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The women, still remarkably handsome despite her age, glided towards the throne room of the grand palace. Passing gay decorations done in tasteful greens, blues and silver with hardly a glance, the woman frowned slightly as she brooded on what was about to happen the moment she stepped into the throne room. Long dark auburn hair, done in an elaborate series of twists and threaded through with silver ribbons, to match the silver of her elegant gown, swayed lightly against her back as she walked. The white gold circlet surrounding her head and finishing with a Celtic twist that came down between her perfectly chiseled eyebrows proclaimed her an Elfin Lady, and Lady she was. Geletia was one of the Royal family, a princess that had fallen from the public eye to contemplate her inner eye, for she was a seer. A very accurate seer and she had been called upon to divine the new baby's future.

There was laughter and happy music seeping under the impressive double doors leading into the throne room. Everything was as it should be, there was a new prince and he was healthy and whole, a perfect heir. People celebrated their King and Queen's good fortune at having such a son, and they celebrated the up coming future of prosperity that was sure to follow with such a prince. His future was set and Geletia was to give an outline of it to his doting parents and court. She feared the reaction to it however, should it be bad and her step faltered for a millisecond before she squared her shoulders and nodded to the guards to open the great chamber doors and let her tell the future.

The great doors creaked open and all noise and rejoicing stopped, all eyes turned to the beautiful seer as she stood at the doorway. Geletia inwardly winced, she hated when that happened. Gliding forwards she oozed confidence and knowledge, prompting people of all stations to clear a path for her. Reaching the thrones, Geletia bowed with dignity, she was not expected to kneel, and nor should she ever, she was after all a Princess.

The king and queen nodded graciously at the Elf and there sitting between the thrones was a beautiful cradle made of the finest ebony. White blankets and sheets trained over the rounded edges and onto the floor. Where wood showed through it was carved with scenes of creatures that would be mythological in the Aboveground but here in the Underground were very much alive, in fact there were a few of the creatures right here in the throne room. Centaurs, Fairies, Elves, Pixies, Goblins, Yetis, Dwarves, they were all here to celebrate the birth of the Prince.

And there lying swaddled in a white baby-gown, sleeping peacefully, was Jareth. A smile crept up to Geletia's face. She reached out a gentle hand and stroked his cheek, the vision took her quickly and she gasped as her world went black. From deep within her a window opened and knowledge flew out of the porthole and formed rapid pictures in her mind. Then a musical voice echoed up through the same window and forced its words out of her mouth.

In the years to come the Prince will grow to be a King.
He shall govern fairly and bring prosperity to the land.
The Labyrinth will call him Master and bow to no one,
But for the Queen that will emerge from the Mortal realm to claim back the child that was taken.
The Mortal will defeat the Labyrinth and take back what is hers.
The High Prince will love her, and sacrifice greatly to keep her.
When both ascend the throne as Husband and Wife peace will reign
'till 60,000 summers pass and Mortal realm joins in marriage to the Fey realm once more.

The vision released her and she fell back grasping the cradle tightly to keep from falling. Tangible silence rang strong and true in the great chamber. Suddenly Geletia's legs gave way beneath her and she fell, the king was on his feet and cradling her safely before she hit the stone floors, and still silence reigned.

There was a bubbling noise from the cradle and it cut thought the silence like a hot knife through butter. Laughter, pure, crystal laughter had flooded the room with innocence and happiness to be alive. Looking from the kings arms Geletia could just see the top of the Prince's arm as it flailed about.

"Please help me to stand up." She said clearly and at once the king helped her to her feet and guided her back to the cradle. A pair of laughing mismatched eyes stared straight back into her red ones and she felt peace fall over her. The child would be all right, he would fulfill his destiny and lead the kingdom into peace for 60,000 years. Reaching out she picked him up and held him before the court.

"This is the High Prince of the Underground. Respect him, for he will be great and do great things for this world, and the next."

Then placing the child in the arms of his mother, she bowed again to the king and queen and glided down the silent tunnel of people and out the door. She didn't stop until he reached her rooms and closing the doors she leaned her head against the cool metal.

Goddess, guide the child as he grows under his heavy destiny.

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