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Why does this always happen?

One minute he's all jealous and protective the next he's distant.

One minute he wants me the next he wants her.

He protects me with his life but one whiff of her and he's gone like a shot.

I try not to cry, he doesn't see how much I love him. I'm just a jewel shard detector to him. I don't have feelings, or at least I'm not supposed to, not for him. It's so hard, seeing them together, seeing his eyes when he thinks about her and when he looks at me. There is no Kagome for him, only Kikyo and her look-alike, a constant reminder of what he lost, what he feels he owes.

I should go home, go home and forget that all this ever happened. It would be better for him, and me. He wouldn't have to feel guilty, he wouldn't have to choose if I made the choice for him. Who am I kidding, I don't belong here, Kikyo's right. I belong at home, in my time. But if I don't belong here then why is my heart breaking at the thought of leaving? Why do I find myself yearning more and more for the clear blue skies and fresh air of Sengoku Judai (A/N I can't spell it)? Why do I feel more and more like a stranger in my own home?

I can't do it. No matter how I try and rationalise myself into leaving forever, I can't. It would be easier, no doubt. My heart wouldn't continually be shattering into millions of pieces. No it wouldn't be shattering, it would die. I can't leave him, but I want him to be happy. If Kikyo and hell mean happiness for him then I will accept that. But I can't carry this alone any more. I need to tell him, I need to make him see how much he means to me.

I look up and see a flash of red in the trees. I know he knows I've been crying. There's no point trying to hide it. Suddenly he jumps from the trees to sit in front of me. The look in his eyes is too much and I look away.


InuYasha POV

She's gone. I feel relief coursing through my body. I knew she'd understand, understand what I needed to do and why. And why I couldn't be with her. The look in her eyes before she left told me she understood everything, and she didn't hate me for it.

I glance at the place where she'd stood, then take off. Flying through the trees, the choice is made, I only need to go through with it. I owe her, for all I've put her through. The trees flash past, I'm walking on air literally and figuratively. I catch a faint scent and speed up. She's close.

I slow down once I get close enough to smell her tears. I curse myself silently. She's crying and it's my fault. I know it this time, almost like on those TV shows in her time where a light bulb comes on above the person and goes 'ding'. For once I don't need Shippo or Miroku telling me I've hurt her, I know myself. She looks up and sees me in the trees so I jump out to her. She looks at me, then looks away.

"Kagome?" She won't look at me and she's crying again. I do the only thing I can think of. I pull her into my arms and hold her tight, "I'm sorry," I whisper over and over again. Finally she stops crying and looks at me.

"Inuyasha?" she whispers. I look into her eyes and nod, "I love you". Those three words, I've been waiting to hear them for so long but I never realised until now. She's too much to resist now, I lower my head and my lips meet hers in the most amazing kiss I have ever experienced. When we pull apart I lay my cheek on her head and whisper.

"I love you too"

A/N well this is just a stupid one-shot I decided to write after my boyfriend and I had a sort of fight. Sorry if they're OOC but I was really projecting my feelings onto Kagome (no my bf isn't cheating on me but he's like InuYasha in other ways) and InuYasha was mainly what I wish my bf would say/do for me. Anyway r & r if you want but it's not that important, I just needed to get this off my chest, and my sister's been bugging me to write an InuYasha fanfic for ages.