An Old Memory


Last Time:


After I left the 1-6 I went to the park. I don't know what was with me and the park. It was quiet. I sat on the swings, which were right next to a big lake. I swung softly letting my feet smooth out of the sand. My eyes were filling with tears and I couldn't stop them anymore. I let them ride along me cheeks.

I didn't know what to do anymore….and the only thing keeping me from shooting myself in the head was my family at the 1-6….

Chapter 10

The next day Abby, Carter and Mark had gotten the day off. They sat in the squad room with the others. At eight o'clock on the dot Olivia walked in. she didn't notice them there.

"Bunny." Mark said. That caught Olivia's attention. She looked up. Tears were in her eyes threatening to fall.

"Ma-mark?" she asked. Unsure it was him.

"Yeah, it's me. You remember Abba (that was Olivia's nickname for Abby) and Carter." Mark said.

"What are you guys doing here?" she asked them.

"Your friends said you were cutting again." Carter said.

"I'm not…I have to go…I need some air…" Olivia said and turned around, but she bumped into Fin.

"Fin, let me pass." She said not looking into his eyes.

"NO, you're gonna sit here and talk to all of us." He said turning her around and making her down in her chair.

"Bunny what's going on?" Abby asked.

"Nothing! Just let me go! Please!" Olivia said, but Fin kept her seated.

Abby knelt down by her and took her hands in hers.

"Remember the last time you came in when you first started cutting?" Abby asked. Olivia nodded as the tears rode down her cheeks.

"Well do you remember how we found out that you were cutting?" She asked. Olivia nodded again.

"Bunny, you said you would stop. What happened?" Carter asked her.

The squad just watched them as they tried and talked to her.

"I don't know…I. one night I was just sitting at home and I thought about everything. It was just too much…I remembered how good I felt cutting and I just…I can't stop…" Olivia said crying into Abby's shoulder. Abby rubbing her back said, "It's ok."

"Olivia, the question is, will you stop?" Alex asked her.

"I don't know."

"No, bunny you will stop. Were all gonna help you here. All of us. I think everyone would like to see you again at the hospital." Mark said.

"Only if you help me…" Olivia said looking at all of them.

"Baby girl were all gonna help you. No matter what. Tell you what we're all sleeping over your house every night." Fin said to her.

"As long as you don't mess it up." Olivia said.

"Ok I'm hungry! Can we get something to eat? Please?" She asked the group.

"Yeah, let's go get some food." Abby said.

"Your always hungry." Carter said.

"Yes well being four months pregnant makes me hungry!" Abby said to him.

"You guys got together?" Mark asked.

"Opps…" Carter and Abby said.

"No, I just won 50 dollars form everyone in the hospital!" Mark said.

"You see I knew you guys would get together!" Olivia said.

"Huh?" Casey said.

"Oh, yes Olivia made up a song about our two love birds here." Mark said.

"What was it?" Elliot asked.

"Abba and Carter gotta get together. Six year later they are pregnant-." Olivia was saying, but Carter cut her off by poking her.

"Mean! Poke Abba!" Olivia said.

They all went off laughing….

A Couple of weeks later Olivia was getting better with the help of her family….

A/N yes very crappy ending! Sorry, but I want to get this voer with. Well I better go class is ending in like 5 bye!