Stolen Virginity



Wet and Wet

Rated M

Day 3: 3 weeks and 4 days remaining.

"And the only thing that is lacking to make my genius plan a huge success is the two of them!" He stopped and thought deeply.

"Oi, where's teme and Sakura anyway?"


Shit. What had just happened? Sasuke asked himself. The room was pretty dark and cold. And doing something naughty to the little girl beside him in this very cold place is very appropriate.

Sasuke heard the little girl sighed. Her uneven breathing disturbed him. He doesn't know how long he can control himself. He's a boy afterall particularly a boy at the peak of his puberty.


Sakura sighed the thirteenth time. It was getting really late. The room was pretty dark and the only light was coming from the window seven feet above the ground.

That window is their only way out. But it was too small, even in her small frame... she would definitely have difficulties in fitting.

Her main problem was not really the window, but the guy beside her. She doesn't know when he would attack her in a way. He might be planning to devirginize her in this cold... dark and secluded place where only Sasuke could hear her screams when he decided to penetrate inside her.

Stop thinking! She scolded herself. Just by plain thoughts of her doing it WITH him... sends shivers throughout her spine. That guy was a good kisser. Damn.. he can be considered a pro.

Carefully, she tried to look at him. Even in the dark, she could still get a good view of his handsome face. She looked at his eyes which was shut close.

His eyelashes were long and dark. His nose was straight and beautiful and his lips... those damn luscious lips. How many girl had he kissed with those lips? She wanted to ask him that question. If she was his first? Of course, she wasn't. She thought grimly.

I'm not jealous! She said to herself. Who said you are? Her innerself chuckled and never spoke again.

"Staring is bad, little girl." She heard him chuckled teasingly.

"Who said I was staring?" She fought back and received another chuckling reply.

"My eyes already adjusted in the dark. I can perfectly see you now and I can perfectly see how you stared at me and how your skirt shows more than I should see."

"Damn you, I hope your eyes burn in hell." She blushed and pulled her skirt down. That annoying jerk, he was pretending that he didn't see me.

"Oh, thank you." Sasuke said sarcastically.

Silence enveloped the whole bathroom.

"So? What's your plan?" Sakura spoke, her voice echoed.

He looked at her blankly. She was asking him... his plan. Would she be happy if he told her that his plan was to hear her voice echo as she scream her name in this cold and damp place?

So innocently cute.

"I don't have any." He gave her a short and meaningless reply. His eyes roamed around. He thanked God that his eyes already adjusted in the dim light.

He looked at the girl beside him who was looking at a small window. He knew what she was planning.

"We can't fit in there." He concluded. The window was the same size as a shoe box. It would be pretty small especially for him who was six feet tall. Well, maybe the midget beside him could fit, but he even doubt that she would.

"I know but atleast we could try. Look full moon." She pointed at the huge bright moon.

"Well? So what now?" He asked as he gawked at her erected nipples. The cold wind must have made it react. Staring at her ample breast and those perky nipples made his manhood hard. Shit, there goes my erection.

"Uchiha, stand up."


"Don't ask just stand up. Help me get out of this place." She said as she stood on the cover of the toilet bowl. Her short skirt was pretty advantageous because she can easily move around. It's also has a pretty advantageous view for him.

She climbed up. To reach the window, she needs a higher place. So she stood on the shower faucet. Her two hands almost touching the window.

"I doubt the shower faucet could hold your weight." He said.

"Just shut up and hold me."

"Nice panties." He smirked. She looked down at him and glared intensely as if saying, "Continue to stare and I'll pull your freaking eyeballs out!".

He didn't mind her glare. Besides, what's the big deal. He had seen those things a thousand times and even saw ladies more naked than her.

"Stop staring and help me push."

"Hn." He stood near her and supported her. It was easy for him to reach her small waist because of height advantage. The petite girl was trying her hard to push the window.

"A little more." She said, a smile formed on her pretty face.

She was about to have her finale 'push the window' GRAND opening which is the only way out when the faucet broke because it could no longer hold Sakura's weight.

The freaking rusty faucet broke and water came out of it. Lots and lots of it.

Sakura and Sasuke was extremely wet. The water continued to flow out of the faucet. Sakura rested her back at the cold wall as Sasuke faced her, his hand supporting his body. The two was panting hard.

"Damnit, so cold." He brushed his hair hotly making Sakura blushed inwardly.

"Are you okay?" Sasuke asked as he opened his eyes only to see a very very wet Sakura pressed on the wall with his arms in each side of her body, locking her on the spot.

Her white uniform blouse was wet... very wet. The uniform blouse she was wearing was clinging on her body which showed her figure quite seductively. Her black bra was becoming more visible and Sasuke couldn't help but stare at her.

Her hair was dripping wet. Damn. The wetness was killing him, his testosterones were celebrating.

"Sasuke.." She moaned his name.

"Sasuke." She continued, not knowing that the sound of her voice makes Sasuke want to tear every single garment she's wearing.


And so he kissed her.


"Naruto, this is stupid and you are stupid." Shikamaru stated boredly, his hands were behind his head as he leans on the wall. The dobe was stupid. He repeat... stupid. Kitchen? What a stupid plan. Everything is so stupidly troublesome.

"Neh? Shika-KUN, this is the best plan ever planned!" He smiled brightly as he looked for the flashlight. His plan was going well, he never expected that the blackout would have a very good timing.

"Don't call me Shika-kun." Shikamaru said annoyed. Stupidly troublesome.

"I'm going home." Gaara said and motioned to leave... the second time around. Temari would definitely laugh at him for getting involve in this silly plan. He never expected that Uchiha would trust Naruto.

"I'm going with Gaara." Neji stated.

"Eh? You sure? Or are you going to look for Tenten?"

"Shut the fuck up, Naruto." Neji glared at him and continued walking. When did Tenten become part of their conversation anyway? That damn dobe would always brought her name in every conversation they have. Especially when he is so damn annoyed.

"Wait! Give me a chance! I'll prove to you all that my plan will be very successful. Besides, blackout... duh. It would be boring to go back to our homes. So let's just stay here and wait for him and her." Naruto assured to them. Though stupid, they still agreed even Gaara.

"Hn." Neji nodded.

"I'm hungry... let's look for food." Lee complained as he rubbed his tummy. My youthful face would sag if I will starve to death.!

"Neji, get some banana.! We're going to make banana split delight!" Naruto instructed.

"Are you telling me what to do?" Neji glared at him for the nth time that evening, he really doesn't want someone to boss him around... even Uchiha... especially Uchiha, and he wouldn't allow himself to be bossed around by the freaking blonde boy.

"Pretty please." Naruto said with puppy eyes.

He didn't reply but unwillingly submitted to Naruto's request. He, too, was hungry. He went near the table with a basket full of fruits. As he was about to snatch some bananas, his hand touched something which is not an object.

It was soft and definitely it weren't bananas.

"Hyuuga?" Tenten exclaimed as she took her hand away from his as if she was touching a pot full of boiling water. She can barely see his face, but thank god she didn't because the she was ACTUALLY blushing.

"So that's why it took you so long to get the bananas, you were flirting with Tenten." Naruto chuckled wildly with eyes maliciously looking at the two.

"I'll kill you if you don't shut your mouth."

"N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata spoke from behind. She was holding a flashlight.

"So everyone's here... I must say." Shikamaru said as he looked at Hinata and Tenten, of course with the exception of Ino.

"If everyone's here... then where do you think Sasuke and Sakura-chan are?" Naruto scratched his head.

"They must be making out." Shikamaru joked.

"Naaah." Everyone replied.

Sasuke with open mouth crushed his to hers. She was heavily breathing in and out. The pressure in front of her was driving her crazy.

"Sasuke.." Sakura moaned and tried to pry Sasuke off her. But her mind just couldn't control her body anymore which was definitely enjoying the contact. She was pushed on the cold wall as the water coming out from faucet continues to flow on them.

His mouth travelled from her jaws up to her luscious mouth. Sakura continued saying his name in a delightful way. Their kisses were wet. He can't even tell how long he was holding his breath. The only thing he knew is that she taste so good that he wanted to fuck her now.

"Aaah.. Sasuke."

"Say my name again." Sasuke snickered evilly as he left her mouth to lick the water flowing from the side of her neck. He could also taste her blood flowing from her skin as he bit her hard.

"Sasuke.. s-stop" Everytime she tells him to stop, the more he ravage her. Sasuke pulled away to look at her beautiful face.

"Sakura.. tell me you want me." He smirked, oh how he want to touch her in those places he hadn't touch before. Yes, he had sex with other women, but the excitement he gets in having thoughts of fucking Sakura is a lot more different than his past relationships.

He needs her and definitely wants her.

"Sakura.." He gave her a quick kiss and pulled away. Her wet her clung at the side of her face. He raked his wet hair making Sakura blushed at how hot Sasuke looked.

"Sakura.. tell me not to stop." His voice sounds like he was begging. Begging for her permission, permission to fuck her hard.


He kissed her again not letting her speak. He was afraid that he wouldn't like her reply. Nevertheless, her reply doesn't matter, he will do what he want. But a part of him wanted her to submit to him fully.

He pulled again, looking at Sakura. Her eyes were closed and her mouth were slightly open.

"Sakura, open your eyes." She did what he commanded. Sakura stared at those lovely black orbs, he was freakingly hot.

Her panties were wet, not only because she was completely wet due to the water flowing from the faucet but also because his touches aroused her.


Without any hesitation, Sakura grabbed Sasuke's hair and pulled him in a hot and wet kiss. Sasuke was at first shock but kissed her back, just immediately their mouth touched.

It was once in a lifetime opportunity. You wouldn't see Haruno being the first one to kiss him.

He began to chew on her lips savagely and lifted her up. Sakura wrapped her long slender legs around Sasuke's muscular torso. Groaning, he inserted her tongue on her and sucked hers at the same time.

She pulled Sasuke closer as her grip on his hair tightened.

Sakura could feel his bulging member in between her legs. Sasuke pushed her member closer to hers and rubbed it a little. With this, Sakura moaned loudly.

His calloused hands held her hips and went inside her wet uniform up to her ample breasts. Juicy. Her breasts were round and just the right size to fit on his hands.

"Sasuke.. aaah." Sakura arched forward as Sasuke sucked her neck. Sasuke took his hands from her breasts and start to unbutton her blouse.

Fully aware of what was happening, Sakura tried to stop Sasuke's hands from unbuttoning her shirt. But her mind and body already had decided... they want Sasuke's touches.

Sasuke staring at her black bra, tried to reach for the hook to undo it.

"Sasuke.." And the next thing she knew, she wasn't wearing her bra anymore. Sasuke smirked between their kisses and inserted her bra inside his back pocket. Souvenir.

Holding one breast in his hand, Sasuke sucked her neck one more time as he went lower and placed one of her breast in his mouth.

It was her first time feeling it, and damn it was so good.



"Don't stop."

He smirked.

Sasuke was enjoying the sensation. He was sucking her nipples like a tasty lollipop. Oh how he wish this activity would not end. He needs to fuck her now, in that very spot.

Fuck. You're making me insane.

"W-what about we look for them?" Hinata suggested. Everyone looked at each other and as if it was the best idea they had ever heard.

"Good idea." They all nodded and agreed.

They searched and looked everywhere and opened every door in the house. Whoa, the house was big, it would be a very good place to play house (their project).

Naruto reached the doorknob of a bathroom. He twisted it but it was lock.

"This door is so cool, the lock is located outside the room. So disfunctional." Naruto stated as everyone gathered around. With a small effort, he twisted the lock.

"Maybe, they're inside." Shikamaru said. That was the only room they haven't check.

"There is only one way to find out."

Boredteenager: Uh-oh, will they be caught in the act? I know what you're thinking... what happened to Sakura's "I'm going to resist Sasuke kind of thing"? Well, I am giving importance to reality... who wouldn't give in to someone as hot as Sasuke? But don't worry... just wait for the next chapter to know the continuation. (smile).

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