Chapter Two: Sasuke

Someone tell me, what in the hell had happened just a few seconds ago? I had let my brother, the person I hated more than when Sakura and Naruto are being pests, come near me, touch me… Teach me. I had let him control me like I was a puppet on strings. His skilled hands guiding me to do whatever he had wanted. Shivers flew up my spine, ok, I was scaring myself now.

I turned towards the village and quickly retreated away from the area, leaving his weapons embedded in the trunk of the tree. Words and forgotten memories flooded back to me, those things that I didn't want to remember. I put a hand to his head, before stopping in front of the gate to the village. Why did Itachi bother teach me? He sure didn't give a half-shit when we were younger, all Itachi would do when I had asked him to help me with my Sharigan he'd tap my head…

"I'm busy right now, I'll teach you later."

But later never came, that is, until now. I clenched his fists to his sides and walked through the gates, rage filling my mind.

'What the hell made him change his mind?' Sasuke thought to himself, almost acting like a jealous child. 'Didn't care when we were younger…'

My footsteps became quicker, I needed to get home and do something to occupy my mind. Shower sounded wonderful. Took a few minutes until I had reached the porch of my small home. How I was able to get a house was beyond me. I always thought I'd live in a apartment after my clan had died.

I dug deep into my pocket, searching for my key. Now, where did I put that thing…

I felt the warm metal under my finger tips and I quickly grabbed it out of my pocket and slipped it into the key hole, fiddling with which way to turn the key. Finally unlocking the door I calmly turned the knob and walked in, shutting the door slowly behind me. I pressed my back up against the closed door, and locked the door. All I could see in my mind was blood, and my parents limp bodies, with Itachi standing over them.

I slowly slipped off my sandals and pushed myself up off the door, stumbling slightly towards the stairs that led upstairs. I hated how silent my house was, I hated at how lonely and cold it was…

…Maybe my house has made me what I am, cold mean, distant.

Once entering my bathroom, closing and locking the doors, I turned the knob for the hot water and walked away, letting it warm up. I quickly rid myself of my sweaty clothes and tossed them aside. Steam rose out of the shower, and I walked over, slightly turning the cold water on and stepping in.

The warm water quickly relaxed my muscles, and the stress and sweat of the day slowly washed away. I closed my dark eyes and my hard that was sticking up slightly was now straight and dripping wet with the warm water. The water rushed down my body, taking the filth of the day down the drain...

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Itachi's POV…

Steam rose from out of the open window, the room where Sasuke in which was taking his shower. I stood in a tree, looking at the steam. Made me wonder if I should go in a take a shower with him. I smirked.

Yeah, I had feelings for my little brother. Ever since I was still flicking him in the head and telling him he'll teach him later.

Yep, later, like I promised.


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