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Flowering Love
Chapter 1: The First Time

It was morning and rays of sunlight spilled into a room. Bloom let out a little yawn and stretched her arms as she got out of bed.

"I can't believe the exams are over!" Bloom let out a squeal of excitement.

Flora, her roommate this year, was up early to water her plants. The flower fairy stifled a laugh and replied, "Morning Bloom! That was yesterday! I'm glad the year's coming to an end too, and then we can all enjoy ourselves till next year!"

Bloom smiled back and suddenly, her tummy growled. "Woops! I guess I'm hungry?" said Bloom. Flora giggled and said, "I'm done watering. Let's go find the other girls and we'll have breakfast together, alright?"

"Alright," Bloom chirped happily.

At the cafeteria…

"Good morning girls!" Musa greeted when she saw Flora and Bloom walking in. Stella and Techna waved at them so they know where they were sitting. "Hey there! I'm hungry! Let's get something to eat!" Bloom said and the girls went off to buy their breakfast.

After doing so, they sat back at their table and talked while they ate.

"Any programme for today? We have no more lessons any more you know." Tecna asked and took a sip of her orange juice.

Stella perked up and said excitedly, "Oh! I just heard from Brandon last night that the boys are coming over today! We can all, you know, catch up with them..." and with that Stella was tuned into her dreamy mode and fantasizing her time spent with Brandon.

The other girls smiled when they heard Stella's words and were really excited over what they were going to do with their respective boyfriends… all except Flora. She smiled too a little, but that was because she was happy for her friends. If only I have someone to look forward to like them, Flora thought while staring at her food.

Musa noticed that her good friend beside her seemed to be thinking of something and said, "Oh, Flora… are you alright? I'm really sorry."

Flora looked up from her plate and gave a little smile, "Musa, I'm fine! Don't worry about me! You guys just enjoy yourselves today! I got to do some things in the green house later on."

Bloom could sense Flora isn't really happy… She's such a beautiful and sweet girl, if only there's someone we can introduce her to, Bloom thought. "You know, Flora you're such a pretty and nice girl! I'm sure we'll find someone for you! Just you wait!" Tecna said and placed a comforting arm over her shoulder.

"Thanks girls, I really appreciate the thought," Flora thanked.

After breakfast…

"I'm full! It's almost time. Let's head back and change before the guys come! We'll meet at the lake in half hour's time!" announced Stella. The rest nodded and went back to their respective rooms.

In Bloom's and Flora's room…

Bloom went to take a shower and changed into a tight aquamarine mini t-shirt (that shows off a bit of her belly button), a white skirt with a dark blue sash belt and matching heels. Flora had already taken her shower before breakfast and was dressed in a fitting white tank top with a simple pair of faded light-blue denim shorts and white flip-flops.

Bloom was blow drying her hair when she suddenly said to Flora, "Flora, I'm giving a present to Sky later on… it's this digital sports watch I got from Earth… do you think it's fine?"

Flora took the little blue box from Bloom and undid the ribbon to see how the watch looked like. It was dark blue and black and looked really cool. Flora smiled and answered, "It's definitely fine, Bloom! It's really nice and cool! I'm sure Prince Sky will like it especially since it's from you." Flora packed the watch back inside the blue box and tied the ribbon in a bow, then placed it on Bloom's bed.

Bloom was glad to hear such reassuring words from her room mate. "I really can't wait to give him later on! Oh! I have only five minutes left! Gotta hurry!"

Flora was lying on her bed reading a magazine and watched amusingly as Bloom rushed around the room getting ready and all. "Alright! I'm done! How do I look?" asked Bloom. "Gorgeous!" replied Flora. Bloom then asked, "Thanks! Hey Flora, you're not coming along to see them?" Flora shook her head in reply and said, "No thanks, Bloom. You all just have fun. I want to relax today."

Bloom nodded and said a quick goodbye and left to meet the other girls.

Just then, Flora noticed the blue box lying on Bloom's bed. "Oh dear! Bloom forgot her present! I'll just have to pass it back to her."

A while back at Red Fountain School for Heroics and Bravery…

Knock, knock. There was a slight knock on the door and Saladin, the headmaster of the school, called out for the person to come in.

"Is there a reason you called for me, grandpa?" a male with long deep blue hair asked.

"Yes, there is my grandson. I need you to pay a visit to Ms. Faragonda over at Alfea and pass her this very important document this instance," Saladin instructed.

"I see. No problem, grandfather. I'll do it now," with that the young man left with the documents.

As he walked down the hallway, he heard someone calling out his name. "Brandon?" he asked. "Yeah it's me bro! Where you heading to?" asked Brandon. "Oh, Saladin wants me to pass this to Ms. Faragonda now," he said. Brandon was amused to hear that and said, "Hey! Sky, Riven, Timmy and I are heading to Alfea too! Wanna join us? We're leaving now," said Brandon.

The young man smiled at the invitation. At least, he thought, I won't be bored traveling alone. He nodded and thanked Brandon for the offer. The two of them walked towards the parking lot to retrieve their levabikes.

At the lake in Alfea…

"They're here!" Stella squealed in excitement. "1, 2, 3, 4… 5?" Musa counted aloud, then asked, "Tecna, is it me or are there really five bikes you see?"

Tecna looked up and replied, "Five…" and just then, the five bikes landed and the guys took off their helmets.

"Hey girls! Bloom! I'm glad to see you again!" Sky was the first to speak. Upon saying this, he got off his bike and hugged Bloom. The rest were saying their "hellos" too and embracing their partners. The young man with long blue hair that fell in a lose pony tail on his shoulder stared at the scene rather amusedly and deliberately cleared his throat for the fun of it.

He found it interesting when they all froze and looked at his direction. The specialist beamed once he got the attention of everyone. "Oh! Sorry there bro, forgot to introduce you!" said Brandon while putting an arm across the shoulder of his good friend. "Yeah, too caught up with the princess of Solaria, I see..." he replied teasingly. "Alright, alright! Hey everybody, meet my friend, Helia!" Brandon said, then continued, "and Helia, meet everybody: that's Stella, Bloom, Tecna, Musa and... where's Flora?"

Just then, they heard someone shouting, "Bloom! You forgot this!" Bloom turned around in surprise and remembered that she left her present for Sky on her bed! Flora ran towards Bloom and smiled while wiping a few beads of perspiration on her forehead with the back of her hand and holding up a little blue box. "Flora! Thank you so much! I can't believe I actually forgot about the present! Thanks!" Bloom said.

"Ah, yes. And that's Flora," said Brandon to Helia softly and jolted him on the elbow. All of a sudden, Stella pranced towards Flora and pulled her over to the guys. Stella happily said, "Flora, meet a new friend of ours… Helia."

Flora blushed a little and shyly, she said, "Oh, h-hi Helia..."

To be continued…

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