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Flora and Helia were getting to know each other when they were rudely interrupted by another fairie named Cherie. Cherie tried to steal Helia's attention and ended up insulting Flora. Helia wasn't happy about the situation and what Cherie was trying to do. Flora and Helia left the cafeteria. What will happen next? Read on to find out!

Flowering Love
Chapter 4: Till We Meet Again

"Flora, let's get out of here."

Flora and Helia left through the cafeteria's exit and were outside near the fountain. Helia was still holding onto Flora's hand which made Flora blushed at the thought. "I'm glad that's over," Helia started still a little angered at the situation just now. "Yes, Helia. It doesn't really matter actually…" Flora said and sighed. Helia heard what she said and felt a sudden rush of frustration. That Cherie treated Flora so badly and yet Flora still forgives her… I cannot tolerate anyone mistreating her, Helia thought to himself, his grip tightened unknowingly. Flora let out a small cry when she felt Helia tightened his grip on her hands.

"Oh! My apologies, Flora," Helia said as they both let go. Flora shook her head and replied, "It's alright Helia. Don't be angry over what happened just now. I'm quite used to it actually… uhm, thank you Helia, I really appreciate you standing up for me." Helia was about to feel very unjustified for Flora but when he saw the smile on her face, he couldn't help but return a smile.

"Hey, the greenhouse is over there. I wanted to visit my plants today actually… do you want to come along?" Flora asked. Helia was glad that the matter was off his mind now and he can enjoy the day knowing more about this wonderful fairie in front of him. "Sure! Lead the way, miss" he said and let out a small grin.

In the greenhouse…

The greenhouse was filled with many exotic plants of different species and colours, some growing to as tall as the ceiling. "This is amazing, Flora! Something you definitely won't see in Red Fountain," said Helia. "Yes. I'm glad you appreciate nature and plant life too. Very few people find any interest in them you know…" Flora stated. "I was born in Naturia and I've always admire how unique and wonderful nature is. I've never thought I could see something similar here. You nurtured them on your own?" Helia said. He looked up and saw Flora busy taking care of each and every plant and recording their growth in her book. It was really something he will never forget – the way she dedicates herself in looking after all these plants and at the same time with so much passion in her.

Flora smiled, "Yes. Thanks for the complement. It really took me quite some time for them to grow out like this. You can say I miss home and Ms Faragonda was so nice as to let me be the guardian of this greenhouse." Indeed, Helia was very amused and mesmerized by Flora's spirit and dedication. I don't think I can ever find another girl like her, he thought.

After a while, Flora was done. She turned around and asked Helia if he wanted to take a walk since there isn't much to do around for the day. Helia agreed and they both went to the lake to talk.

At the lake…

"Naturia. You know, I've always wanted to go there. My grandmother used to tell me when I was little that it has the most beautiful scenery and a magnificent array of wildlife. Haha you're really lucky to be born there," Flora said. The both of them were sitting on the grass facing the lake and under the shed of a tree.

"Perhaps I'll bring you there some day, Flora" Helia said and gave her a wink. Flora let out a small laugh, "Haha! Alright! I'll remember that statement!" Things started to quiet down as they both look towards the shimmery lake. "How come we never see you hang out with the guys?" Flora asked. "Actually, I was transferred to Red Fountain not too long ago. Brandon happened to be in the same classes as me so I just got to know him, and we're friends now," Helia said.

Flora nodded, "Oh! I see." Helia turned and looked at her, "I'm glad so too… because now I come to know you, Flora." He smiled and Flora blushed a few shades of red hearing that.


A spot behind a tree on the other end of the lake. "Ahhhh! They are so romantic! Look at them Tecna!" Musa squealed happily. "Yes, this is just wonderful! Flora's gonna have a guy! Yes!" said Tecna. "Haha! Should we go over there?" Bloom asked. "Well, why not! We can tease them! Let's go!" Stella shouted and was the first to go.

"Hey Flora! Helia!" Stella shouted. The both of them heard and turned surprisingly to see Stella grinning. "Well, hi there Stella. Care to join us?" Helia asked. "Oh no, no. I wasn't interrupting anything, was I?" Stella giggled mischievously which made Flora tilt her head and wonder what she's up to. "Nope, Stella. Nothing at all. Oh! Hey Bloom, Tecna, Musa!" Flora greeted.

The three of them greeted Flora in return. Immediately, when they were all around Flora, the four fairies pulled their unknowing friend aside. "Ahhh! Flora! I'm so happy for you!" Musa said but at the same time trying to suppress her volume. "Happy for me? Why?" Flora asked cluelessly. "Well, Helia and you make quite the match! You sly devil! Fancy spending the entire day with him without us knowing!" Stella said. Flora was shocked, "No! I didn't do anything on purpose!" Flora said. Bloom put an arm around her, "So how is he?" Tecna joined in, "Yes, yes. Do you like him? How do you find him? Is he going to be your boyfriend?" Flora was taken aback by so many questions that she felt even more embarrassed.

I wonder what they're doing, Helia thought to himself as he saw the girls pulling Flora away and started whispering. I suppose they're asking why she's with me… Helia continued looking at the lake. The sun was setting and it cast its light onto the water surface giving it an orange-pink glow. Helia sighed and closed his eyes for a while taking in the breeze. "Do you like him? How do you find him?" Helia heard Flora being asked those questions. Inside him, he wanted to know badly Flora's impression of him. He continued to listen.

Flora bit her lower lip. She didn't know what to say. Then she decided to just tell them what she actually felt even though she knows that they may not like her respond. Flora answered, "Erm… please don't say that. Helia is indeed a very wonderful person and I'm very glad to have known him today… but i dare not have feelings for him. He is after all Saladin's grandson you know and I just don't think I'm good enough for him…" The girls was a bit surprised. "Flora! Don't say that!" Musa exclaimed.

Helia opened his eyes. He didn't know what to feel after hearing what Flora said. He admitted to himself it was wrong of him to eavesdrop. But if he didn't he wouldn't have known that was how Flora really felt towards him – not good enough. He was upset. He never considered himself great. The last thing he wanted is to know that the person he is developing feelings for cannot open up to him. Yet, Helia understands what Flora is going through. If only she doesn't feel inferior. Flora certainly feels different being around the princesses and with fairies like Cherie to make her life worst, it's no wonder she doesn't feel good about herself. If only I can take that away from her and make her truly happy with me. I promise I will.

Just then, the girls and Helia heard Brandon shouting, "Helia! We're leaving now! Hurry or we'll leave you!" Helia stood up and shouted back, "Gimme a minute! I'll be with ya!"

He walked to where the girls are standing. Flora smiled and bowed slightly, "Thank you Helia. I really enjoyed the day and knowing you." The other girls backed off a bit so as to not play gooseberry. Helia raised his hand for a handshake and Flora lifted her hand to do so. But she was tricked again. Helia took her hand and planted a soft kiss at the back of her hand. "Thank you Flora for everything. I really enjoyed myself today too… with you. I hope I can see again soon, okay?" Flora nodded. "I'll be taking my leave now. Bye girls have a nice day" with that, Helia smiled and went to join Brandon, Sky, Timmy and Riven on the levabikes and flew off to Red Fountain.

I hope to see you again soon, Helia…

To be continued…

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