Long Hours: Chapter Two

Kate had driven home, all hot and flustered from her meeting in the elevator with Gibbs. He had followed her to her apartment in his own car, and the minute they were inside, his hands all lips were all over her again.

Currently, he was unbuttoning her shirt, and kissing her bare skin around her collar bone. Kate moaned softly, her hands entangling themselves in Gibbs hair. She loved his hair, coarse and well kempt, silver with age.

"Kate?" Gibbs asked as she let out another low moan.

"What is it, Gibbs?" She was beginning to wish he'd stop teasing her.

"Well I was just thinking… I'm your boss and-"

"Shut up Gibbs" Kate giggled a bit and Gibbs smiled. He took off her shirt with a certain desperation now that Kate hadn't seen before. He really wanted her. He was taking off her bra now, and his lips were on her skin again, kissing, sucking, licking, exploring her breasts in their entirety.

Jesus, she thought, This man is god.

She was aching all over for him. She wanted to grab him and throw him on her bed and make love to him until he couldn't take it anymore. She wanted him to be hers, and only hers. She would make certain of it tonight. She would do him so good he'd never want to leave her.

Gibbs was taking her skirt off now, and she shivered as his rough hands brushed over her hips. They felt so good to her. Of course she would be disappointed if they hadn't. It would have been an entire waste of two years of day dreaming.

Kate bit down on her lip hard, she couldn't wait much longer. Before she could stop them, the words slipped from her mouth.

"Gibbs, please." She moaned desperately.

Gibbs looked up at her from his position in front of her. He was just starting to peel her panties off with his teeth.

"What was that, Katie?" He now had the upper hand and he knew it. He smirked, mostly to himself. Kate saw the devilish glint in his eyes, and knew she was in real trouble. Nothing she could say could fix it now.

"N-nothing, sir," She stammered as he pulled off her panties and ran his hands over her thighs.

"I have been waiting for this day for ages, Caitlin." His thumb was on her clit, moving in a slow circular motion. Kate gripped his hair, groaning. "You don't think you're getting out of this until I've had my fill, do you?"

Kate shook her head, gasping softly. "No, sir, not at all."

"Say you're mine, Kate. Be a good girl for me … say you're mine." Gibbs purred, kissing along her lower abdomen.

"I'm all yours, sir…" She whispered.

"Louder." He barks.

"I'm all yours!" She could barely breathe for the pleasure his hand was giving her.

Kate's thoughts had been right in the elevator. Not only did he make her beg, he made her scream, and come until he was satisfied. She had never had sex like that before, and knew that she wouldn't ever again.

Kate lay in bed now, watching Gibbs sleep. His arm was wrapped around her waist tightly, holding her closely to him. She shivered and snuggled in closer, kissing his chest gently.

"I love you…" She whispered.