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It was a slow day at The Jump City Snapper. For the past few weeks the biggest news the newspaper had run had been about the Teen Titans defeating Plasmas…again. Celebrities hadn't been doing anything illegal, much to the news staff's displeasure, and there had no scandal to speak of.

Cassidy Williams sat at her desk in the newspaper's office tapping her pencil hard on her desk. Her assistant John Harris walked in looking very disheveled. She stopped tapping her pencil to give him a small acknowledging glance, and began once again tapping away.

"Mr. J-Jones h-has called a m-meeting…"stuttered John.

There was only one reason the chief of The Jump City Snapper would call them to a meeting on a Tuesday afternoon…and Cassidy feared it was the worst reason of all…

She and John walked into Mr. Jones' office.

"Sit." commanded Mr. Jones as if they were dogs.

They sat down quickly looking at their boss' angry face.

"I suppose you two have some idea as to why you are here?"

"Well actually…" began John before Cassidy covered his mouth with her hand.

Mr. Jones ignored the comment and continued on, "Have either of you two read the Snapper lately?"

The two of them nodded slowly, knowing where this was going.

"Then you two will know that our stories have been…less than interesting."

They looked at the floor.

Mr. Jones shook his head, "Cassidy, Cassidy, Cassidy," he scolded, "I remember when I first hired you. You were so ready and willing for any challenge, and when faced with one you would over come it. But now Cassidy…you've become less than enthusiastic about your job."

Cassidy would have loved to hit him right now.

"So Cassidy I am going to give you another shot..."

Cassidy's head shot up relieved, she was so sure she going to be fired.

"…You have until tonight to find me a story that will bring our paper back from this slump. I don't care where you have to find it. I don't care how. I don't care if it has no fact of truth but I want it by tonight…and it better be good….or else YOU'RE BOTH FIRED!"

"But Mr. Jones!" shouted John incredulously.

"Case closed John!" said Mr. Jones pointing towards the door.

The two walked out muttering curses under their breath.

"What do we do now Cassidy?" asked John.

"We find a story," said Cassidy glaring out the window when something caught her eye. She looked across the lake when a large structure shaped like a 'T' caught her eye. She smirked.

"What are you looking at Cassidy?" asked John.

"I think I found the next big story John…"

Out the window, across the lake, inside a T where five heroes…

Cyborg and Starfire were rolling on the floor laughing out loud as Beast Boy read.

"No wait," said Beast Boy holding his stomach trying to get himself to calm down, "No wait guys there's more… 'Reporters say that singing sensation Deidre Rays was seen kissing pro wrestler Zach Bloodstein in the park…'." he couldn't help himself and began cracking up.

"Can you think about that pretty pop star with a guy who can crush people's skulls," laughed Cyborg, "And they where caught kissing!"

Robin groaned tossing his soda into the recycle bin, "C'mon guys it's not nice to laugh at the misfortune of others. I mean just because they like each other..."

"Aw come on Rob," said Cyborg, "who ever Cassidy Williams is she's a genius. Who knows where she digs this dirt up?"

"Yes friend Cyborg but Robin is right. We should not laugh at the Ray of Deidre, for she has the strong affection for the man of Blood stains," said Starfire.

"Uh Star its Bloodstein not Blood stains," said Beast Boy.

"Oh, many apologies."

Raven rolled her eyes at the two laughing boys and used her powers to hit them both over the head with the newspaper they were reading from, "Cut it out."

"Yeah see guys that's three against two," said Robin.

"I'm on no one's side Robin," said Raven, "Their laughter was merely getting on my nerves. But you have to admit, two people of there status and fame should at least have the sense not to get caught."

"Yeah you tell him Rae," said Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy."

"Yeah Rae?" he said smirking.

"Shut Up."

"I guess I'm alone on this one," sighed Robin.

"Surely not friend. I am on your side," said Star putting her hand on Robin's shoulder.

He opened his mouth to reply when the Titan alarm went off.

"Someone is attacking the Jump City…uh Tea Room?" said Robin confused.

"Who is it? Raven's clone?" asked Beast Boy grinning. That is until Raven elbowed him in the ribs.

"Err…Titans Go!"

At the battle at Jump City…err…Tea Room…

"All of you shall feel the wrath of Archibald Groverstein the fourth!" shouted the villain. He was an elderly man with slicked back white hair and a butler's uniform, "For I am Butler Man!"

The titans arrived at the scene of the crime.

"Of course you are," said Robin bemused.

"Now just come quietly crazy man, and we won't have to hurt you," said Beast Boy crouching down ready to morph at anytime.

"We do not wish to hurt you sweet elderly man," said Starfire sweetly.

"Tea cups AWAY!" shouted…uh err…Butler Man.

"Titans GO!" shouted Robin.

At their leader's original words the team sprang into action. They were so enthralled with the battle that didn't notice a certain reporter lurking in the shadows with a camera.

Starfire flew up to Butler Man shooting starbolts at the flying teacups.

"This is like the weakest villain I think we've ever fought," said Beast Boy.

"Watch your manners green one," shouted Butler Man shooting saucers at Beast Boy except they were razor sharp.

Beast Boy morphed into a raven flying away from them just in time.

"Try this on for size," shouted Cyborg as he shot had the villain with his sonic cannon.

Butler Man, surprisingly, did a perfect round off avoiding the blasts.

Cy just stood there dumbstruck, "Uh…huh?"

"See if you're quick enough for this!" shouted Robin bringing out his boa staff taking blows at Butler Man.

The villain fell to the floor but smirked as a giant tea cup fell on top of Robin.

Raven's eyes glowed white and began to say her mantra, "Azerath, Metrion, Zin-…" but she stopped chanting as she noticed razor saucers flying at her a top speed, but something else was also flying at her knocking her out of harms way.

A green blur knocked her out of the way of possible decapitation. She opened her eyes to find Beast Boy on top of her, "Ugh…" she said holding her head.

Beast Boy got up and offered his hand to her which she took.

"You ok?" he asked concerned.

"Yeah just a headache I'm fine. Thanks for saving me."

Beast Boy flushed but it quickly vanished as a grin appeared on his face, "No problem."

But flying tea cups interrupted their conversation directing their attention towards the villain.

"I think it's time we taught you some manners Archie!" shouted Cy shooting his sonic cannon at Butler Man who, this time, wasn't quick enough to dodge it and fell to the floor.

"Booya!" shouted Cyborg punching his fist into the air.

"Yes good work friend Cyborg," said Starfire touching down to the ground.

"Nice Cy," said Robin going in for a high-five.

"Sweet, I'm beat," said Beast Boy, "Hey…that rhymed!"

Raven groaned and rolled her eyes, "You're a poet and you didn't even know it."

The team watched as the villain was dragged into the cop car by the police, "I am not defeated! You haven't heard the last of Archibald Groverstein the fourth!"

"That's what they all say," said Beast Boy.

"Well I don't know about ya'll, but I agree with Beast Boy. I'm beat. I say we go home and hit the sack."

"Agreed," said Robin nodding.

"Friend Robin why does friend Cyborg wish us to 'hit a sack'?" asked Starfire.

Robin laughed, "I'll explain on the way Star."

And so the titans returned home…little did they know what they had in store the next day…

Raven sat at the kitchen table sipping her herbal tea quietly as Beast Boy and Cyborg played video games.

Suddenly the door swooshed open revealing Robin and Starfire.

Starfire laughed, "Oh Robin you are most humorous. Are all Earth boys as clever as you?"

Robin grinned and blushed as the two walked into the kitchen.

Raven groaned and picked up her tea moving to sit on the couch. She didn't want to be anywhere near the two lovebirds, even if they'd never admit it, when they were being mushy like this.

"Heya Rae," said Beast Boy grinning at her.

Raven merely nodded in reply.

"Yo did the paper come yet?" asked Cy pausing the game.

"Not yet," said Raven knowing Robin would be too into his conversation with Starfire to respond to the question.

"Dang I wanted to see what happened with that pop star and the wrestler."

Raven rolled her eyes.

"Sleep well?" asked Beast Boy turning towards her.

Raven nodded, and he smiled, "Yourself?" she asked.

"Ok," said Beast Boy shrugging.

Suddenly Robin's communicator went off.

Cy turned as Robin nodded as a key to come over.

Cy nodded and jumped over the back of the couch, "Come on you two, stop flirting and get your butts over here."

Raven and Beast Boy both blushed crimson and turned to face Cyborg, "WE'RE NOT FLIRTI-." they yelled in unison but their yelling was cut short by their leaders voice.

"There's a riot outside Jump City Hall. The police need us they're right away," said Robin.

The team sped out the doors ready to take on the riot, but little did they know it was so much more than that.

They arrived in front of the Hall where the riot was.

The crowd was in front of the hall waving posters and shouting a chant.

"What are they shouting?" asked Star.

"PURPLE AND GREEN! PURPLE AND GREEN!" shouted the crazed riot.

"So they're what? Color obsessed fans?" asked Beast Boy raising an eyebrow.

Everyone shrugged.

"Titans move in!" shouted Robin.

The titans made they're way through the crowd and as they did and uneasy silence came over it.

The riot spread so there was a large, open, circular space in the middle.

When all the titans were inside it the crowd cheered.

"Ok…uh huh?" asked Cyborg.

Beast Boy walked up next to Raven, "Ok what kind of crowd is this?"

"OH MY GAWD!" shouted a fan pointing at the two, "IT'S THEM!"

The fans let out a shriek.

Raven raised an eyebrow questionably.

The suddenly the two of them got their answer.

"BEAST BOY AND RAVEN FROEVER!" shouted another fan. The crowd went wild.

The two titans looked at each other but then quickly looked away both red in the face.

Cy looked at his friends, "What hold up…Beast Boy…and Raven…together?"

Robin grinned mischievously, "Stop the crowd, embarrass Beast Boy and Raven, Stop the crowd, embarrass Beast Boy and Raven," he said weighing his options holding his hands out like scaled, "Both are so tempting."

Suddenly a small fan piped up, "Beast Boy Aqualad forever!"

Beast Boy looked at the fan, totally grossed out.

The Beast Boy Raven fans glared at the fan ready to kill, when some fan in the back shouted, "Guys, guys, no fandom bashing."

"Dude why?" said Beast Boy, "I talked to him like once."

The small fan glared at the crowd, "I'm gonna go home and flame all of you!" and with that he stalked off.

Raven pulled up her hood ready and just wanted to be back at the tower, in her room, away from crazy fans that were…pairing her with Beast Boy. She looked at him who was blushing like crazy. They held each others gaze and looked away quickly.

"They looked at each other!" shouted a fan.

A group of girls squealed who all had on matching shirts that read 'OTP', "One True Pairing!" they all shouted together.

Raven glared at them. Suddenly she spotted someone waving a newspaper she walked up and snatched away from them.

"Oh My Gawd!" shouted the fan, "She touched my hand!"

Raven looked over the article and her eyes widened. On it were two pictures: One of Beast Boy when he fell on top of her, and one where he turned into a raven. It was on the front cover of The Jump City Snapper. The title read: Beast Boy and Raven: The Love of Two Titans.

She sent a glance at Beast Boy who walked over to her and looked over her shoulder at the article.

"Dude pictures are worth a thousand words."

"Yeah, and they have two pictures…"

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