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One Shot #1: Slipping

Robin walked into the TV room. It was about 9 o'clock in the morning and Starfire seemed to be the only one in the room. She was reading what looked like one of those teen girl magazines with a puzzled look on her face.

She looked up from her magazine to give Robin one of her cheery smiles.

"Good morning friend Robin!" she said with her usual 'morning person' attitude.

"Hi Star," he said before pouring himself some orange juice from the fridge.

Star turned around so she was facing him, still sitting on the couch, "I trust your slumber was most rejuvenating."

Robin smiled. She was from an alien civilization, and unfamiliar to the earth language, but she still had a better vocabulary than all of the titans…except maybe Raven, "Yeah it was good."

"Most glorious," she said.

He smiled and took a seat on the couch next to her, orange juice still on hand.

She began to become quite interested in staring at her shoes.

Robin, noticing this, let a concerned look sweep across his features, "Star, what's the matter?"

She put on a bright smile but clearly forced, "Nothing friend…"

He put a hand on her shoulder, "Star, if you have a problem…you can always come to me. You know that right?"

She nodded, "Yes, of course Robin."

"Good," he went back to drinking his juice.

"Robin…" she said quietly.

"Yes Star?"

"You are very familiar with Earth terms, yes?"

Robin smiled, "Uh yeah, considering I've lived here…for all my life."

Star gave a small smile but continued on in a small voice, "Then you would help me…decipher an earthly word I have come upon?"

Robin nodded, "Yeah, sure Star. What's the word?"

"Robin what is a 'smooch'?"


Star tilted her head, "You said you were most familiar with earth terms."

"Uh yeah it's just…uh err. A smooch is when two people who like each other very much…um press their lips together in a sign of…um 'a very good friendship'."

"Oh!" said Star, "So then you would smooch me one day?"

Robin's brain ceased functioning, "Uh…"

Star cocked her head in a confused motion, "Are we not good friends? Do we not have the 'very good friendship' that is to be required?"

"Well yes but…"

Star frowned, "Will you one day 'smooch' me?"

He took her hands, "I promise."

She smiled and wrapped her arms around him a in a bone breaking hug, "That would be most wonderful!"

He smiled and looked dazed.

"Robin I am enjoying the defining of earthly words!"

Robin looked at her and blushed crimson, "Uh yeah…it's uh…cool."

"Wondrous! Friend Robin there was one other word I could not decipher."

Robin smiled; he liked this game, "What was the word?"

"A girl in the magazine mentioned a most odd term… She called it 'slipping the tongue'."

Robin's eyes widened, or err his mask widened I guess, "Star! What kind of article are you reading?"

"Robin you are doing the avoiding of the question."

Robin's eye twitched. Inside his head his emotions were screaming, 'Pull back! Pull back! MAYDAY MAYDAY!'

"Um it's…" stuttered Robin, 'gotta lie, gotta lie, gotta lie…'

"It's uh this:" said Robin touching his tongue to his nose. 'Crisis avoided.'

"Oh…" said Star nodding, "Thank you for explaining. You are most talented in slipping the tongue…" the door swished open but the two didn't seem to notice, "…would you show me how to slip the tongue?"

"SHOW YOU HOW TO WHAT!" shouted Beast Boy who had walked in with Raven on the conversation.

"Uh no Beast Boy…" started Robin.

"Dude! Star is sweet and innocent and corrupting her mind with stuff like this is just…wrong!"

Star looked at him confused, "But friend Beast Boy I thought that this was slipping the tongue?" she said trying to touch her tongue to her nose.

"Uh…" said Beast Boy glancing at Robin who was busy giving him a That's-What-I-Was-Trying-To-Tell-You-Moron look. Beast Boy nervously scratched the back of his head, "Uh yeah, that's right Star. Where was my mind?" he said laughing nervously.

"In the gutter, where it usually is," said Raven monotonously as she floated to the other side of the couch.

"HEY!" shouted Beast boy appalled jogging after her.

"Oh dear, friend Beast Boy has lost his mind in the gutter?" asked Star concerned.

"No it's okay Star. He never had a mind," said Robin.

"What is this pick on Beast Boy day?" asked Beast Boy pouting, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Again?" asked Raven glancing away from her book to look at him, "I haven't even had time to prepare."

"Oh ha-ha Rae, very funny. You're SO clever," he said shooting her a dirty look.

"It's a gift."

Beast Boy was about to retort when Cyborg came through the door way, "Morning ya'll."

"Good morning friend Cyborg," said Star, "Have you seen Beast Boy's mind?"

"Beast Boy never had-…" began Cyborg.

"Hey!" shouted Robin, "I already used that one."

"Dang," said Cy snapping his fingers.

Beast Boy glared at his mechanical friend.

"Friend Raven said he lost it in the gutter," said Star.

"Well that's not good I haven't cleaned out the gutters in a long time," joked Cyborg.

"OH NO! Friend Beast Boy shall be most sad that his mind is lost in the gutter."

"Actually Star," began Robin, "I think he likes it that way."

"Heck yes I do," said Beast Boy sitting down next to Raven wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Raven merely glared and shifted so he wasn't in her line of vision.

"So Robin, will you please help me slip the tongue?" asked Star turning back to Robin.

"Wait-whoa-what?" sputtered Cy his human eye wide.

Robin groaned, 'Here we go again'.

Cy gave him the concerned older brother look, "Listen Rob, Star's like my sister, and when someone messes with my sister it tends to," he cracked his metal fingers, "tick me off a little. So I think you two kids are a little young to be messing around in a 'sport' like that."

"Ooh Robin you never told me it was a sport!" said Star.

"Actually Star I just meant-…" started Cy before Star interrupted him.

"What kind of sport is it Robin?" she asked.

"Uh…it's a competitive sport Star," said Robin nervously.

"Yeah," said Beast Boy slinging his arm around Raven's shoulders, "full contact."

Raven shot him a death glare but he didn't seem to notice.

"Oh Robin!" said Star clapping her hands together, "We must compete."

Cy just sat there…dumbstruck.

"Sure," said Beast Boy, "Rae's on my team."

Raven shrugged his hand off her shoulders and thwacked him over the head with her book, unfortunately for him the book in question had been 'War and Peace'.

Beast Boy held his head and groaned trying to make all the evil laughing Ravens that were flying around his head in circles disappear.

"Um ok Star we can…I guess," stuttered Robin, "If you really want to…"

Cy gaped at his friends as his jaw dropped at what he thought his friends were going to do, and walked out of the room.

"Great," said Raven, "I think you've scarred Cyborg for life."

"Ok so first one touch their nose wins?" asked Robin.

"Sure dude."


"This is so odd," groaned Raven.

"C'mon Rae," said a certain green shape shifter, "It'll be fun." he grinned at her and sat down across from her on the coffee table so they were facing each other.

Raven groaned in defeat, how she hated that grin, "Fine."

"Ok first team that has at least one person who touches there nose wins," said Robin smiling at Star.

Star nodded smiling.

"Ready, set, go!"

They all tired t touch their tongue to their noses but Robin beat them all.

Star smiled and clapped throwing her arms around Robin, "Robin! You have done it!"

"Yeah," said Beast Boy smirking at the hug, "and I think Robin likes his prize."

The two broke away blushing, and walked away mumbling something about getting a drink.

That just left Beast Boy and Raven in the TV room…

"Can't believe we lost," said Beast Boy smirking.

Raven rolled her eyes in a bored manner and stared up at the ceiling.

"Guess we should keep practicing then," said Beast Boy leaning towards her on the coffee table.

Raven shifted her gaze to glare at him again only to notice how close he was, her eyes widened and she wished to Azar she had the ability to move to put her hood up. But she couldn't, she felt as if she had gone numb.

He moved in and placed his lips on hers. Raven allowed her eyes to close, but then a few seconds later the opened in surprise.

Beast Boy pulled away gently with a smirk playing across his green features.

"Beast Boy.." she began very red in the face, with her heart beating like a sledgehammer, "did you just…slip me the tongue?" she said stuttering embarrassed.

"No Rae," he said smiling, "This is slipping the tongue."

He put his tongue to his nose.

"That," he said, "was something completely different."


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