He was doing it again. Raoul's concentration on the piece before him wavered as he felt eyes burn once again into the back of his head. For days now the phantom had been watching him- looking away whenever Raoul started to notice. It was driving him insane. Unsure whether to confront him or simply pretend nothing was wrong, Raoul began to avoid the opera ghost. An extremely difficult feat when one only has so much room to run. To make things worse, the dark man was getting depressed. The very air grew heavier when he was around, and he frequented the cave less and less often. They had made no progress on the "Point of no Return," and Raoul had a sneaking suspicion the phantom didn't even have a plot for it. Finally, when the phantom came back to sulk for a short while, Raoul steeled himself for confrontation.

"What's the matter with you?"

The phantom looked up as Raoul made his way over, ruined boots making soft clicking sounds on the stone floor.

"It would be appreciated, my dear viscount, if you could elaborate."

"You've been sulking for days! You hardly ever talk to me, and when you do it's to lecture."

"I wasn't aware that I had to entertain you deChagny. Need I remind you, you are in my home and may leave any time you wish."

Raoul stopped his pacing, debating whether to apologize or storm out just to spite him. It was true- he was living off the courtesy of the phantom. In his weakened state he would not last three days on the streets of Paris, but he was well enough to walk away.

"That is beside the point."

The phantom gave him a pointed look. "Oh?"

"Well... I cannot leave a man so volatile alone in a state like this. People will blame me if someone gets hurt."

"Oh really?"

No. Raoul's logic betrayed him. No one knew he was here, and he was already in danger. The fact remained- he was afraid to leave.

"Just tell me what's wrong!"

"It's none of your damn business deChagny!"

"Yes it is!"

"No, it. Is. Not."

"Yes it is!"

"I refuse to stoop to your level and fight like a child. If I do not wish to tell you, then it would be in your best interest to leave well enough alone."

"So you admit you're depressed then."

"You are terribly infuriating. However did you manage to survive in polite society?"

"Charm and good looks. Now you have to answer my question."

"Do shut up."




The phantom gave him a glare to rival all those previous.

"You really want to know."

It was not a question, but Raoul answered anyway.

"Yes." The exasperated tone did nothing to help his cause.

The phantom stood, cloak waving slightly before settling back around his shoulders. It was then that Raoul realized just how much taller the ghost was.

"You will regret asking me."

"No I won't. You may hate it, but you're stuck with me. Consider it a step towards repaying my debt."

The phantom took a step closer, eyes clouding with an unidentifiable emotion. Raoul waited, but silence was his only response.

"Just tell me!"

The phantom's eyes narrowed and in one swift motion he had pinned Raoul up against the wall.

"What are you-"

He was soon cut off by the phantom's lips. It was only a few seconds before he started to respond. Silky lips met chapped in a demanding and awkward kiss. Hands traveled across his chest, causing Raoul to emit a quite embarrassing moan. Grateful for the solid wall behind him, he sunk into the kiss. He only managed one coherent thought before his mind shut down completely.

So that's what it was.


Oh shit. Erik had just kissed the object of his desire, giving no thought to the consequences sure to follow. But, surprisingly, Raoul had kissed back. Erik decided that it was due to lack of... stimulation in this prison. Raoul was alone and unable to partake in the pleasures enjoyed by many of the attractive rich men in the city. It was only natural that he respond to the contact he had so long been deprived of. After all, what else could it be? He pulled away quickly, running a hand through his hair in a rarely displayed act of nervousness. Walking away as fast as dignity would allow, he missed the far from innocent look Raoul directed at his person. He left the underground sanctuary with only one thing in mind.

I believe I've discovered what the point of no return is.

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