Summary: What happens when Elliot notices something and the gang does too but Olivia is trapped in her 9 year old mind and won't let anyone near her only Casey, but someone comes back to the 1-6 can anyone guess?

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A/N: Also Alex is back in this one and Case and her work together, Olivia and Alex and Casey are best friends. ok there might be some things in here I made up so don't think Olivia ever said it. So here it goes I hope you like it!

Olivia sat on her couch. It was raining today as she noticed. The sky was dark and it was foggy outside. She had today off mostly because Cargen saw the stress she had on her. She sat there today thinking of everything. Richard White stalking her. Her mother dieing drunk. Eric Plummer stalking and killing people she helped. Elliot's marriage falling apart because of her. She went back into her life. She didn't have a good one being abused and all. She remembered this one time when she started cutting and how good it felt. Right now all Olivia wanted to do was go into a deep sleep and never wake up. Without thinking she got up and walked into the kitchen. She got a knife that was on the counter next to an apple. She lifted her sleeve and took the knife and slid it across her skin and veins. She realized that she just cut herself and grabbed a cloth and wrapped it around the wrist hoping to stop the bleeding. She didn't want this to become a thing she did every night when she was little and stupid.

The next morning Olivia walked into the 1-6 and sat at her desk. She slit her wrist and above her elbow 5 more times. She wore a long sleeved shirt and jeans. She didn't say hi to anyone, which was odd because she would always say hi to someone. She looked pale and didn't look like she get much sleep at all last night either. Elliot, Munch and Fin looked at each other. Olivia looked like she didn't have a soul today. The three of them just went back to work.

Around 12 Casey and Alex came in talking an laughing.

"Hey girls" Fin said.

"Hi fin, Elliot, John. Hello Olivia are you ready" Alex said.

It was either Olivia didn't hear them or she was mad because she didn't lift her head. They looked at Elliot Fin and John they just shrugged. Casey bent down to Olivia's chair height.

"OLIVIA!" She screamed into Olivia's ear.

Olivia jumped at the sound.

"What the hell!" she screamed.

"The silent one talks!" Munch said.

"What I can't do my work?" she said.

"Uhh Olivia the three of us were going to lunch our usual everyday lunch. Are you ok?" Alex said in a concern voice. Olivia never for got a lunch day.

"Oh yeah I uh I forgot." She looked around confused of where she was. "Uh how did I get here?" She asked them.

"You came into work Olivia. You don't remember?" Eliot asked concerned of his friend. She was acting strange.

"Oh yeah. Uh sorry I have a lot to finish up here. Can we do lunch tomorrow instead?"

"Yeah sure. You know where to find us. Usual place same time." Casey said as they walked out. Olivia returned to her paper work.

"Olivia are you ok?" Fin asked.

"Yeah why?"

"Nothing your quite and you look lifeless." John said.

"I'm just tired is all." She returned to her paperwork again. She could feel all three of there eyes on her, but she ignored them and continued to work.

Around 10pm she got up and left. Again she didn't say 'good-bye'. When she got home she went into the shower. Letting the hot water run over her body washing today's smell off of her. It was weird. She didn't hear Anyone today speaking to her. When they tried they either screamed or threw something at her. She stepped out of the shower and cut herself without even caring this time to stop the bleeding. She just sat their and watched the blood flow from her arm.

The bleeding stopped 5minutes later. She got up and dressed. She looked at the clook.3:45AM. She knew she wouldn't go to sleep. She had nightmares and an old nightmare crept up on her. The one thing that made her want to die. The one thing that made her start cutting.

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