The Seventh Element

On special request, Pegasus' huffy departure remains identical to the film. But the chain of events that save the world have been Yugiohfied. Hey, I made a word!

For anyone who was wondering why I cut out the final scene, it's because it's mostly a visual thing, and I don't think a scene like that would work for Fanfiction. But hey, I did include the final fight scene the movie didn't have (in the film, Corben and Zorg never even meet each other), so it evens out. Anyhow…

Chapter 17

Divine Light

Bakura slashed and met golden metal as Tea raised the Millennium Rod to block the attack. Yami spun and kicked and sent Bakura flying across the temple, the Ring around his neck lying underneath him. Bakura growled and got to his hands and knees. Yami ran towards him, and Bakura leapt to his feet, spinning. Yami gasped as he collapsed into Bakura's arms, Bakura's blade embedded in his right shoulder. Tea gasped.

"Yami!" She screamed. Bakura sneered and withdrew the sword, pushing Yami to the ground beside him.

"One down, one to go." Bakura laughed. Tea growled. "If it makes you feel better, it wasn't personal." Bakura said, holding his arms wide. Tea glared and charged, Millennium Rod raised. Sword met Rod, and the two clanged off each other in a shower of sparks. Malik raced to Yami's side and tore off his shirt sleeve to push it onto the wound, stopping the blood flow. Yami groaned and coughed.

"He's alive for now, he should be okay." Malik said to Ishizu. "Here, hold this." Ishizu nodded and put her hands over the wound. Behind them, Pegasus was watching Tea duel Bakura.

"Ah man, people dyin', thing blowin' up, this is not my day." He moaned. Malik looked up.

"Tea, take off the sheath!" He yelled. Bakura landed a kick and sent Tea onto her back.

"What?" She shouted, rolling to avoid Bakura's sword. Bakura grunted as his sword stuck in the ground.

"The Millennium Rod, take off the sheath! It's a sheath!" Malik shouted. Tea looked over the Rod, and noticed a crease about halfway up the rod. She pulled and the lower, hollow section of the Rod fell to the floor. The bottom half of the Millennium Rod now came to a razor-sharp point. (1) Tea looked down at the Rod before looking up at Bakura.

"You're insane." She hissed. Bakura shrugged.

"Well, to each his own." He replied. With that, Bakura spun and sliced. Tea swung the Millennium Rod, and the blades clanged off each other. Tea jabbed the sword towards Bakura's stomach, and Bakura hopped back, sweeping down and knocking the Rod to the side as he did so. Tea stabbed again, and Rod met blade. But this time, Tea slid the Rod down the length of the blade, and with a flick of the wrist, slashed Bakura across the wrist. Bakura yowled and fell to his knees, his sword falling to the ground. Looking at the blood running down his hand, Bakura held out his tongue and licked it up before getting up, picking up his sword.

"Oh, I am so going to kill you." He growled, stalking towards Tea. Nearby, Yami turned his head and caught a glimpse of Tea's watch.

"3 minutes." He rasped, coughing. Malik nodded and looked up.

"By all the Gods, please, help us." He whispered. Tea and Bakura continued their duel, Tea rolling to the side and missing a slice that would have cut her in two. Bakura had the expertise of a trained warrior, a businessman who had the time and money to perfect the art of killing. Tea was trained too, but UFF training didn't include swordplay. Her moves were steadily becoming more and more desperate, while Bakura fought with skill and precision.

"You shall not win this." Bakura sneered, deflecting a jab. "Need I remind you that you have only a few moments to kill me, and you're not having much luck there."

"Shut up!" Tea snapped, jabbing. Nearby, Yami winced and slowly climbed to his feet.

"No, my Pharaoh, you must rest!" Malik urged. Yami shook his head and stumbled towards the battle. Tea noticed him out of the corner of her eyes, and turned.

"Yami!" She cried, diverting her attention from Bakura. Bakura took full advantage, and drove his sword into Tea's chest. Yami and Tea both gasped as the blade embedded itself inside Tea, the Millennium Rod falling from her grasp. Bakura spun, and Tea slid off the blade, collapsing into Malik's arms.

"So, you're back for more." Bakura sneered. "This should be fun." Yami growled and bent over to pick up the Millennium Rod.

"You killed her…" He hissed, raising his head. Bakura smiled.

"If it helps, you're about to join her!" He said. He raised his sword overhead and slashed towards Yami. Yami rolled forward and rolled to his feet, the Millennium Rod in his hand. He rose to face Bakura as the force of his roll sent the item up between them. Yami spun around, and with a flick of the wrist, the string holding the Millennium Ring snapped, sending the item through the air. It skidded to the floor, and Ishizu ran to pick it up, placing it in the final alcove. Bakura snarled, and Yami finished his spin, ramming the Millennium Rod into Bakura's heart.

Bakura gasped as the golden artifact pierced his flesh, warm blood trickling out of the wound. Yami raised his hand and punched Bakura across the face, blood cracking out of his lips. He withdrew the Rod, and Bakura slumped to the ground, holding his chest in agony.

"1 minute." Malik said solemnly. Yami sheathed the Millennium Rod and tossed it to the ground before running to Tea's side. Ishizu retrieved the item and put it in its place. Bakura gasped and tried to get up, only to collapse limply to the ground.

"T-Girl, ya can't die!" Pegasus whimpered. Tea's eyes had slid closed. "C'mon, you and me, we're the beautiful people, we can't die!" Yami took Tea's head from Malik and cradled it against his chest.

"No…" He whispered. Malik looked up as a vast shadow slid over the sky.

"Yami, please, there will be time to grieve later! We must save the world now!" He urged. Yami looked up and glared at his, his eyes watery.

"Why bother?"

- - - - - - - - - -

"It will enter the atmosphere in 30 seconds." A technician droned. Kaiba barely heard and he took a breath and leaned back in his chair. "It has been estimated that once it hits, the Earth will crack apart and lose its orbital field. Any orbiting satellites, this station will swing into the Sun's orbit, eventually falling into the core." Kaiba nodded.

"Noted." He whispered. Opposite him, Joey clasped his hands together and lowered his head, eyes closed. All around, the presidential cabinet lived out their final moments.

"15 seconds."

- - - - - - - - - -

"No species is as self-destructing as yours." Yami spat. "No species besides humans kill each other when there is no need. Only your species kills for pleasure. Why bother saving you?" Yami looked down at Tea's body and closed his eyes.

"Don't you get it? She's dead, because of her own kind. She never once killed unless she had to. You people should have revered her. And instead you condemned her."

"Yami, why does her death matter so much?" Malik growled. A pair of tears slid down Yami's cheeks.

"Because…I loved her." He whispered. The two tears slid over his chin to fall onto the Millennium Puzzle around his neck. The eye on the Puzzle glowed a soft gold as the 6 Items surrounding the altar pulsed. Malik, Ishizu and Pegasus stepped back as the Eye of Anubis on Yami's forehead glowed, his bangs fluttering in an unseen breeze. Bakura's eyes widened as the Millennium Items glowed.

- - - - - - - - - -

Kaiba bit his lip as the scientist stared at the clock.


- - - - - - - - - -

The Millennium Puzzle glowed a gold before sparking into a blinding white, and lifting off of Yami's chest. Yami's head snapped up as the Puzzle levitated in the air. The 6 Millennium Items sent out 6 beams of light- red, blue, yellow, green, black and white- towards the altar. The beams hit the Millennium Puzzle, and the Eye on Yami's forehead glowed from gold to white. Yami threw back his head and screamed as a bolt of energy shot out of the Millennium Puzzle and into the sky.

Hundreds of miles above, a giant flaming meteor passed the Moon's orbit. Then a glowing beam of light hit it, and expanded into a glowing white barrier that wrapped itself around the meteor. A human-like roar of rage roared out of the meteor, the sound failing to carry in the emptiness of space. The white barrier crackled as the meteor slowly slid to a stop, the lava cooling to nothing before it imploded. With a final flash of light, the meteor exploded into a million pieces before the white light gain intensity, the smaller rocks left over vanishing into dust.

The Millennium Puzzle fell against Yami's chest, and the pharaoh collapsed on the altar, panting heavily. He pushed himself up when a soft hand reached out to take his own. Yami's head snapped around to see Tea's eyes flutter open weakly.

"Hey…remember when we boarded the ship to Duelist Kingdom?" She croaked, her hand reaching up to Yami's neck. Yami nodded. "You got it wrong." Tea told him. Before Yami could figure out what she meant, Tea pulled him down into a breath-taking kiss.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Reports are coming in. The planet seems to have met some sort of energy beam and disintegrated." Joey muttered. Kaiba leaned forward and stared at him.

"What?" He asked. Joey smiled.

"She did it…she did it!" He cheered. Behind him, the space station leapt into cheer.

- - - - - - - - - -

Malik, Ishizu and Pegasus stared at the altar as Yami and Tea embraced, locked in their kiss. Malik blinked.

"He did it…he did it." He whispered. Ishizu grinned.

"YES!" She shouted, wrapping her arms around Malik. Pegasus screamed and jumped a foot before staring at Ishizu.

"What the hell?" He demanded. "We all almost get killed, you cheer? God damn, you people! I'm outta here, you people are nuts!" He stomped angrily towards the entrance to the temple. "And you two get a room!" He snapped. Yami pulled away from Tea.

"You saved the world huh? Congrats." Tea chuckled.

"He killed you." Yami growled, turning his head to look at the barely-alive Bakura nearby. "Humans…your species is so destructive." Tea smirked.

"Yeah. But like I said, we've got a few things going for us. Hovercraft, democracy…"

"Love." Yami remembered, looking back at her. Tea winked.

"Yeah. We got love too." She said. Yami smiled back and leaned down to kiss her again.


1: Yup, the Millennium Rod has a concealed dagger. So if you ever see an episode where Malik holds the Rod up to someone and threatens them, odds are that 4Kids just edited the Dagger out. The Japanese viewers get all the cool stuff. The guns, the daggers, the scantily-clad female monsters…it ain't fair!

So this wraps it up! Thanks for reading everyone!