Hello everyone! I thought of this idea after reading Red Witch Studios story: Darkstalkers: Astroworld. There will be some intended humor and some kick-ass action in here. Special thanks to Baron Hausenpheffer and Asuka-SAMAN for the progress of this story.

Summary: The Dark saga has ended. And Earth is at peace, or is it? The adventures of a banned angel and a holy lieutenant as they travel the land to gain the key back to their world of the above. They encounter mysterious people and get in trouble on their way back to the heavens…

"This is unacceptable!" he yelled with complete rage, "You have dishonored the law of the twilight aftermath and you believe you can repay it by claiming forgiveness?"

"But sir," he pleaded, "I was only trying to create a bond between our land and the-"

"SILENCE! Such turmoil and tyranny that you have caused on all of us will not be accepted. I have no choice other than complete annihilation. I hereby banish you to the land of compete darkness!"

The entire crowd of angels began to murmur at his choice. One angel was completely shocked knowing that she wasn't going to see him ever again. She prayed for a miracle, and miracles always came true in this land.

"Sir!" one angel spoke out of order, "the land is no longer in a fit of turmoil and despair."

"What? Bring me the reports!"

The angel brought a scroll to him and began reading it. After a few minutes of reading, he chuckled.

"So, the Earth world has become a race of hunters? And what they hunt are dark entities that cross into their land? Excellent! Instead of the land of complete darkness, I will instead banish you to the Earth world where you will have to fight for survival."

"But sir!" but the angel spoke out of order again, "the race consists mostly of our believers. He is an example of what we are, and therefore, won't be recognized as a threat."

"But he will, for that he is hiding what he is becoming. So if it is what he wishes," he pointed his finger on the ground that the angel facing retribution stood, "then it is what he will become."

The ground suddenly became a black hole, but instead of sucking him in, it seemed to be forcing a dark wrath into him. He clutched his torso in a sign of pain as his wings grew black and his eyes began to fade. The angels watched in horror as his wings completely transformed. They were now black and as thin as a human computer screen. Yellow lines were marked on a branch of the wings, lines that would compare to that of ancient ruins. Each branch of his wings were now separate from each other but held an invisible connection that still enabled him to fly. The joining points of his wings were separate from the wings as well. His hair reshaped into three tips: on pointing skyward and two pointing out both sides. The skyward point had a white streak on it. His eyes became pure white with black lining the corona. He had no pupils. His original outfit became a shirt and jeans; the sleeves of his shirt had three drapes in a curved motion. The back of the shirt allowed the wings to fit well and had straps on his back. His face was engulfed in a purplish-black fire that soon became a mask to cover his face.

"This, other than your human form, will be the only form you can take in the Earth world. With the transformation complete, you are now banned to the Earth world, where you will be hunted and you have to fight to survive."

The angels only looked down upon him; it was the law of the twilight aftermath. One angel, who disagreed with the master decision, couldn't bear to see him banished. She stepped out of the audience and spoke to the master as other angels questioned her actions.

"Sir," she said slowly, "I'm afraid I have been hiding something as well."

He looked at her with great confusion, and asked.

"Child, what is it that you could possibly hide?"

"I…I…I knew what he was doing!"

The other angels gasped at what she said.

"I kept it a secret from everyone. I broke the laws of the twilight aftermath!"

"Child, I'm greatly disappointed, you, my most loyal rank, has betrayed the laws as well. It brings me great disgust to say this, but I'm afraid that you must receive the same retribution as your friend here. You too shall be banished to the world of Earth."

"But sir, she's an example of what we are," the angel spoke out of order again.

"Well, in that case, you and you're friend will have to abide with my test."

She perked up at his statement.

"You two will travel the world in search of one man who holds the key back to this world. But he will not do so if you are dead," he said pointing to the female angel, "you must be kept alive throughout their world. If he fails to keep you alive, he will stay banished from this world. But if you two are kept alive by the time you find this man, I will allow you two back into this world. Do you agree?"

She looked at the angel who had been transformed and was unconscious. She couldn't bear to see him in such terror and despair, so she finally concluded.


"Very well, the man you are looking for goes by the name...Jedah."

"I understand."

"Then, forever be banished into another world.

One of disgust and terror to befall.

But the key back to our world you hold,

Is one that will save you from your forever fall."

He clapped his hands and the two were surrounded by a white stream. She closed her eyes unable to withstand the bright light until the force had stopped. She opened her eyes and saw that the clouds were closing in a white light from above. The clouds closed the lights shine like a door as she looked to the unconscious angel.

'At last, we are alone…' she thought.

This was a prologue to my story. This chapter was supposed to explain the reason of their travels. Don't worry, this story will have humor on other chapters. Until then, this chapter is suppose to keep you guys guessing. R & R!