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"...Mother? What on earth are you doing?" Kurama stood in his doorway purely dumbfound. Shiori, his mother, was sitting in the middle of his room, Playstation 2 controller in hand, and her eyes attached to the TV screen.

She turned her chocolate colored eyes to her son as she paused her game. "Nothing dear. I was just bringing up your laundry when I noticed you left your game on. Curiosity got the best of me, and, well..." she said before turning back to the screen.

Kurama chuckled at his mom's actions. He threw his book-bag onto his computer chair, then took a seat besides his mother.

"But, why Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?"

"It was the game in the console. I didn't want to mess anything up if I took it out," said Shiori, shrugging, as she aimed her revolver at a prostitute's head and blew it clear off. She let out a squeal of joy as her character collected the money that appeared from the fallen whore.

"And it's a great stress reliever," she said happily. Kurama shook his head at his mother's antics. He leaned his head on her shoulder and sighed.

"Sometimes you really freak me out," he said amused. Shiori 'shhed' him.

"Not now; mommy's busy killing police officers with a dildo."

"I rest my case."

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