"You must be me. Nice to meet you."

Naminé smiled solemnly at the captive. She knew exactly who the girl was. She was the girl's Nobody. Naminé knew if she said that around Axel, he'd scoff and mumble, 'Even Nobodies are somebodies.'

The girl looked a little bit like her. Wide eyes, though a different colour. Limp, un-evenly cut hair, though it was shorter. They had the same body-type, and the same blank stare. If she would wake up, Naminé knew that the girl would probably laugh like she did.

Not-Ansem had dropped her off at the Castle, telling her to keep the girl until it was time. Whatever that time was. Naminé never seemed to have enough time. Her smile faded, upon staring at the girl. She hadn't woken up. That was peculiar.

"Won't you wake up?" mumbled the blonde, placing her beloved sketchbook onto the floor and crawling over to the sleeping girl. "I'm awfully lonely. It'd be a nice change to speak to someone other than silly Axel." Naminé knelt before the auburn-haired girl, blinking at her.

Naminé poked the girl. She didn't even budge. Naminé put both of her hands on the girl's shoulders and gave her a shake. Upon pulling her hands away, the girl fell forward, balanced on Naminé's chest with her head over the blonde's shoulder. Naminéblushed.

"Are you okay…?" said the blonde, hesitating slightly. The girl just balanced, awkwardly, on Naminé. Slowly, the timid girl wrapped her frail arms around the other. The sleeping girl's hand gave a slight twitch.

It was nice to have a friend.

Even if that friend didn't know that you were there.