stepped into Solomon's view, clearing his throat. Arthur and Solomon looked up.

"Ah, Shadi, I was hoping you would come!" Arthur exclaimed. Shadi nodded nervously.

"Yes, of course Professor. Here, Mokuba had brought water." He said, handing the gourd of poisoned water to Arthur. Arthur nodded and absentmindedly took the gourd before dragging Shadi to the wall.

"Shadi, in all my years of research I have never encountered anything like this. The Egyptians, they fought evil. They created a brand new strain of life, just to combat evil. Evil's arrival, the people fighting back, the weapon against evil…it's like a millennia old battle plan." Arthur chuckled and raised his water in triumph. "I'm going to be famous!" He cheered. Shadi laughed back.

"Then a toast to your fame!" He declared. Arthur nodded.

"Yes. To fame!' He declared, lifting the gourd to his lips. Shadi watched eagerly as Arthur put it to his lips, than frowned. "What are we thinking? We cannot toast with water!" Arthur sighed and dropped the gourd on the ground. "We have wine at our hotel in Cairo, we will toast then. For now I must finish!" He stepped back to the wall and resumed his translations. Shadi gulped and ran to the passage way leading to the entrance to the temple. He shuddered as a shadow vegan to crawl across the desert stretching before him.

"They're here." He whispered. Outside, a gigantic black ship lowered towards the sands. Four engines on the sides, the size of city buses, let out clouds of steam as the ship slowed to a stop. The entire structure was a huge as a skyscraper. A part of the ship near the bottom hissed and lowered to the ground on an angle, stopping just outside the entrance to the temple. The strange ramp slid open to reveal six large searchlights.

"Divine light they talk about….what is divine light?"Arthur asked. Then the ramp covered the entrance to the temple, and the temple was cast into darkness. Arthur growled. "Noah, LIGHT!" Noah had once again fallen asleep at his station, but someone else heard Arthur's command. The six searchlights glowed red before activating in a burst of light, illuminating the entire cave. Arthur smiled. "Much better, thank you Noah. Let's see here…" He continued. Solomon peeked around the corner and gasped. Descending the ramp on a small platform were five…creatures.

They were large and rotund, with large shoulders, and six feet tall. Their arms were connected to the body until halfway down their torsos, when they grew large, five-fingered hands. Their heads emerged from their bodies from between the shoulder blades, and were low slung. The heads were small for the bodies, with noses that ran between the eyes and down to a small hole that served as a mouth. Their legs were stubby, and they walked by swinging their feet forward with each step, putting their whole bodies into the motion. They were metallic and gold, with purple lights on their shoulders. Their eyess were large, purple ovals. 2 of them were carrying a large case with them. Solomon wasn't sure if they machines or actual beings of flesh. He gulped and quickly began to sketch. As they shuffled past him, each of the creature cast him a glance, but continued walking. Solomon was a human, he posed no threat to them. Shadi gulped as the lead creature walked to him while the other four cornered Arthur, who still hadn't even noticed them. The creature that was with Shadi had three red-silver bands around each of his shoulders, and two bands over his forehead, just above the eyes.

"Lord Monichlahan, please, forgive me, but the Monocheawan need not take them, I have done my duty well." Shadi stammered. Monichlahan shook his head.

"Do not fear." He intoned. "You and the Tombkeepers before you have served us well. But wars are coming. The Items are not safe on Earth any more." Shadi sighed and hung his head. He had heard the news that the Europeans were on the brink of conflict. The Monocheawan were correct in their judgments.

"Shadi, I swear this is amazing…" Arthur turned and paled as he finally noticed the 4 Monocheawan behind him. "Are…are you German?" He asked. The 4 Monocheawan looked at each other and shook their heads. Two carefully pushed Arthur away as Monichlahan shuffled to the wall Arthur was studying. He looked it over and held out his hand. A small golden rod with a flat eyeball on the end came out of one of his fingers. He slid the 'key' into a crack in the wall, and stepped back as the wall slid apart to reveal another passage deeper into the temple. Arthur gulped.

"That…was really amazing." He muttered. Monichlahan sighed.

"We are sorry, but we must do what must be done." He said. Arthur cocked his head.

"Huh?' He asked, confused. Then his eyes rolled back into his head, and he slumped to the floor. Monichlahan and his companions moved into the new passage as Solomon scrambled to Arthur's body. Shadi carefully stepped aside them and followed the Monocheawan in. Inside lay a large, hexagonal room. Against each wall lay a short column, each with a golden object set in it. In the middle of the room was a pedestal. Standing on it was a golden statue of a figure sitting on a large throne. Around the figure's neck hung a inverted golden pyramid. On its front was the same eye-like symbol on the key Monichlahan had used to enter the temple. Shadi saw the statue and gasped.

"The Seventh Element…" He murmured. Monichlahan looked around the room and nodded to the 2 Monocheawan with the case.

"Take the Millennium Items." He ordered. The Monocheawan set the case down and opened it, revealing a plush velvet interior with 6 indents. The other 2 moved about the room, collecting the golden items from the columns. There was a scepter, a set of scales, a necklace, a ring, an orb, and an ahnk. They set the items in the case and closed it, picking it up and heading back for the ship.

"Take the Pharaoh." Monichlahan commanded. The remaining two Monocheawan reached down and slid their hands under the golden statue, lifting it with ease. "Careful with him." Monichlahan grumbled. The two Monocheawan walked down the passage. They passed Solomon, who was shifting through his bag, looking for something. Shadi watched them go and turned to Monichlahan.

"But my Lord, if you take the Millennium Items, we will be defenseless. What will we do in 300 years when Evil returns?"

"In 300 years, when Evil returns, so shall we." Monichlahan explained.

"Don't move!" Monichlahan looked up as Solomon stood as the exit to the passage. Solomon was sweating and shaking, but he kept the pistol in his hands trained on Monichlahan.

"Solomon, do not do anything foolish!" Shadi coaxed, walking into the passage. Solomon shook his head.

"Shadi, what are you doing with these things?" He demanded. Shadi cursed his duty as a Tombkeeper. It was his duty to protect this place from any intrusion. Solomon had seen too much, and, much to Shadi's dismay, his fate would be the same as the Professor's. Provided Solomon didn't get himself killed before then. The temple had been constructed to seal if any threat should be made apparent to it. If Solomon wasn't careful, one of many terrible things could happen.

"Solomon, they are friends…trust me." Shadi said, holding up his hands in a gesture of peace.

"Friends? Shadi, they killed Professor Hawkins! They're monster!"

"I do regret the Professor's death Solomon, but it was needed!"

"You…you're with them?"

"Solomon…put the gun down." Shadi asked. Solomon stepped back and shook his head. "Solomon, I will explain everything, just…please, do not shoot." Shadi pleaded. It was a lie of course, he was not at liberty to divulge the secrets of the Tombkeepers to normalhumans.Solomon took another step back, and slipped on the gourd of water that Arthur had dropped only minutes ago. He gasped and shot in a reflex. Solomon's head hit stone with a crack, and he lay still. The bullets ricocheted into the passage. The stone walls creaked and began to close. Shadi ran forward and turned to see Monichlahan shuffling to his safety. But the Monocheawans were not fast by any means. Monichlahan would not survive.

"Please hurry, you may make it!" Shadi shouted.

"This is your mission now. Pass the knowledge to the next Tombkeeper, as it was passed to you. Preserve this place until we return in 300 years." Monichlahan said.

"I will I will but hurry, you still have time!" Monichlahan extended his hand and produced the key to the temple.

"Time not important, only life important. Take key, ensure life…" The walls closed around Monichlahan's hand as he was crushed, the key sticking out from the wall. Shadi cringed as the Monocheawan's painful roar of death filled the temple. Shadi grabbed the Key and ran to the temple entrance. The ramp to the Monocheawan ship had retracted, and the engines were gaining power.

"I will fulfil my mission, I promise you!" He shouted. He held the key in the air towards the ship. "The Tombkeepers will safeguard the temple until you return!" The ship blasted into space, on it the six Millennium Items, and an ancient being that would change the fate of not only mankind, but of life itself.