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(Ulrich P.O.V)

Yumi hits the ground just before I reach her. I prop her up to look at me more fully.

"Yumi! Can you hear me?" There's no response, her eyes are rolling around wildly in their sockets, but they soon close.

"Jeremie! This must be the attack!" Aelita says loudly.

"We have to get to the factory." Odd adds.

"Let's go Ulrich." Jeremie says, but I still hold onto Yumi tightly, refusing to let go.

"Ulrich, we have to go. Leave Yumi here, she's only going to slow us down." Odd says, resting his hand on my shoulder.

"No Odd! I'm not leaving her!" I pick her up and hold her bridal style. Suddenly, I'm surrounded by black Xana ghost. I prepare myself for it to enter my body, but it passes me by, going straight to Yumi.

As soon as it enters her mouth, I feel the jolt of massive amounts of electricity flowing through my body. Because of it, I drop Yumi and she goes tumbling to the ground. She immediately gets up, Xana's symbol blazing in her eyes.

"I finally did it. Yumi is mine." She says.

"Not if I have anything to say about it. Jeremie, Aelita, Odd, run for the factory." I see Jeremie and Aelita drop through the manhole, but Odd hesitates.

"Go Odd."

"Be careful Ulrich." He says before dropping through as well. I kick the cover back in place and turn to face Yumi.

I quickly drop to the ground before her foot collides with my head. She spins a full 360 degrees around before placing that same foot where my head was a split second before. Anticipating the move, I had rolled as soon as she spun.

I quickly spring back up to my feet, only to have a fist collide with my chest, sending me flying backwards. Luckily, I manage to stay on my feet.

"Good Ulrich. You are more skilled then Yumi was." I rub my already aching chest.

"Yah well, I'm also quite a bit more seasoned in fighting." I say, really not in the mood for sarcasm right now.

"Well let's see how well you can fight against this." She says with a smirk. She holds up a hand and it glows purple. A lightning bolt flies from it and hits me directly in the chest. I feel pain surging through every pore of my body as I get lifted into the air. I feel it surging, pulsing throughout my body for a long while until I finally get dropped to the ground. My whole body aches, it feels as though I've been turned inside out. I slowly stagger back to my feet, the pain in my back is enormous.

"No… fair."

"What do you mean, no fair? I used my abilities, and you use yours."

"What abilities do I have? You're practically impenetrable, and shoot lightning out of your hands! Now what do I have that can make up for that? Talk about unfair." Yumi just laughs at me. She holds up her hand, and it glows a bright orange red. A large fiery red blast shoots out of her hand and hits me on the shoulder. My shirt bursts into flames, scorching my shoulder.

I quickly strip off my over-shirt but there's fire on my undershirt as well. I rip that off and toss it onto the ground, leaving my torso bare to the elements. I grudgingly stamp out the flames with my foot.

I look back over at Yumi and scowl.

"That was my favorite shirt." I say. My shoulder has a pretty serious burn on it, and my cheek feels tender as well. But other than that, I don't think it did too much damage.

Considering it's the middle of winter, it's pretty cold outside. Without anything covering my torso, I feel the cold begin to creep in. I rub my arms in a futile attempt to warm them.

"Are you cold Ulrich? We can't have that…" Yumi says mockingly. She smiles at me and puts her other hand forward, both glowing red and orange. She moves her hands outward, like a baseball umpire pronouncing a batter safe, and a line of fire explodes from her hands. Horizontal and at least fifteen feet across, there's no side stepping it. As I realize this, I also realize there's no more time to duck forward.

Taking my last option, I snap backward at the knees, sending my torso backwards until it's parallel to the ground. The line of fire flies over my head, scorching my hair but leaving me mostly undamaged.

I fall to the ground after being in such a precarious position. I jerk my feet up just in time to avoid another blast, and I jump to my feet. My back is aching after being on the ground. Yumi fires blast after blast, and I have to roll and dodge and jump all over the place to avoid them. By the end, I'm bleeding and scorched in numerous places. My back has opened up again, scabs have pulled open and are bleeding freely.

"This is just like killing ants with a magnifying glass." Yumi says chuckling. She suddenly becomes serious. "It gets boring after a while."

"I don't have anything to worry about. My friends will deactivate your tower soon."

"Oh, I don't think so. I haven't worried about devirtualizing them, I don't really care. I just have them trapped so they can't get to the tower. Even your friend Odd hasn't lost a single life point yet." She lowers her hands and they stop glowing.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to make this more interesting. You and I are going to fight hand to hand. I won't use any of my abilities, so it will be a fair fight."

"Yah right. I'm already burned on half my body and can barely move…" I murmur, but she seems to hear me.

"Oh, so you don't think it's fair yet?" She asks curiously.

"Unless I get Jeremiefied, it will never be." I say.

"Well we can't have that." She says. She raises her hands, and they glow a sky blue color. I brace myself for the finale, I can't fend her off anymore. I can't move the left side of my body, it's too badly burned. I can barely move my left leg, but other than that, I'm immobile.

The blue light hits me, but I don't feel any pain. For a second, I thought maybe I was numb, but no. I feel good. I feel really good. When the light recedes back into Yumi's outstretched hands, I realize I'm no longer in any pain.

I move my left arm, it's completely healed. So is every burn so far. My ribs no longer hurt from the fall. In fact…

I reach back and rub a hand over my bare back. It's completely smooth, no scars or wounds whatsoever.

"Why did you heal me?"

"To make it more fair. Now let's fight." Yumi says with a sneer. She walks up to me slowly and thrust a lazy fist toward my face. I just move my head so it whiffs by my head.

"You're wasting your time Xana. Have you noticed I haven't stuck back yet?"

"Why not?"

"I promised Yumi I would never hurt her again. And I intend to keep that promise." I say smiling. Fury contorts Yumi's face, something I have never seen before. She hits me hard in the ribs, and I go flying back. I know that single punch broke at least two… no three ribs.

I stand back up clutching my side. Yumi quickly punches me in the face and I go down again. I taste blood in my mouth and spit it out. I stand back up again to see Yumi looking furious.

"Fight me!" She yells in my face.


"Then you will die!" She screams. She raises a fist and aims it for my face. About a foot away, it stops. She looks at me, her whole countenance has changed. From fury to desperation.

"Ulrich, h-help me. I can't stop myself!" She whispers frantically.

The real Yumi has broken through!

"Yumi fight it! I did, you can too!" I say loudly. Her face twists into concentration.

"I'm sorry Ulrich!" I squeeze my hand inside her clenched fist, holding her hand tightly in my own.

"You can do it Yumi, you can!" She loses control, I can tell. Her fist clenches again, squeezing mine tightly. She uses the same fist to punch me across the face.

I fall back, but because she's holding my hand, I don't fall down. I pull myself up, despite my throbbing face.

"Ulrich… I'm sorry… I can't stop myself… he drugged me this morning…" She manages to say.

"You can do it Yumi… I did…" I swiftly lean up and kiss her. Before I break apart, I feel a knee in my gut. I let go of her hand and break away, clutching my stomach. I pair of hands clasped together come down on top of my head, smashing my head down and giving me a face full of dirt.

After a moment where nothing happens, I look up. Yumi is standing above me, just looking at me.

Suddenly, she lets out a scream of fury clenching her fists by her side so hard I can see blood trickling out from them. The black Xana ghost rockets out of her mouth, flying high into the air and disappearing.

She falls to her knees, her arms falling limply by her side.

"Thank you Ulrich…" She whispers before falling forward. I spring forward just in time to catch her before she hits the ground.

I maneuver myself so her head is resting in my lap. I gently stroke her hair, as she's unconscious. I pull out my phone and hit speed dial three.

"Ulrich, what's happening?" Jeremie's voice yells from the phone.

"It's okay Jeremie. No one's possessed anymore, Yumi freed herself."

"Do we need a return to the past?"

"Considering I have probably three broken ribs, probably yes. But I really don't want to."

"Why not?"

"Xana actually healed me so he could have a better opponent."

"So why do we need a return trip?" Jeremie asks after a moment.

"Because Xana broke three of my ribs, probably knocked loose a couple teeth, and odds are I'll have a concussion because of this. Plus it's pretty hard to breath right now." Jeremie sighs.

"Okay. Is Yumi alright?"

"She's unconscious right now from the strain, but I think she'll be okay. Actually wait, could you just go… about ten minutes into the past?"

"Of course. Aelita just deactivated the tower. Return to the past… now." Jeremie says, and the line goes dead. I see the white bubble coming at me at an incredibly fast pace. It hits me and sends me into oblivion.

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