Stolen Virginity


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The Bet

"Sakura..." She can hear it. That voice. That very familiar voice. It was so sweet and comforting. The voice that understands her. The voice that soothes her.

"Wake up... honey!" Of course who else, her mom. Mrs. Haruno. Although that sweet and comforting voice then is annoying voice now.

"Mom, it's a holiday." She whined. She really needs to sleep or else those disgusting pimples would start popping out everytime she lacks sleep or get really stressed out on stuffs.

"Don't fool me young lady! now get up, you'll be late..." There goes the everyday routine. Her mom calls her name, then wake her up and she would look for a lame excuse and she gets scolding after. Wow.. her life's sure interesting.

She hates this. She's tired and sleepy and tired and sleepy. She didn't get enough sleep last night because of that damn pig. Damn you Ino! Aaaarrgh! If it weren't for that pig. She wouldn't be this tired and sleepy and tired and sleepy.

She had just wasted three hours listening to that pig's stupid daydream about her and Sasuke getting married. Having lots and lots of kids, who have dark spiky hair and blue eyes. I don't care.

But heck, what are friends for?

"Sakura!!" Mrs. Haruno called again, this time a little louder. Damnit. She assures herself that this day would be a bad day.

"I'm up! Geez... you didn't need to yell..." She muttered the last part. Of course, if she said that aloud she would end up grounded for talking back. Parents these days.. they are so bossy and her mother is a complete nagger. But she still loves her very much.

"Mom, what's this? baked macaroni?" She looked at the icky red thingy on her plate. Is this suppose to be macaroni? Hellah, it looks like mashed potato.

Her father died three years ago due to a plane crash. Of course, she was completely devastated. She was still thirteen. It was the start of her being a teenager and her dad wasn't there to see her experience puberty.

She was crying hard that time. She doesn't want to go to school and prefer staying in bed whole day. But past is past, she must move on. Or her life wouldn't reach anywhere if she continue to sulk and go rotten in bed.

"It's spaghetti, hon." She heard her mother corrected. So this is spaghetti. Wow.. new look.

It's large and sticky... and large and did she mentioned large? Well, she was hungry and so she ate the mashed potato she thought macaroni like spaghetti. Infairness, it tasted really good.

Her father was a great cook. She loves every single food he prepared. Three years ago, she started to stop eating, not that she doesn't liked her mother's cooking, but because whenever she eats.. she remembers her dad. She became really pale and weak.

"Mom! I'm leaving... bye!" She said fixing her hair and ran towards her mother to get her lunch. She looked at the picture on the altar and kissed it goodbye. Bye daddy.

She was her daddy's little angel. Her daddy really took good care of her and would not let anything or anyone hurt her. Her sickness had gone worse. But she decided to go back to school and eventually die there, not in the house because it would surely hurt her mother.

She was really desperate to see her daddy so soon that although she was so weak, she stayed long under the pouring rain. She was so ready to die that time.

But, a boy came near her holding an umbrella. And infront of all the students in Konoha high, he kissed her. She was shocked. The boy just gave her, his trademark smirk.

She still remembered. His hand was holding her waist tightly and the other caressing her cheek. She never felt so secure and safe. The umbrella had flown into the ground leaving the two of them wet. Hearing the loud cheer from the guys and the high-pitched shriek from the girls, she was brought back to reality and pushed him away.

"It was my first kiss! You'll pay for this!"

"You're too weak to fight me. So run along pinky." He walked away with a huge smirk on his lips.

After that day, she was admitted in the hospital for two weeks. She started to eat well and her strength was back. She was becoming healthy. Healthy enough to make that guy pay for stealing her first kiss.

Although, she was thankful that the incident happen. Because it gave her, her second taste of life.

"Be careful. Don't go home too late. Don't be too active, it would strain yourself and--"

"And don't talk to strangers. I know mom... bye!" She kissed her goodbye and took a peek on her lunch. She smiled.. it was her mom's cooking alright.

"Spaghetti?" She asked, it was long slender saucy like spaghetti.

"It's baked macaroni.." Her mom corrected again and fixed her bangs, brushing it away from her eyes. Everytime she does this to Sakura she always says..

"Don't cover your eyes. They're beautiful just like your father's."

"..." She just smiled and waved her goodbye.

"Remember, 7 pm. Your Uncle will be arriving." She didn't reply back. A year ago, her mother met someone.. who resembles her daddy. Tall, handsome and has beautiful green eyes.

Of course, her mother was deeply in love with this guy and happily married him. Who would blame her? Even she, herself, was happy to meet this guy. His face brings back beautiful memories.

All of you would really think, that's good.. wow, it would be really nice, a new family. Everything went pretty well, except for the fact that this guy already had a daughter from his previous marriage.

Sakura was excited to hear that she would be having a sister. Being an only child, she too desired to have a sister. But heck, her sister.. was a total SPOILED BRATTY SLUT.

She was taller than Sakura by two inches, she was thin and petite. She has long blonde hair and her eyes were also green just like her.

Sakura wasn't CINDERELLA. She wasn't being molested and beaten by her sister. Infact, her new daddy loves her more than his biological daughter. Maybe, that's why Jonquille Mori was dead jealous of her.

Her name Jonquille is the French word for daffodils. Wow, it's a yellow flower. But whatever her name was, Sakura preferred to call her Mori. Mori might have a CLASSY name but she definitely have a CHEAP personality.

Sakura and Mori were of the same age, but they fought a lot, that's why.. her daddy, sent Mori to boarding school in Hongkong. And it was really an advantage to Sakura. No more SPOILED BRATTY SLUT.

She hurried up to the bus station. "Oh please.. let me make it" She chanted. I don't want to be late! Few weeks to go and HELLO SUMMER VACATION, HELLO FREEDOM.

"Thank you!! just in time!!" God is good.. all the time! all the time.. God is good!

She made just in time, it was pretty tiring for a girl with no sleep.. and with dark circles under her eyes. It was also stressful remembering her past, his father, her SPOILED BRATTY SLUT sister and the guy who gave her, her second life. But she wasn't really fond of that guy. LIAR.

She decided to atleast take a short nap before the train arrive. But heck, a bunch of squeeling and shouting, noisy girls with very very very short skirts disturbed her. Why are they shouting damnit?

Maybe President Bush had a short visit in this bus. Short visit my ass. Maybe.. it was Muhammad Ali or the all so charming Brad Pit. But she didn't saw anyone.. that famous. Stupid girls going crazy over nothing.

But well.. being a very curious CUTE girl, she went near the source of the insanity.

To my surprise, aah okay.. I wasn't really surprise. I saw the great.. the handsome, the youngest billionare, the drop dead gorgeous, the bastard, the jerk, the moron who took my first kiss..

Uchiha Sasuke

"Stupid girls." He muttered grimly. Well, if it weren't for his brother catching him.. gawking er- looking at a certain girl at the mall. He wouldn't be here.. sweating inside a train being ravage by lunatic girls.

It was like this..

"Why are we here again?" He asked the freaking tall guy that resembles him.. his brother. Uchiha Itachi. Oh, how he hates his brother. He had made his sixteen years a living hell.

"I'm finding you a girlfriend." He answered smirking, running his slender fingers on his soft and smooth dark hair. "Besides, it's about time your testosterone comes to play.." He chuckled evilly and Sasuke doesn't like it when he chuckled.

"In a shopping mall? What the hell. Besides, older brother.. I don't need to find a girlfriend.. girls voluntarily come to me." He muttered cockily, bringing his two arms at the back of his head.

"Whatever little brother." They really emphasized who's older or whatsoever. But the only thing in Sasuke's mind is that.. This sucks. He doesn't like malls.. they gives him the creep.

"Itachi-kun!" Sasuke heard a lady with long elegant reddish brown hair waving at Itachi. Heck, he brought him here so he can find some excuse to go to the mall to meet a girl.

Sasuke glared at him. Comprehending, he smirked and said "I'll be gone for a few minutes only."

He was completely bored. They owned most of the malls in Japan. So, coming in a small, not even one fourth the size of their smallest mall, was totally boring.

Nothing to do, he sat on the bench and observed the people walking.. and glaring to all the girls who squeel his name. Boredom was eating him alive.. when he got a glimpse on Haruno. Haruno Sakura.

It's a miracle to find her here... alone. She always have someone with her whenever she stroll. It's weird too that she wore long sleeves. She doesn't like wearing does.

You knew so much about her... It was his inner self. Her skirt is a little too short than usual.

That's bad... you don't want other boys look at her? You want her all by yourself? he ignored himself. What a perverted inner self. He is not like that. Yeah right..

"That doesn't mean I care about her or something.." he answered his inner self and before that other side of him argue, he hastily stood up and walked towards Haruno. Nothing to do.. so he decided to mess things up.

But before he could do that.. his great and almighty brother was already infront of him.. grinning like a sadist idiot.

"You had a good fuck?" Sasuke hissed getting really annoyed at the way his brother was grinning at him.

"My little foolish brother found a girlfriend!" he murmured to him excitedly.

And so that's why he end up riding a train BECAUSE his PSYCHOTIC bro told his ALL SO CHEERFUL mom that he's going to fetch HIS GIRLFRIEND with PINK HAIR in the train station.

"Damn brother."

"Uchiha Sasuke... no!!" she cursed loudly, trying her best not be noticed. He gives hell to her everyday, everyday means 24/7! Either he would steal her lunch or ruin her beautiful hair that she spent hours to comb. He even stole her first kiss! Infront of everyone, infront of Konoha High..!

After that day she received death treats from his fans club. It was like.. Haruno, we will eat you alive, chop you merciless, nailcutter you bit by bit! Aaaargh!

"Please, make me invisible. Evaporate me!" She prayed taking refuge from the back of an old woman.

"Eh? Young lady, the train is spacious, go seat there.." The old woman smiled admiringly at the pretty but small girl with long pink hair.

With that everyone look at her. Including.. HIM.

She sighed, walking along the corridors receiving daggers from Uchiha's fangirls is the least thing she wanted this day. Oh please let me rest in peace.

She arrived together.. TOGETHER.. together.. with the jerk. And because of this Uchiha's fangirls have the very reason to skin her alive.

"..." She sighed deeply as she opened her locker. Letters were flying everywhere, love letters and death treats. I'm pretty popular. She thought sarcastically.

"Good morning, Sakura-chan" Sakura smiled at the shy white eyed girl. Hinata.

"Morning!" She replied gleefully as Tenten and Ino went near them.

Tenten, Hinata and Ino are her best friends.

Tenten's kind of boyish sometimes and Hinata's very shy and Ino's kinda insane and lunatic especially on the Uchiha-guy but the four of them went pretty well with each other.

"Having a bad hair day? Saku-chan?" Tenten teased. Saku-chan.

"Don't call me that." She answered laughing, you don't know the whole of it.

Every single student in the corridor stopped talking, when the power rangers dinothunder came. Heck. That were they are. The teenage mutant ninja turtle, the shohoku team.. hellah. The all famous group, Uchiha's group: Black Wolf Pack. Uchiha got the name from his cousin Xiaolang. But whatever the name, she doesn't care.

They think they're so high they can't be reach. So what if they're sons of the richest billionares in Japan and has tons of money and money and money... er--- money.

The group is compose of Uchiha Sasuke (with an ego five times the Uchiha wealth), Uzumaki Naruto (her best friend back in elementary; still her friend now), Hyuuga Neji (Hinata's paranoid cousin), Nara Shikamaru (Ino's neighbor since she was three) and Sabuku no Gaara (Someone really scary) and yah... Rock Lee (Super thick eyebrow that was head over heels inlove with Sakura).

BLACK WOLF PACK aka THE BRATZ. Spoiled BRATTY rich drop dead gorgeous billionares. Oh how she hate them. ESPECIALLY.. especially.. especially.. Uchiha.

"Neh? Teme, you're going out with Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked feeling a little jealous. He had a crush on Sakura since they were young.

"No." He said plainly. Nothing's going on between the two of them. It was just plain coincidence that he saw her on the train. Yeah, that's right.. CO-IN-CI-DENCE.

"..." Sasuke heard him sighed deeply. It was a mixed of relief and disappointment. He knew that Naruto had this silly crush on Haruno. But why was he disappointed when he said he wasn't going out with her?

"I never thought I would ever say this.. but maybe you're really gay, teme."

"What the fuck. I'm not gay moron." He said loudly trying not to lose his calm personality. What the fuck is wrong with this dobe.?

"But you didn't get a damn on girls when infact they're kissing the ground you walk." Naruto scratched his bright blonde hair.

Sasuke became silent. He's not gay. He's one full hot alpha blooded male. He just find them annoying that's all. He was just waiting for the right girl, who would RESIST him and can see through him.

"Okay!! Prove to me that you're not gay! Uchiha Sasuke, I dare you... devirginize Haruno Sakura in a month!"

"What!?" A girl squeeled behind a bush.

"What the fuck!?" She shouted, and covered her mouth immediately realizing what just happened. But she couldn't take it anymore, she stood up and yelled at the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

"How could you play with my innocence!?" She glared at them furiously. Naruto! You're so gonna die! They're treating me like some play toy!

"Haruno? Are you eavesdropping? How troublesome." Shikamaru asked placing his two arms at the back of his head and yawned sleepily.

"No.. I was er--" Actually yes I am. But it's not my fault! She was just dragged here by her PIG BEST FRIEND who is madly in love with UCHIHA. SHE said she's going to give him some FREAKING SPECIAL GIFT. They were just HIDING.. NOT EAVESDROPPINGand waiting.. NOT EAVESDROPPING..for the right time.

While she was stuttering the hell out, Sasuke stood up.. his bangs covering his dark eyes.

"Well.. I accept the dare." He brushed off his bangs, WHICH made him looked very HOT, and smirked at her.. challenging her to accept.

"If ever I lose, I would pay each of you with black mercedes benz and a yacht." He spoke STILL looking at her.

"No! You can't do that!" She shouted back. FUCK. Fuck. This was really a very bad day after all.

"Are chickening out? Pinky?" That. THAT HIT MY PRIDE. And what made it worse was the NICKNAME. The fucking nickname. No one dares to call me that.

I won't lose to you Sasuke. I won't.

"Fine, let's make a deal too.." She tried not to tremble. All the members of the teenage mutant ninja turtle dinothunder power ranger were looking at her intensely.

I am Haruno Sakura, I don't back down easily and definitely won't lose to you.

"Uchiha.. If you lose. You'll bow down before me. Be my slave forever!"

"And if you lose.." All of them answered simultaneously except for Naruto and Sasuke.

"You, Sakura-chan, would be an Uchiha property for the rest of your life." Naruto finished for them.

UCHIHA PROPERTY? PROPERTY? REST of my life?What the heck, She already put herself in this trouble.. so why not go on with it? Besides.. I won't lose my virginity over him. I swore.

"DEAL!" She exclaimed.

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