Claude couldn't fall asleep after the police chase. He felt like jogging to Luigi's, so he did. He was already outside with his bodyguard, Mick. They were both chatting about money when Luigi noticed Claude standing near the staircase. "Hey, I gotta talk to you. Ok, Mick, I'll talk to you later." Mick nodded and silently went back into the club. "The don's son, Joey Leone, he wants some action from his regular girl, Misty. Pick here up at Hepburn Heights, but watch yourself, that's Diablo turf. Bring her to his garage in Trenton and make it quick. Joey ain't the kind you keep waiting!" Claude turned around and before he could even get a foot away from the staircase leading to the back door Luigi said something else. "Remember, this is your foot in the door! So keep your eyes on the road, and off Misty!" Claude didn't have a car, so he stole the Taxi parked near the club. As he made his way through Hepburn Heights, the Diablos gave him a dirty look. One even attempted to shoot at his car, but missed. He pulled up next to the shabby apartment and honked the horn. He was still listening to Chatterbox, loving it.

"Okay, and speaking of impossible, Jane from Cedar Grove is on
the line, and she wants to talk about how difficult it is being
a parent today. Hello Jane..." Lazlow said.
"Hi Lazlow, I love the show, I'm a first time caller. I wanted to
say something about these videogames, they are warping our kids
minds. My sons dog, Bugle, got hit by a truck, and he says 'Mummy,
mummy, where's the reset button?.' Kids these days, they think
life is a game. Well it's not a game Lazlow. It is very, very
serious. I let my kid play video games, and now, he runs around
the house looking for gold coins. This is teaching our children to
go chase money. My eldest has been playing this new videogame,
called Pogo the Monkey..." Jane rambled.
"Yeah, I've heard of that one..." Lazlow replied."The shop teacher called me today, and Sam made a home-made banana
cannon in shop class, and was lobbing them across the street at a
fast-food restaurant. And it's all because of videogames. does not have a reset button!" Jane rambled on."Right, but this show does..." There was a loud beeping noise. "I love that button." Lazlow said, with a tone of delight.

Claude put on a wide grin as Misty came out. She got in the backseat and mumbled something to Claude. "You workin' regular for Luigi now, huh? It's about time we could get a driver we could trust!" Claude thought the long way to Trenton was a bit long. He went down the street where the hospital and police station were located and cut across the grass to Trenton. It was very hard not to see the garage. Besides Zaibatsu Pharmicuticals, it was the biggest building there. Misty jumped out and ran through the door. Claude followed.

There was a man sitting on a oil barrel typing on a computer. He turned around and lit up at the sight of Misty's face. "Joey!" Misty shouted. "Am I gonna get to play with your big end again?" Misty said, almost whispering as if she didn't want Claude to hear. "I'll be with you in a minute, spark plug." Joey said. He grabbed Misty's butt and sat back down. He immediately turned to Claude.

"Hi, I'm Joey. Luigi said you were reliable, so come back later, there might be some work for you. Alright?" Claude nodded and walked out the door. He heard a loud moaning sound coming from the crack in the garage, and he just didn't want to think about that right now. He got lots of money from Joey. This was enough to buy food for about half a year! As he drove back to the hideout, a person tried to jack his car. Claude pulled out his Uzi and put it to the person's neck. The person ran away, arms flailing in the air. Another successful day.