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Driver's Ed


Although it wasn't necessary, Reno kicked the door trying to get out while grumbling a few curses. Yuffie didn't even want to retain him, she just as sick of this as he was. She saw her life before her and how it was before Barrett would kill her for damaging his car. On second thought, it wasn't really her fault, was it? Tifa did encourage her to take the car while everyone else had agreed to it. So, yeah, it wasn't her fault. Yuffie changed her expression on her face as she thought of this.

And actually, Reno wasn't even all that bad...there was just something to him that Yuffie liked. He wasn't distant like Vincent was and he was the total opposite of Cloud practically. Reno was just so multi dimensional, it was hard to define him, in which she liked. He was defiantly different and perhaps, they did have a slight chance despite their history with each other. They where in the same car after all, right? Maybe things would turn around.

Yuffie saw it right then as she saw Reno in a whole new perspective. He wasn't that annoying, loud, cold blooded killer, drunk Turk anymore. He was actually...a person. It was his job to kill and he drank because of that. His being loud and annoying at times actually made her laugh a few times. Those tiny drops she'd felt in the beginning was now turning into a waterfall of overbearing emotion. Maybe that was why she couldn't concentrate on the road. She was too busy thinking of their could be future instead.

Crap! Stupid hormones! Go away! Yuffie thought in her head trying to clear it of any thoughts of her and Reno together. Stupid hormones...seriously.

Yuffie looked outside, it was really dark and foggy. It was almost impossible to see anything within fifteen feet, and getting lost in this fog wasn't that good either. Reno sighed as he leaned back on the seat while flipping his phone out. Great. no battery left.

"Please tell me you brought you PHS."

"Vincent took it and held it hostage until I'd stop calling him." Yuffie said shrugging. Crank calling the quiet mysterious ex Turk was always fun. "I stole it back after, but then I lost it...ahh"

"nice friends." Reno said sarcastically.

"We're doomed! We're going to die! I'm too young to die!" Yuffie said on the verge of a mental breakdown as she repeatedly banged her head against the airbag compartment, the airbag was never in there anyways. Reno couldn't agree more. Yuffie was in the mix of being frustrated and sad-this sucked.

"You're going to loose brain cells, and trust me, you need all of the ones that you have." Reno said smugly trying to get the ninja to stop, she was shaking the car anyways.

"I always had more than you anyways!"

"Not in a million years."

"I bet I do! You're just in denial!" Yuffie said as she stopped banging her head against the airbag compartment, she did feel a bit whoozy, but no way was she going to admit that Reno was right. And he was right... a lot more than she wanted at times.

He wasn't going to start with this, for one, he wasn't in the mood...or this could turn out pretty good. Instead, he went on to a certain hypothesis of his. "I have a feeling Cloud was up to something." Reno said thinking about what had happen in the past five hours of his life. It was a nightmare come true, and he couldn't' help but wonder if perhaps, all of this wasn't just fate or accidental but intentional. It would explain how the car was perfect and stuff, perhaps they had some sort of remote control, but not one could get one unless...oh crap. Reeve.

"He wouldn't!" Yuffie said defending Cloud. It wasn't like him to pull a prank like this. "What if it was Reeve or Rufus or those Turkeys?"

"I think it was." Reno admitted. No one could turn him into a joke, especially being stuck for five hours. When he got out of here...they where dead and could be part of the life stream, or better yet, revenge is always sweet.

And what could be better and more entertaining then Reno's love life? An idea formed in Reno's head, after all, no one could resist Reno even if they wanted to anyways. Alright time to play innocent.

"Why did you help save me in Wutai?" Yuffie questioned randomly. She had always wondered this, she knew they did it for Elena, but something in the back of her head said, no, she hoped that there was something more to that.

"Elena got kidnapped, we'd have to save her to Rufus would kill us. And I always like doing side missions." Reno said, although that really wasn't it. Elena was part of the reason, but there was more to that. Yuffie was a bit disappointed in his answer and her face clearly showed it. Yuffie gave him a 'you're lying' look in which Reno smirked in return and sighed.

"You want me to be honest with you?" Reno said, the tension was killing him, he felt so open with Yuffie like he could tell her anything and she wouldn't judge him. She was the least person in the world he thought he'd get along with outside the Turks circle thing. He knew it wasn't the beer he'd been drinking that made him feel the way he did. There was something more to it.

Yuffie thought this was another one of his stupid jokes and didn't think much of it at this point. "Sure, whatever."

"You where the other reason..." Reno admitted. He'd never admit that to anyone or they'd think he was weirder than usual. Ratings would go up for this confession of his. "Will my ratings go up now with you?"

Yuffie looked up at Reno as part of the fog was clearing up revealing a dark black sky with few stars. She then burst out laughing, no way was he telling the truth, Yuffie then stared at Reno who really hadn't even had the slightest inch of smiling or laughing on his part. Oh crap. He IS serious.

Seeing Yuffie was...weird for Reno, if you've ever seen someone laughed really hard and everything, then suddenly stop, it'd be sort of...strange. Yuffie wished that she could get a girl talk or something before she actually does something stupid that she'll end up regretting. But it Cloud or the Shirna were filming, this, let's add a few stars...If they wanted a show, they got one, or so in her excuse.

"Do you really mean it?"

"Every word."

Yuffie glanced into the sky, she never got her first kiss before, she was just never really into guys until now. She was debating between hormones and logic in her head right now and it was a battle she couldn't win.

"Oh, what the heck." Yuffie said letting her hormones take over, Reno's lips met hers although she was a bit shocked at first, she immediately went with it. Yuffie put her hands around Reno's neck while Reno put his hand around her back. Yuffie felt like she was in total bliss right now. Nothing could ruin this moment.

Maybe this wasn't so bad after all. It should save time to tell Avalanche about her and Reno going out. Finally.


Everyone was speechless in the Shirna building with their eyes wide open staring at the screen while Elena was covering her eyes just in case something did go a bit to far, even though it wouldn't and it was just a simple kiss, it had to be on public television. so the rating was PG.

"I can't believe he did that..." Rufus said for everyone as the viewer count raised even more.

"Wow, Reno's such a ...man whore..." Elena muttered to herself more than anyone. Seriously, every month he'd have at least four new girlfriends or something like that.

It was just prefect timing as Reno managed to cover the camera.

"NO!" All of the Shirna employees yelled throwing tomatoes all over Rufus's office.

"Hey! Where did that come from!" Rufus yelled seeing as there was a no food policy in his office. "The next one that throws something..."

The room was dead silent as everyone whistled innocently and scooted away.


"AHHH" Tifa shrieked seeing Yuffie with Reno on their little "show". Tifa was pointing to the screen excitedly and freaked out at the same time. She personally thought Yuffie would always end up with Vincent, apparently not. Cid's cigar fell out of his mouth when he saw this as little pieces of ash and whatever is in a cigarette that makes it go on fire went onto Vincent's cloak. Everyone was too busy watching the screen to notice that Vincent's cloak was on fire.

"Aw...our little ninja's all grown up!" Nanaki teased laughing lightly, then sniffing the air Nanaki asked, "Is something...smoking?"

"If you mean Cid..." Cait Sith said, he hated how Cid always smoked.

"I didn't bake anything..." Tifa said still looking at the screen.

"Ah!" Vincent yelled as he jumped up, the cape thing of his was now almost half burned off. He was just thinking of how Yuffie would finally lave him alone if she and Reno continued to go out and stuff. Yes, he liked this idea very much. Although having his cape set on fire wasn't that great, the flames started to make his cape even more ripped then it always was.

"Wait! Hold that pose! I'll go and get the camera!" Tifa said as she ran into the bad, five second later she was out of the bar with yet another video camera. She couldn't wait to see Cloud's reaction when he saw this, not to mention it might just get her some extra points, she could swear that Cloud had something for Yuffie and Aries still.

"Stop drop and roll!" Cait Sith said as Cid reached for the fire extinguisher and sprayed Vincent with it. This was the second time he had accidentally put someone on fire, last time it was Cloud's hair while he was sitting down, that was one of the blonde's worse hair days ever. Cid was also tempted to put the cat and the brat on fire to...

Vincent stood in the room looking like some sort of cross snow man looking thing. He had to keep his inner demons in check, although they where threatening to come out right now and seriously doing some damage.

"Cid..." Vincent said giving him a death glare, Vincent then grabbed the whole cigarette box from Cid and crushed it with his anger. "If this happens on more time..."

Cid let out a curse as Vincent examined his totally battered than before cape and Tifa stopped filming, Nanaki and Cait Sith where snickering looking at the screen.

"Oh there's Cloud!" Nanki pointed out trying to get everyone's attention away.

"I want to see!" Tifa instantly dropped everything as she ran towards the screen in a obsessed lover kind of way.


A tow truck rolled by them with a motorcycle next to it. Of course this huge and bulky looking bike could only belong to Cloud so he was obviously on that thing instead of a Chocobo because it'd bring down his "coolness factor" although Chocobo's are really cute...Alright, sorry, trailing off...

A few hours ago, the group had felt bad for getting Reno and Yuffie stuck in the same car together so they decided to go and get them after all, being stuck in the car for a long time must be very tiresome and bad, especially with Reno and Yuffie together, it instantly spelled chaos.

Cloud and Rude then caught up to the car in the road. "Need help?" Cloud asked then seeing Yuffie and Reno kissing in the front seat surprised him, you could sort of see Cloud's jaw touching the floor in utter shock. Rude came out too and looked into the window to see what Cloud saw too, Rude's sunglasses instantly dropped. Reno and Yuffie then mutually broke the kiss for now as they both ended up laughing like crazy.

"Wha---what was THAT!" Cloud asked still in shock as Reno and Yuffie burst out laughing. "lay off the drinks."

"I did gone sober for five hours." Reno added, "That's how long I've been in this blasted car. Are you guys going to get us out?"

Rude nodded as he took out another extra pair of sunglasses just in case the other ones broke. Rude bolted down the door from the outside as Yuffie and Reno both ran out of the car, way too happy to be on land again.

"Strife, you better run, you too Rude." Reno said in a deadly tone after appreciating the quick few second he had out of the car for now. Now, onto better things...Revenge...

"Uh...Why?" Cloud said nervously backing away in case he did have to run. Yuffie too joined in with Reno.

"Oh you know why." Yuffie tautened. "C'mon spike, we're not that slow."

Reno cracked his knuckles as Rude and Cloud both backed away. Cloud was weaponless after all.

Yuffie used her ninja skills to grab a Materia from Cloud as she got it she held it up with an evil look in her eye.

"Uh...Yuffie...Put that Materia down..." Cloud said backing away even further, Rude also followed suit at Cloud's action.

"Not in a million years." Reno said smugly as Cloud and Rude both ran down the road with Reno and Yuffie yelling stuff at Cloud and Rude that could be heard from Wutai. Keeping this story under the right ratings, I'll let your imagination go wild at what they said. Yuffie then chucked the Materia at Cloud's head as he caught it, no way would they waste their energy on summoning stuff.

This continued on for a little while they ran down a really long and empty looking roadside. Why Cloud didn't just take his motorcycle or Rude ran into the truck was still a mystery not to mention leaving three vehicle behind. Some hobo could be very lucky to find those...and seeing an angry awesome Turk and ninja chasing a chocobo haired guy and FBI stereotype security guard looking guy could also be pretty interesting.


Yuffie finally caught up to Cloud using her ninja speed skills as she tackled him to the floor in front of Seventh Heaven yelling as Reno did the same while Yuffie tripped Rude to the floor. The four where all yelling and screaming profanities and stuff at each other while trying not to get beat up. Hearing the noise from the outside, the rest of avalanche rushed outside and tried to break up the angry "mob" while trying not to get in it themselves. Vincent was pissed at all of their yelling and stuff.

"SILENCE." Vincent yelled as it got awfully quiet, you could even hear a few crickets.

"I can't believe you recorded this and the door!" Yuffie said frustrated, "You guys are such jerks!"

"Sorry, we couldn't help it...if it makes you feel any better, Rufus is also broadcasting it, oops, name slipping." Cait Sith explained.

"It was your idea, Reeve" Rufus said coming up in front of Seventh Heaven with Elena and Reeve "An interesting show too."

"Rufus..." Reno said pissed off. "I'd seriously beat you up right now."

"I'd like to see you try." Rufus said. "I can dock your paycheck or give it a raise, your choice."

Before Reno could reply to Rufus's statement along the lines of he didn't care. Elena blabbed, " I think you're insane for doing that with the brat, but very amusing and fun watch and it was PG rated too!"

"Hey! What was that!" Yuffie yelled. She was NOT a brat.

"Nothing!" Elena said, "Never mind..."

"With your little show and all, Shinra's reputation has gone up even more." Reeve said proudly.

"Not to mention, it's payback for taking our materia and annoying us to death, kid." Cid added joking, he was about to light up another cigar or something, but then he thought of Vincent's and Cloud's earlier threat and decided not to.

"Hey! I am NOT annoying!" Yuffie yelled.

"Righttt..." Vincent and Cloud said at the same time.

"You might just get fan girls and stalkers." Rufus said chuckling.

"NO! Not the fan girls and stalkers!" Cloud, Vincent, and Reno all yelled. Horrible memories. If Sephiroth or any of those silver haired men were here, he would've said the same thing about fan girls and stalkers too.

"You can always just steal their wallets though." Yuffie said imagining the possibilities of stealing people's stuff. She could just imagine the possibilities...

"So, overall, this whole thing isn't bad..." Cloud concluded. "Just...I need to get my bike back...That thing costs so much, and you have no idea how much mileage and repairs I had to do on that thing?"

"And the cars..." Rude reminded.

"And my reputation." Reno added as his arms went around Yuffie's waist.

"Group hug then!" Elena said happily as no one seemed to want to join in her little group hug. Elena frowned at the group's enthusiasm. "Fine. Reno, Kiss Yuffie again then." Elena said, she enjoyed making people feel either uncomfortable...or annoyed.

"Elena...You talk too much." Reno said smirking as Reno gave Yuffie a kiss on the lips.


Barrett was cruising long the road happy to be back from his Corel oil finding trip. Nothing could ruin his day. It was absolutely one of the best days of his life. Until he saw the car lying in the middle of the freeway next to Cloud's bike and a Truck.

Barret let out a scream of R rated curses at the sight of his beautiful car in it's current state.


So, I guess that's a happy ending, isn't it? Let's see what happened after this.

Sephiroth came back for the 1000 th time and got defeated. Again.