I Hate Hermione And A Muggle Card Game
I do not, under any circumstances, even in my sleep, own Harry Potter. I just own the insane plot, and some of the chocolate sauce.
Summary: Ron is unable to fall asleep. Hermione goes to Ron's room to see what he's doing after she tries to fall asleep. They play chess, cards, and Truth or Dare without the Truth. What kind of trouble are they going to get into? And will Harry be able to cope?

Harry Potter was sitting on his bed, trying to keep certain images of his best friends out of his head. While doing so, he was also thinking about the chocolate sauce that was all over his body.

Hermione Granger was in the bathroom, drying off her hair. At that moment, she felt horrible, because she knew both her best friends were scarred for life, Harry getting the worst of it. She knew Harry had kicking spasms, but she didn't think they'd be that bad. She thought of her other best friend, lying, thankfully with clothes on, in his bed, nearly dying of sleep deprivation. Maybe card games shouldn't be played with truth or dare, minus the truth.

Ron Weasley was laying in his bed, totally clothed, and thinking about his two best friends. Hermione had been in the shower for fifteen minutes. He had been briefly told about the 'thing' she did with Harry and the chocolate sauce. Ron was glad he wasn't there to witness it. It would have been hard to get the images of both his best friends covered in chocolate sauce, out of his head. And then, Harry, of course, had a 'kicking' spasm. The pain was gone now, but Ron now knew that he shouldn't dance naked for anyone.

The End


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