Looks like everyone wants to know what happened to the "poor" girl. Well, here ya go!

The sky had nightfall written all over it; the chirping of crickets and howling of wolfs in the midnight desert proved so. Three unlucky travelers were crossing this miraculous life-thriving land in search of new Darkstalker activity. Unfortunately, one unforgettable factor had slipped their minds, and the consequences would befall to them sooner or later.

She clutched her abdomen in response to the emptiness inside. Feeling no energy, she dropped on her knees and sustained the pain of hunger.

"Asuka, are you okay?" B. Murder asked as he spotted his friend drop a few meters away.

"No. I haven't eaten in two whole days," she moaned.

His eyes widened with shock realizing they really haven't eaten at all. They were about to, but a certain red hooded girl had interrupted with their plans at the time. Having not eaten in two whole days by a matter of memory loss was a really stupid thing to do…

"Man, that's a real bummer," B.B. hood said, "fortunately, I know where we can get us some food."

"You do?" Asuka asked as if she was receiving complete praise or something of the like.

"Yeah, I travel all by myself. Did you really expect me not to know anything about getting food from natural resources?"

"I guess not…"

"Good. Now, let's see what we got…" she said as she scanned the darkness of the desert.

She looked like she spotted something and grabbed out a crossbow that was in her basket, except this kind of crossbow looked more like a portable harpoon launcher. After careful aiming, she fired the weapon followed by the scream of an unknown animal. She reeled in the animal slowly yet with muscle. The animal revealed to be a wild boar with the harpoon's tip in its ribcage. When the animal saw B.B. hood, it stood up and charged towards her. She grabbed her pocket knife, grabbed the beast's snout, lifted it and sliced its throat downward, killing it instantly. The two angels watched as she retrieved food like an expert in hunting. The beast fell with a dull thud as he wiped the blood off her arm with a handkerchief from her pocket. She put the knife away and got out an even bigger hunting knife and began to cut away at the animal's flesh.

"While I'm chopping us some ham," she said without turning away, "I want you guys to get some stones, wood, and a fire started."

The two angels looked at each other and agreed.

After successfully chopping the flesh into cook-able bits, B.B. hood waited for the angels to retrieve what she asked for. Asuka had already brought stones that would be used as seats and a fireplace, now all they need is wood. B. murder was finally in view, but without wood.

"I could not find any wood," B. Murder said rubbing the back of his head, "but if cactus's count as burnable, then its close, right?" he said showing that he was using his wings to carry a couple of small cacti.

"Well, it won't burn like real wood, but it's the best we could get," B.B. hood said.

Placing the cacti in the fireplace, B. Murder walked away and sat down next to Asuka, waiting for B.B. hood's next move. She got out a grill pan and set it over the cacti. She got out matches and fire-starting oil. Once she finally got the fire started, she placed the meat onto the grill releasing a cloud of a mouthwatering aroma. The two angels watched as she prepared the meat with fine spices and skills that made them on the verge of drooling if they watched any further. Once the preparations were complete, B.B. hood got out paper plates and handed one to both angels and one for herself. She gave each of them a slice of meat before giving one to herself.

"Dig in!" she said with a happy grin.

Before she was about to eat though, she heard mumbling from the angels. She saw that they had their eyes closed, their hands in a prayer position as if they were saying grace, but the words seemed unintelligible.

"Uh, what are you guys doing? I thought you were hungry as heck," she asked.

"We're saying grace, can't you see?" Asuka said as she opened one eye, then resumed.

"But I've never heard grace said like that."

"This is the grace of holy matrimony," B. Murder said without opening his eyes, "it allows sinful deeds to be forgiven through eating the holy ones animal."

"What kinds of sins have you guys done?"

"You did just kill a boar out of nowhere," Asuka pointed out.

"Oh…right. I guess I'll say grace as well," she said as she seated in prayer position, "but, um, can you tell me the words to it?"

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt," B. Murder said, "Follow my lead…"

Twilight blessing, twilight grace

Forgive our barbarity and let us feed

For if we don't feed, we may not exist any longer

We may not exist any longer to serve thee

To serve thee, is a gift to you

And as a gift to you, we serve thee

So let us feed upon your animal

And we might live to serve another day.

B.B. hood repeated in perfect repeat as they finished.

"Now can we start eating?" she asked.

"Sure! Let's dig in!" Asuka said.

Eating their two day fill, Asuka collapsed on her back feeling her stomach's fill. B. Murder patted his stomach feeling it's fullness as well.

"Man, I'm stuffed," he said.

"I couldn't eat another bite," Asuka said.

"We have enough food here to last us about three days," B.B. hood said as she packed the meat in bags and put them away.

"Wow B.B. hood, since when did you learn how to cook like that?" Asuka said as she got back to her seat and wiped the sand away from her back.

"Um, I learned it all by myself," she said uneasily.

"You also hunted like an expert," B. Murder said, "when did you learn how to hunt like that?"

"Uh…I learned it by myself."

"Everything you can do you learned by yourself," Asuka said, "either you're a quick learner in the arts of survival or you're family mustn't have been around that much."

B. Murder heard what Asuka said as Asuka pressed her hands against her mouth realizing what she said as B.B. looked down in fear, hiding her face with her hood. She slowly let her hands down as a silence surrounded all three of them. Asuka decided to break the silence by apologizing.

"I'm sorry B.B. hood. I didn't know you-"

"It's okay Asuka," B.B. hood interrupted, "you didn't know."

"Any way I can make it up to-"

"No!" B. Murder interrupted, "she's been hiding secrets for too long now."

"B. Murder…"

"We're your friends B.B. hood, and friends don't keep secrets from each other. I'm getting tired of this guessing game and I want answers now: what the hell happened to you!"

B.B. hood looked at B. Murder with shock and fear, an utter despair. Asuka then realized that this was the same face she had at the end of her fight with B. Murder at the bar: scared, worried, and shocked, but no fear of death, though. B.B. hood looked down, thinking of a response. Once again she looked like she was going to snap. B. Murder saw this and a new fit of rage found it's way into him.

He suddenly got up, grabbed B.B. hood and hoisted her up into the air. He had a very angry look on his face while B.B. hood had a scared and confused one.

"Listen you! I want clear answers! No more riddles, no more secrets, I want the truth now!" he yelled.

Asuka looked scared of what he might do to her, but B.B. hood looked like she finally made up her mind.

"Alright," she said calmly, "I'll talk. I won't snap, I'll tell you everything."

B. murder had eased up at this and let her down. She sat back to her seat and watched as B. Murder sit next to Asuka. The fire between the two set the perfect mood for a story, a story about the birth of a killer.

"I was born in 1993. My real name is Bonnie Bulleta Hood. My mom was a client at a business but my father…"

The two angels leaned in to hear the next part.

"…My father was a veteran in many wars and is now the leader of the USAPA, the United States of American Protection Agency."

The two thought this would be a reasonable explanation of how she could fire a gun so perfectly, yet still shocking indeed.

"My parents met when he returned to America from a war. She was there to greet the heroes and survivors of the war. When they met, my dad claimed it was like love at first sight. They got married by 1991 and pretty soon, I was born.

"Mom always treated me like any mother would while dad would be helping the army. But my grandma was the best family member I've ever met. She was sweet, kind, and fun to be around with. She always cheered me up and she was very reliable. She was my main role model in life. I couldn't have wished for a better grandma. I thought my life would be happy to no end, until I turned 6…

"My grandma died of a stroke; that was possibly the heaviest impact of my life. Mom seemed to be very sad, but dad, he told me it wasn't the first time he had seen a loved one's death. Death comes and goes, simple as that. Keep out of his way and don't meddle with it's job. At her funeral, mom told me to never forget her voice. A voice is one of the strongest memories you can have of one person, she told me. I told myself and her that I will never forget her voice…

"Things began to get worse after her death. One night, my mother told my father he was a cold-blooded, heartless being of war. But father merely stayed silent and said mourn is one of the greatest weakness one can have upon yourself. She was furious and left for a cruise to think it over, but she never came back. It wasn't until I found out that she was killed in a car accident the next morning. I was shocked to know of another death of my family, but as dad said, death comes and goes, simple as that. Keep out of his way and don't meddle with it's job. Dad was hiding his sadness inside, but now that I was the only one left, he valued my existence as much as he did his own.

"He told me he didn't want to lose another one. He doesn't want to lose me. He vowed to protect me 'til death. I was glad to know he wouldn't let me get hurt, but he restricted my freedom of the outside world. I was home-schooled and I wasn't allowed to leave. And if he had to go somewhere, he'd take me with him, even to the army base. However, just when I was getting used to his treatment, things took an entirely different direction…

"Sightings of monsters who call themselves Darkstalkers became noticed quickly. Father gathered information and believed that the car accident mom died in was caused by a Darkstalker. He foretold that if I were to grow up naturally in the world of danger, I had to learn to protect myself. He organized training for me, really special training, at his army base. He said I would learn how to fight, run, evade, and hunt. I thought it would be for my own good, so I agreed with him, of course. That was the first time I ever held a gun…


He placed a weapon in her eager hands as she opened her eyes to reveal a confused face.

"Daddy, what is this?" she asked.

"That is a gun young Bonnie."

"A gun!" she yelled in fright but still held the weapon, "Daddy, mommy said guns are bad."

"Mommy isn't here, is she?"

"Well, no. But, if you mean well, why am I holding a gun?"

"I'm going to teach you how to shoot a gun Bonnie. I'll teach you various things: kill anything in a second, throw a hunting knife, load and reload a gun quickly, throw a grenade and other various things."

This was all too fast. She was being forced to use a weapon of death in the matter of protection. What she held in her hands was a weapon of death. A tool used to destroy dreams, break hearts, cause fatality and threaten with all means of seriousness. Was this the kind of power she needed?

"But daddy," she asked, "why? Why must I learn all this stuff?"

"I won't be around to protect you all the time young Bonnie. You'll face the outside world soon and my hand will not be holding yours then. A terrible world lies out there, and this training is needed if you want to live."

"But…but I don't want to…"

"Do you want your mom and grandma to know that you died because you failed to protect yourself? They are proud of everything you do and if living a happy life will make them happy, you need to know how to stay alive."

"I…mom…grandma…" her eyes began to stutter as she imagined the look on their spiritual faces…

"Are you ready to taste the outside world?"

"…I am…ready."

End flashback

"Since then, I had trained my body to match the needs of mastering weapons. I learned to aim perfectly, I learned how to kill in an instant, I learned how to throw a hunting knife; I learned everything he wanted me to. When he saw my skills had been sharpened to perfection, he decided to test my newly acquired skills. I was sent…to hunt a Darkstalker.

"I knew how Darkstalkers were, so I wore a deceiving outfit, the one you see me wearing right now. As I neared a forest, I skipped and sang happily on the outside while I stayed alert and cautious on the inside. A Darkstalker tried to attack me seeing how vulnerable I was, but I knew better, a lot better.


It jumped from the tree branch with it's mouth wide open, ready to sink it's teeth into her flesh. She turned around to face the cretin with eyes of a devilish child. The cretin was surprised at the split personality that he did not see the 'innocent' child move out of the way. She brought out her gun and began to fire at the beast. Despite his shock and confusion, he still leapt out of the way and back into the trees. B.B. hood put the weapon back into her basket and brought out a hunting knife. She held the blade's sharp edge as she began to focus on the whereabouts of the monster. The cretin didn't know of what she was doing and made a deadly move in moving from one branch to another. As quick as lightning, she flung the blade into the cretin. The blade went through the ribs, through the insides, and in between it's spinal cord, killing it. It screamed in horror as it fell the limbs of the tree and to the ground with a heavy thud. The sound of rustling filled the area, as if other monsters were watching. The noise had dissipated, meaning the audience fled. The child smirked as she walked over to the body, removed the blade and carried the corpse over her shoulder.


"Bonnie, you're back alre-"

He stopped in mid-sentence seeing the body of a monster on the floor of his secret base. Other workers of the base spotted and gazed at the decaying corpse on the floor.

"There you go, one Darkstalker dad," she said.

"My, Bonnie, this is rather impressive. You actually got one, and without a scratch on you. I knew one day I would say this, but I'm proud of you Bonnie."

"Please dad, call me Baby Bonnie Hood, like grandma used to call me," she said.

"Fine, B.B. hood, I'm proud of you."

"So, now that I have a Darkstalker here, what now?"

"Go to bed now. Tomorrow, you'll be leaving to the real world."

"What? But why?"

"Listen Bon- I mean, B.B. hood, I have very important work to do here and it's time you face the world for real. Get your things ready."

"Okay dad, I'll be going to sleep now," she said with a tone of disappointment.

He looked very worried about his child, but he knew she would survive, he had faith in her.

"Someone get this mess off the floor!" he said noticing the bleeding corpse on the floor.

End flashback

"That night however, was one of the scariest nights I ever had. That night, I began to hear voices, telling me to keep going and get away. Do not disappoint them and never look back….


"…stop…" she whispered in her sleep.

The sounds of undead voices filled her nighttime room. She struggled and fussed in her sleep as she moved to keep the voices away. She looked like she was in a horrible nightmare. She shot up and yelled, waking up from the terror, followed by panting and fear.

"B.B. hood? Are you okay?" her father said in worry as he entered her room.

"Dad, I had a nightmare," she whined, "voices from nowhere kept talking to me. I saw faces, unholy faces. I thought it wouldn't stop…"

"B.B. hood…it's obvious that staying here will not benefit you're mentality. I believe the only way to keep these nightmares away," he said as he sat down next to her, "is to move on to the real world."

"What makes you say that?"

"What did these voices tell you?"

"They said…no regrets, no second chances. Move to higher plane and never look back…"

"…Go back to sleep B.B. hood. Tomorrow, you're leaving bright and early. Once you do, these nightmares will stop."

"Dad…are you sure?"

"Positive. Now go back to sleep."


End flashback

"What I didn't tell him was that I always had these nightmares, ever since grandma's death. But that nightmare was the loudest and merciless among them all. But dad was right. As soon as I left the nightmares had stopped. I vowed never to go back so the voices wouldn't haunt me anymore…"

"So that's what you were fumbling about back at Felicia's concert," Asuka said.

"Yeah. That was it alright."

"But that still doesn't explain why you hunt Darkstalkers for bounty," B. Murder pointed out.

"Well, there's a story for that as well. People wanted Darkstalkers gone for good and would pay good money for it. I decided to hunt monsters if I was getting paid for it. Turns out people would pay a heaping amount of money just for giving them a chance to live longer. Of course, I would turn down an offer if I wasn't getting paid. The money helped me survive, but what were the side effects of hunting?


"Here they come!" a man yelled.

The forest was filled with monsters, monsters ready to hunt an entire town for flesh. The watchtower rang the bell signaling that a terrible fate would befall on them. The people frantically ran through the streets in search of shelter, even though they will be found. However, a little girl with a red hood was walking in the direction of the forest riddled with monsters. A few people kept running while many questioned her actions. Once she was right in front of the town entrance, she waited for the monsters to come.

"What are you doing?" "Get out of there!" "You're gonna be killed!" various voices yelled to her.

She ignored these voices like she always did, and waited for her job to come in play.

Monsters began to stampede out of the forest and to the town, ready to feed. They spotted the girl first and decided she would be the first feed. Suddenly, she got a gun from the basket she was holding and began to fire. Her eyes detailed no strain, no weakness, just pure business. She fired a bullet skillfully into each and every weak point of the monsters. Heart, brain, blood vessel, whatever it was, they were killed instantly. She did not flinch or move from her spot as she fired. Pretty soon, they were all dead. Not a single beast had even gotten close to her. The townsfolk stared with shock as she simply put the weapon away and turned to face them. She knew they would no longer accept her, but business was business.

She was now at the mayor's house bartering the bounty of the monsters she had recently 'deleted'.

"Listen, the last time I checked the bounty for those monsters were $ 2,000," B.B. hood stated, "I rid this pathetic town of those nightmares so I better get my pay."

"Look little girl, we can't just give you the bounty. You're a young girl, we can't spoil our town name by paying someone like you for saving us."

"So? I'm pretty sure your town's name can handle the humiliation of being saved by a girl. Now fork over the cash!"

"Only if you leave this town."

"Fine, I will."

End flashback

"On my way out of the town, the people looked at me like I was different, way different. I told myself I shouldn't care, but another feeling inside me told me I should. I would never be accepted by them anymore, and I didn't want that. So I hid my work as much as I could, but only in life-threatening situations would I pull out a gun in front of many people. Either that or a Darkstalker in disguise is present…

"Before I end, let me explain why I love money a lot…"

"I wanted to be free from everything, free from society, free from danger, free from human contact. With all the money I collect, I will have enough to buy a private home in the mountains or in the city, with millions of highly trained security guards protecting me from anything that tries to hurt me. I fear death, yet I can see it happen and walk away like it was nothing. I'm afraid that because of this, no one will treat me for who I am on the inside, only by what they see on the outside…a monster."

The two angels sat silently as the young bounty hunter closed her eyes, successfully holding back the tears. Black Murder opened his eyes to see the new B.B. hood, the one he understands now. The one he knew was tainted. Asuka opened her eyes to see the poor girl, covered by a dark mask that everyone saw. The poor girl riddled with death and loss. The silence was straining, and Black Murder broke the cold silence by speaking out.

"Well, thanks for telling us of your past. I'm sorry if we pushed you too hard…"

"No, it's okay. It feels somehow right for me to tell you guys everything, everything I wanted to tell someone."

"Now that we've got that covered up, why don't we get some sleep?" Asuka suggested.

They all agreed and prepared for a night in the desert. The fire was put out and B.B. hood had some blankets ready for outdoor sleeping. Unfortunately, she only carried three. So the three had to sleep under one individual, SEPARATE (A/N: cough, just trying to be casual) blanket. Like a little girl, B.B. hood slept fondly and quickly. Asuka was near sleep when she heard Black Murder whispering to her.

"Asuka, you're still awake?" he asked.

She turned around to see he was wide awake.

"Yeah, I'm awake. What is it?"

"I've been thinking about something…"

"About what?"

"Why did Bonnie tell us about her past?"

"Well, you were holding her by the collar in midair…"

"No, I mean, why do you think she was comfortable about telling us about her past?"

"Well, we are her friends…"

"Exactly. Think about it. Only someone as inward as B.B. hood would tell something so personal to the only people she trusts. She feels that if we know of her past, we'll understand her better. That's what she wants: to have friends who understands her. She's never had friends in all her life and this is her first time having any. She already trusts us with her past which means she really values anyone who is close to her."

"So, you're saying the only reason she told us her past is because we're her only friends and she trusts us?"

"Yes. She values friendship more than her life. And she fears death because she hasn't had a chance to make friends. Now that she has friends, she doesn't fear death. This means she's willing to sacrifice her life for her friends knowing how proud she was of them."

"So, she trusts us with her life?"

"Actually, I think her life trusts us. We are a salvation to her. Without us, she would continue to wander in the darkness of her past."

Asuka carefully took in all she heard. She now understood B.B. hood even better thanks to B. Murder.

"C'mon, let's go to sleep," B. Murder said, now having his thoughts cleared.

Asuka turned around to resume her sleeping position. B.B. hood loosely tensed up as she slowly took a deep breathe. She closed her eyes in relief as she went to sleep for real.

"Thank you guys… you two are true friends…" she whispered.

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