Kencana looked at him and then her own injured body. "Congratulation. You've injured me. I hope you can rest in peace now" A smirk appeared on her lips. "Your sword final release is powerful, having the power to form thousands upon thousands of blades in the sky, ready to strike me at any point. Even I was caught by the glare produced by them. However, you're too confident in your abilities, just like the way he described you. Well, rest in peace, Yozora"

She turned away from the body only to find that the shinigami named Meikira few meters away, blocking her way. "Oh, it's you. What do you want?"

"I want to avenge Yozora-taichou"

"Sheesh. What did 'Captain' Yozora feed all of you?"

"You will not mock him like that" Meikira's body began to glow as he concentrate his energy. He then then unsheathed his sword. "Fukiareru, Yukikaze! (Sweeping destruction, Snow Wind)" Instantly, overwhelming dark wind began to blow from the sword, destroying anything it came to contact with. "Prepare yourself to be defeated" Meikira said as the wind began to move toward his opponent.

Kencana merely yawned. "I suppose this is a good idea. Maybe if you get the wind to destroy the corpses, you don't have to bury them "

"What did you say? Even with your heavy injuries you still can make a joke like that?"

"Of course"

"Huh, you don't know the extent of my power yet" Meikira pointed the hilt of his sword toward Kencana who became engulfed by the wind. "That will teach you to underestimate me"

Suddenly, the wind dispersed, leaving Kencana in the middle of a globe of energy shield. Then she began moving step by step toward him. "The idiot who underestimated his opponent is you, not me"

Meikira swung his sword toward her. To his surprise, the blade stopped when it reached her neck, as if it hit something very hard. "Impossible! This cannot be! My power..."

" twice as powerful as your Captain's?" She laughed. "What the hell, I know that from the beginning. That's why I didn't kill you" She put a finger under his chin, caressing it. "I think it's rather cool to meet someone who's willing to keep the true extent of his power a secret just so that he can serve under his Captain" Then her eyes bore into him. "However, don't you think that just because I fight your Captain at his power level, I'm going to do the same thing to you. I'll give you a warning. I don't think your Bankai is sufficient to even scratch me" Then she broke into a smile and retreated a few meters away.


"It's a service for him"

"A service?"

She nodded. "Yes, a service"

"Who the hell are you?"

"Well, how do I say this..."

As she was saying that, the fabric of space behind her ripped, like a curtain being pulled away. First a hand appeared, followed by a face that strike fear and terror into Meikira. Behind Kencana, the most powerful breed of Hollows, a monster with unimaginable strength, one that could easily defeat him even with him using the Bankai "Vesto Lorde"

Kencana's eyes darted slightly to her side as her smile grew sinister. "Yes, Vesto Lorde"

"You... you're working with Vesto Lorde?" Meikira asked as the powerful monster fully materialized into view.

"What do you think?" Kencana laughed. Then unexpectedly, she slashed the Vesto Lorde, her sword cutting through its flesh like hot knife through butter. The feared Hollow was destroyed in less than few seconds. Holding her Mimei no Ketsurui as if examining it, she ran through her forefinger along the sharp edge, cutting her finger. She then ran through the cut finger along the blade almost lovingly, smearing it with her blood. "I find it insulting for you to be associating me with those garbage"

"Gar... garbage?" Meikira asked.

The woman flipped her sword over and repeated her previous action. "Didn't you see how weak it was?"

"Impossible! That monster's reiatsu is more powerful than mine!"

"So... logically, I am more powerful than that thing" Seemingly satisfied with what she did, Kencana licked the blood that was still flowing from her finger.


"Rather than ask me about why I am powerful, maybe it's better for you to ask why you're weak. Your previous Captain managed to understand that fact, as well as know the way to solve the problem"

"Che. Tenma isn't fit to be called a Captain. He's a traitor. That traitor broke one of the Shinigami's sacred rules"

"Which is..."

"He had allowed himself to be defiled with Hollow's power"

Kencana shrugged. "Yet, the so-called traitor was the one who saved the whole Soul Society when a Vesto Lorde invaded it"

"How... how do you know that?"

The woman closed her eyes and smiled softly. "Easy. I'm the one who killed him" She then opened her eyes and looked at her sword fondly. "With this sword, I ended his life"

"WHY?" Meikira demanded.

"Why do you care? You did say that he's a traitor, right?" Kencana smirked. "Or is it because you do know him personally? Say... maybe the two of you studied together or maybe the two of you were best buddies"

"DAMN YOU!" the Shinigame shouted while rearing up for attack. "BAN..."

He failed to initiate his Zanpakutou's Bankai as Kencana appeared in front of him and slapped him. "You can't even land a single hit on me even if you use your Dogou Jigoku Kaze (Roaring Hell Wind). See? Even before you can initiate your Bankai I've defeated you easily"

Spitting dirt that got mixed with the blood in his mouth, Meikira said, "Even if he's a traitor to Soul Society, he was my friend. I'm not going to let you get away with such remark even if I'm going to die doing it"

Kencana snorted and walked until she was directly in front of Meikira's body. She then used one of her legs to push Meikira's face to the ground. "You want to avenge Tenma and his brother Yozora? Very well, I'll give you that chance. Before that, please tell me where your sister live" She then released the pressure on the man's face.

The Shinigame raised his head indignantly. "There's no way I'm going to let you go and kill her"

"I'm not. I'm going to go and tell her that I tortured and killed you" Pushing Meikira's face to the ground again, she continued, "then your sister will come for me instead. Of course, then I will kill her as well. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your sister will die trying to avenge you"

"No!" the fallen Shinigame managed to shout.

"Hmm? Why not? After all, you're going to throw away your life for the sake of a dead people, so why can't your sister do the same?" Without waiting for an answer, Kencana walked away. "Please return home"

Meikira stood up, hand still holding to his sword. "Why do you let me go?"

A three horned woman with wings on her back appeared next to the Shinigame, surprising him completely. "She lets you off because of me. For my sake"

"I don't understand" Meikira said.

"Look, I am your mother" the woman said seriously.

"NOOOOO!!!!!" Meikira shouted as he jumped away, hands on his ears.

Kencana looked at the man leaving before shifting her attention to the newcomer who was clutching her side, laughing. "Musna, one day someone is going to get tired of your antics and kick you off to another dimension"

"Ooo... I'm scared"

"You should be"

Shampoo was discussing with Nabiki about possible business venture when Ranma intruded. "Excuse me"

The Chinese Amazon smiled, mistakenly assuming that Ranma wanted to talk to her instead of Nabiki. "We'll continue this later. Now, Ranma, what would you like to say to me?"

"It's about my contract with Nabiki, regarding how you can pitch in to help"

The bubbly Chinese ran away, waving, "Okay, see you later"

"You're learning fast, Saotome-kun," Nabiki remarked. "But that's pretty low, using me as a scapegoat"

"I learn from the best"

Nabiki smirked. "So, what do you want to talk about?"

"That Urashima Keitaro. For a 3 years flunkee, he's quite strong. I mean, he could take whatever that girl dishes out without much problem. Just like Ryouga"

"Oh?" Nabiki feigned interest.

"But he's quite clumsy. I don't understand it"

"That's easy to figure out," Nabiki said while crossing her arms in amusement. "He's also doing training"


"I've only figured out recently that you're using Akane to train your body to receive high impact blows," She almost laughed when she saw his look. "Not as effective as what Ryoga went through, but it's more fun and you get to fly too. Well, it is just as well, since you have problems keeping your mouth shut"


Nabiki smiled sweetly and put her hand on his bracelet. Then to his puzzlement, Nabiki pointed to his face and make circular motions around his eyes. "Figure it out, Saotome-kun," Nabiki said as she left the area.

"What it's all about?" Ukyo asked.

"I don't know, except that to me she's saying that Keitaro is more powerful than he looks"

"Well, I don't know about that, but wish me luck. I'm next"

"Wait, Ucchan. I still don't know why you're joining this fight"

"I want to be around you, that's all," Ukyo said, smiling. Then she turned toward the ring. To her shock, a makeshift kitchen stadium was already prepared. Meanwhile, the famous, or infamous to some, Chairman Kaga was standing at his usual spot. There were the famous detective Saeba Ryo and the ghost detective Urameshi Yuusuke sitting at the commentary booth while infamous Rena Inverse was at the kitchen floor. A red head woman and a cool looking man with blue hair wearing a black suit were sitting at the judges' place. "Iron Chef show? Here? Who's going to against the Iron Chef today?"

A producer pushed both Ukyo and Shinobu toward the kitchen stadium saying, "The show is about to start and you two of you will be going against each other. So don't waste any time"

"Ano…" Shinobu protested meekly.

Ryo Saeba announced from his seat, "Today we have a special show today. What do you think about this match up, Urameshi-san?"

Yuusuke was about to reply when a portal above him an ugly looking robot with a cigar in its mouth appeared and dropped on him.

"Bite my shiny ass!" the robot exclaimed angrily while showing his fist at the portal. "Stupid Leela! It's Fry who played with the Positron Accelerator! I only detonated the Super Nova Bomb and wiped out that stupid galaxy!"

"Who are you?" Ryo asked.

The robot turned its head toward him. "Oh, the name's Bender"

"Saeba Ryo. It's funny how we can understand whatever the other people are talking about"

"Cartoon characters always talk in the same language"

"I see" Ryo Saeba then turned toward the audience who were watching the broadcast. "It seems that regrettably Urameshi Yuusuke is unable to continue his work and we have his drop-in replacement here, Bender-san"

Bender looked at Yuusuke under him gleefully. "He he he. I bet he'll be crushed about me taking his place" He crossed his legs, puffed his cigar and asked, "So what do I do?"

"You just give some sports-like commentaries"

Bender burped, flame coming out from his alcohol-soaked mechanical stomach. "Seems easy enough"

"Back to the contestants. The first contestant is Miss Kuoji Ukyo. She owns a famous okonomiyaki restaurant in Nerima. But we mustn't forget about our second contestant. Maehara Shinobu, although unknown in the food business, is a daughter of former Hina Restaurant owner. If Miss Kuoji can be liken to a summer flower that graces the eyes of everyone who sees her, Miss Maehara is like a flower that's about to bloom and spread its beauty everywhere" There was a wet spot on Ryo's jacket.

"Quit ya drooling. What are you? A pedophile?"

"Of course not," Ryo denied, shame-faced at being caught ogling at Shinobu who was a junior high school student.

Chairman Kaga came to the centre of the stage that was covered with cloth. It was the time to reveal the ingredient. He pulled the cloth with full flair.

Ryo excitedly watched as the ingredient was shown. "Yes, everyone, the Chairman has revealed the ingredient for today. The secret ingredient is 'A girl'. Wow, look at that tasty dish, fully bodied and with discerning flavor to her bikini. Surely a tasty morsel!"

Bender's eyes extended telescopically to have a better look. "You moron! Look at the basket she's carrying"

"Ah yes, I was referring to the ingredient. Today's ingredient is…" Ryo strained his eyes, trying to make out the thing inside the basket. "Looks like burger to me"

"Let me have a look" There were clunking noises inside the robot. "Beep… beep… 15.51 artificial meat, 54.62 percent genetically modified soybean fillers, 6.99 percent salt, 12.98 percent unidentified chemicals, 5.07 percent agricultural waste and 4.83 percent salmonella infected beef. Yep, I'm hundred percent sure that is a 100 percent authentic hamburger all right"

"A burger! What can they do with a burger?!"

"That shows that how dimwit you are. You add a normal burger with cheese, it becomes a cheese burger. Double it up and it becomes a double cheese burger. If ya add another piece of bread in da middle, it'll big, Mac"

"Oh, I see. So, burger is a versatile food that can be added with anything"

"Yeah, except anything to do with urea"

"Huh? Why? I don't understand"

Bender's metallic eyes can be seen rolling upwards. "Never mind"

Chairman Kaga announced loudly, "Allez Cuisine!"

Ryo Saeba said excitedly while looking over the kitchen, "Chef Kuoji is cutting onions without shedding a tear. What a beautiful maneuver! I can't simply tear my eyes from this one!"

Bender read the teleprompter in front of him as the producers wisely dangled an expensive bottle of premium Kirin beer in front of it to attract his attention. "She's a cut above the rest"

"But not to forget our Chef Maehara. The petite chef's putting some oil into the pan"

"She's heating up things a bit, eh? Wait! She slammed on the board and the cumbersome cucumber is airborne"

"And it looks like she's adding some corn. And look at how she slice and dice!"

"Not to forget how she added the spice"

"Back to Chef Kuoji. Chef Kuoji is talking to two her assistants, telling them something. Rena, what are they doing?"

"One of them is cutting bread, while the other is preparing the orange colored sauce. It seems that it's the secret sauce for the burger"

"Everyone knows that the secret orange colored sauce is made from Thousand Island plus a bit of mustard and pickle," Bender said. "By the way, who's that blue haired guy over there?"

"Ah, they're our judges for today. The famous-but-not-as-famous-as-I Dark-san. He's a famous thief"

Bender nodded sagely. "Ah, he and I can be good buddies"

"The other one is renowned celebrity Fllay Allster whose part in Gundam Seed leads to countless controversies and fights between her fans and haters. I must say, as an actor, she's quite successful in portraying her role if it manages to affect the viewers emotionally"

"Yeah, yeah" Bender snatches a bottle of beer hidden in his middle compartment. Turning toward Rena, he said, "Yo! Flat chest, what is that Maehara girl doing?"

Rena fumed. "How dare you… DRAGON SLAVE!" She shouted as she unleashed a very powerful spell that destroyed the commentators' stand. "Chef Maehara is arranging everything on the plate as there are five more minutes to go"

The time was finally up and the prepared dishes were brought to the judges' place. Ukyo's food was sampled first. Dark look at the burger and turned it around a few times before taking a bite. The actress beside him also did the same.

"What are they doing?" Bender asked Ryo.

"Oh, just like the tea ceremony, Dark-san is appreciating Chef Kuoji's food. After all, since the appearance of the food will influence the taste" Ryo said, turning toward Bender to see the robot was opening his mouth and poured beer into it.

The judges continued eating the burger a few more bites before stopping.

Fllay commented, "The beef is well cooked, every grain of it. The salt and the spices are scattered around the beef artfully, enhancing the flavor of the beef successfully"

Dark chew the food and commented, "When I eat this, I feel tremendous joy. It feels like the first time I did my first heist successfully after I came out of Daisuke"

They then took some crackers and drink some water before they proceed to sample Shinobu's burger

"Oh my," Fllay commented. "The taste of spring onion is certainly unexpected. It adds zing to the juicy meat. The secret sauced being splashed liberally around the burger... I feel like flying in a space shuttle and getting blown to bits after eating this"

"I can fly anytime, as I have wings" Dark commented. "Somehow the burger is compelling me to keep eating it"

Ryo commented, "He only made that comments after he had finished it"

The judges convened for a few minutes and finally reached a verdict. Ukyo was declared as a winner.

"I'm sorry, sempai," Shinobu said as she walked dejectedly toward Keitaro.

"Don't be. What matters is that you have tried your best. I want you to know that I'm proud of you"



Sara McDougall stepped up to the ring. "I'm doing my best, papa," she said to Seta-san.

Meanwhile, Genma was about to change back to human form when Nabiki splashed him with cold water. "Play fair, Saotome-san. You don't want that girl's father to get mad, don't you?"

"ROWF!" "I'm not afraid of her father although he has very large aura"

The fight lasted a few minutes as Sara bounced on a sleeping Genma-panda. Pandas have that tendency to go sleep at a certain time, and that time coincided with the match. But then again, it came as no surprise when Genma in his panda form didn't care about the fight. Nodoka explained to Ranma and the Tendo family that perhaps Genma being in his cursed form too often has affected his personality. She told them about problems zoologists have trying to get pandas to breed because of their indifference.

"But pop isn't a full fledged panda," Ranma protested.

"True. Your father can be quite amorous when he's in human form. But look at his form right now"

Ranma thought about what was said. "Hmm… to think of it, he's a bit slower when he's a panda. I've never noticed about that before"

"Well," Nodoka said, "All I know is that that's my cuddly panda over there, and I couldn't stand that foreign brat cuddling up to him" She walked toward Genma and Sara, flicked the girl toward Seta and pulled a still sleeping Genma away. "This is my panda!" she said to Sara.

"Selfish old lady!" Sara shouted and blew a raspberry. "Who wanna a dirty and flea ridden animal anyway?"

"You're just jealous because this panda is mine!"


"I know you like dirty and flea ridden pandas. But you can't have mine. Nyah! Nyah!"

"Mother," Ranma called, quite ashamed that his own mother will argue with a kid.

"PAPA!" Sara said, tears already appearing in her eyes. "She's bullying me. I want that panda"

"Maa maa. You have Keitaro-kun to play with right?" Seta said to placate her.

"But that loser isn't dirty. He only has a dirty mind"

"It's still dirty"

"Hey!" Keitaro protested.

Sara looked at Nodoka who was snuggling against Genma-panda and smiling at her at the same time. "And he doesn't have fleas"

Keitaro took a step back when he saw that certain look on Seta that showed that the other man was planning something . "Oh no, you don't! I'm going to make myself scarce"

With that, Keitaro ran away.

As everyone else was chatting happily, Kuno stood alone, deep in thought.

"Something on your mind?" a girl's voice inquired.

"A bad omen, Tendo Nabiki, that I have foreseen" He looked skyward. "The heaven has decreed that a problem, nay, a calamity will be in our way toward the o' glorious eternal victory"

"What do you mean?" Nabiki asked. "And would you stop butchering the words?"

The Blue Blunder turned toward her. "My sister is coming here to get Ranma"

"How do you know?"

"Oh, I have my way of finding out," Kuno replied as Kodachi passed by the two of them, pulling a tied up, unconscious Ranma away.

"I see" Nabiki quipped as Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo passed her in pursuit of the said Kuno sister.

"WAIT!" Ukyo called out to Kodachi.

Kodachi hastened her steps.

"I said, WAIT!"

Still maintaining her pace, Kodachi turned her head toward her pursuers. "I am"

"But you're still running away from us!" Akane called out.

"Ohohoho. But I am waiting. I'm waiting for the chance to be alone with Ranma-sama"

"That's cheating!" Shampoo complained. "And you knocked him out!"

Kodachi skid to a halt, startling the three of them. "He's unconscious?" she asked with a serious expression. "My Ranma-sama is unconscious?"

"Ah... yes?" Ukyo ventured.

"This is bad!"

"This is bad?" Akane parroted, clearly confused.

"He's unconscious!"

"Yes... and?" Shampoo asked.

"Ranma-sama needs CPR!" Without waiting, Kodachi pressed her lips against Ranma's, to the horror of the three onlookers.

When Ranma woke up from his forced slumber, he found himself in Hina's hot spring, fully drenched and not knowing what happened. He looked at himself. Well, at least he was still male. Ranma sighed. Waking up in the middle of a hot spring couldn't really compare to the time where he awoke to find himself in the middle of Africa savanna, surrounded by numerous wild and ferocious beasts; it was all due to his dad's usual backfiring schemes. As he leaned back to relax his body, the pigtailed martial artist chided himself mentally for wishing for a peaceful and relaxing time for himself. It wasn't the way of a martial artist to run away from hardship.

After all, the fare to the savanna wasn't cheap.

Nabiki traveled along the forest path behind the Hina dormitory, seemingly familiar with it. She stopped when she reached a clearing. The clearing itself was like a normal clearing, if it wasn't for the fact that there were small runes at its corners. "I'm here" she announced.

A feminine figure appeared in the middle of the ring, smiling. "I'm here as well... Tendo-sempai. But is it okay for you to be here? After all, you might miss Saotome-san's battle with Urashima-san"

Smiling as well in response, the middle Tendo girl answered, "I come to this place not because of them, Chisa-chan? Or is it really your real name?"

Feigning disappointment, Chisa said, "You hurt me with that comment, Tendo-sempai, to be displaying such a low trust with your factors"

"I'm overflowing with regret" Nabiki remarked dryly. "Since you already know what I'm going to ask, why don't you just tell me the answers"

"Tsk tsk tsk" Chisa said while wagging her forefinger. "200 yen per question, or 100,000 yen for all-you-can-ask. Or maybe we can make a trade. A question for a question; I'll get to go first. Fair enough?"


"Why, Tendo-san?"

"Because" Nabiki answered.

Chisa was stunned by the answer before realizing what had happened. She broke into a laugh. "That's mean of you"

"Thank you. Now, my question would be: 'what's your real family name?'"


Nabiki narrowed her eyes. "I see. That would explain a lot of things"

"May I ask you the next question? Why are you doing all of this? Why are you training Ranma-san and the others?"

"You may. Because I'm want to. I'm training all of them because there's not enough time left" Nabiki held up three fingers. "That would be three questions I get to ask from you, but I'll only ask one. Were you the one who destroyed my portal?"

"Yes" Chisa answered while her smile changed into a grin.

Nabiki nodded. "Then, I guess you're the one who saved my family. However, that wouldn't change the fact that it was you who put them in danger in the first place"

"Ha ha ha. You must be joking for making such an accusation, Tendo-san. I've yet to receive the thanks from you for taking care of those vampires"

"After you're the one who called them in the first place? I don't think so"

"I did it to strengthen the ward protecting Nerima. The ward that your mother sacrificed her life to erect. Surely you know about that?"

"I'm not going to let you get away with what you did, Chisa Blessingbringer"

"I know. That's why you brought me here; this field will absorb all of our spell, ensuring that no innocent bystanders would be affected. You surprise me, Tendo-sempai. I've always thought of you as a cold and uncaring manipulative bitch. Now you've shattered that perfect image I've had of you" A staff appeared in Chisa's hand. "The last question I have is: Do you really think that you can defeat me?"

Nabiki spread out her fingers, revealing multiple energy orbs between them. "What do you think?"

Musna crossed her arms. "What are you planning, Kencang Durjana? I've been following you for a long time and I've yet to understand you"

Kencana held her sword to her side and it disappeared under a burst of light. "I didn't ask for you to poke your nose into my business. Anyway, my plan has already begun"

Author's Note (26 October 2006)

1. This concludes the 'first season' of Ever Stay Chaotic. You will notice that this story's status is completed. Well, in a way, the story is complete, with an open ending where Nabiki faces the nameless person who was always lurking around in the background. I thought about multiple endings that can be done for this story, and decided that this is the best as it allows me to starts the next arc with a fresh beginning, if I decide to continue. These are the reasons:

a) I'll be able to use a proper format, style and planning without being hampered with the haphazard way of writing this series. The story will integrate very well with Ever Stay Chaotic, however, with many of the clues and facts in this story will help the readers understand that story.

b) It allows me to gleefully ignore any loose ends that I don't want to tie up.

c) I will eventually stick with just one match-up for Ranma, and I don't want it to be here.

d) I want to go on a vacation from writing ESC :p

e) Can't think of any other endings that's suitable for my plan. I can't leave the story hanging as it is, can I?

2. I would like to thank everyone who's been reading and reviewing this story so far. Although I consider this story as my second generation work in comparison with Fallen Angel, on my still ongoing project, this story is vastly more complex in my opinion as this is a test bed for various ideas and styles that I wanted to try. Well, take the multiple COs for example. I can't say that it's good, but I guess it's at least readable. When (and 'if' as well) I start its sequel, I'm going to use the experiment that I conducted for the Hina trilogy, which is to have two ongoing stories at the same time. The first time would provide story on the past whereas the second would focus on the present. Eventually, the two of them will converge, just like the end of this chapter.


Making its debut on Fox channel, the story revolves around Fry, a pizza delivery boy who fell into a freezer and was frozen for a thousand years, waking up in the year 3000. He ended up working for his great, great, great,...,great grandson who although chronologically younger than he is, looks older at Planet Express. Together with Bender, an alcohol guzzling robot, Leela and the others, Fry went on various wacky adventures. (wait... isn't the year 3000 is in the future? So it's supposed to be in the future tense, right?)

The story contains various type of jokes. Here is one of those I like best.

Fry: Did you build the Smelloscope?

Professor Hubert Farnsworth: No, I remembered that I'd built one last year. Go ahead, try it. You'll find that every heavenly body has its own particular scent. Here, I'll point it at Jupiter.

Fry: Smells like strawberries.

Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Exactly. And now, now Saturn.

Fry: Pine needles. Oh, man, this is great... hey, as long as you don't make me smell Uranus.

Leela: I don't get it.

Professor Hubert Farnsworth: I'm sorry, Fry, but astronomers renamed Uranus in 2620 to end that stupid joke once and for all.

Fry: Oh. What's it called now?

Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Urrectum. Here, let me locate it for you.

Fry: No, no, I, I think I'll just smell around a bit over here.

You'll notice a similar joke used in one of the Bender's phrase above

Yu yu Hakusho ( info from Wikipedia as I'm to lazy to write so many infos)

The story revolves on Yusuke Urameshi, a delinquent who rarely attends school, with few friends. Yusuke's mother Atsuko, an alcoholic, had him at the age of 14 and shows little interest in raising her son. He has a reserved seat in the guidance counseler's office, and every punk in the city is trying to take him on. Yusuke is pretty fed up with life.

However, no one expects a sudden act of heroism on his part; he dies trying to save a little boy from a speeding car. In fact, when he arrives in the afterlife, he is informed that no one was expecting him to die that way, and were not prepared for his arrival.

After numerous tests to gauge his worth, Yusuke is eventually revived, and is assigned to work for the Spirit Realm as a detective investigating demonic cases in the human world. He comes into spiritual abilities of his own, and enlists the help of numerous friends from Reikai (spirit world), Makai (demon world) and Ningenkai (human world) to aid him in his cases, and fight off demons and humans seeking to usurp and rule over all three worlds.

Iron Chef (also from Wikipedia)

Iron Chef, a Japanese television program produced by FujiTV. The original Japanese title is Ironmen of Cooking (料理の鉄人, Ryōri no tetsujin?). It began airing on October 10, 1993 as a half-hour show and after 23 episodes, it was expanded to a one-hour format. The show ended in September 24, 1999, but had television specials until 2002. The series had over 300 episodes.

The program has an eccentric flavor even for a game show. Its host is the flamboyant Takeshi Kaga (鹿賀丈史, Takeshi Kaga?), known on the show as Chairman Kaga (主宰, Chairman Kaga?). Its extravagant production values are highlighted with well informed commentary made by two regular commentators and one guest commentator (who serves as a judge). The commentary is enlightening and allows the viewer to see what is happening in the kitchen, and also serves as entertainment as friendly banter is shared among the four speakers.

DNAngel (also from Wikipedia)

Daisuke Niwa is a 14 years old boy who has a special DNA due to his genes, whenever he sees or thinks of his crush Risa Harada, he turns into his alter-ego Dark, the legendary phantom thief also called Kokuyoku (Black Wings). But Dark sees his "crush," Riku Harada - who happens to be Risa's twin sister, and he transforms back into Daisuke. The only cure for Daisuke's problem is for someone he likes to return the love he gave her.

Later on, after being rejected by Risa, Daisuke falls in love with Riku. Riku likes him too, but until Daisuke is able to tell Riku about his condition and she can love both of them, he'll keep transforming. Unfortunately Riku, who had her first kiss stolen by Dark, now thinks of him as a "pervert".

Interestingly enough, Risa falls in love with Dark, and proceeds to do all sort of absurd things to get him to go out with her, which he eventually does (only in the manga). She has also kissed him on more than one occasion, and it is hinted that Dark still loves Riku, but Dark claims that he does not love her, and that, at least in the anime, Risa's grandmother, Rika, is the only woman he has ever loved. In the manga, Dark's reasons for rejecting Risa seem to be so that she is not hurt by the fact that he is immortal and not really human, and therefore cannot participate in a functional relationship.

City Hunter

The story revolves around one Ryo Saeba who despite being a women chaser is very good at his work as a hired gun. Funnily, many of his jobs involve pretty women, making anyone who reads the manga or watch the anime think that Ryo is a James Bond wanabe

Slayers (modified from Wikipedia)

Slayers is a manga (later animated ) follows the adventures of the young sorceress Lina Inverse and her companions as they journey through their world. Using powerful magic and swordsmanship they battle overreaching wizards, demons seeking to destroy the world, dark lords, and the occasional hapless gang of bandits.