Come What May

Why is the snow white?
Why is there snow in Spring?
Life is filled with unclear mysteries
Never knowing what tomorrow will bring

Bring me hope?
Bring me fear?
It brought me a Love,
one that would never disappear.

Dominique is her name.

Her eyes,
they glow.
Her words,
they flow.
Her heart,
it's real.
My feelings,
she can feel.

Co-existing in a world
as Time unfolds.

Come many years,
I will fade.
Come many years,
she will still stay.

Come eternity,
she will forget me.
Come what may,
I'm just grateful I have her today.

Author's Notes: Basically a quick depressing poem coming from Sion's POV since we all know Dominique is going to live forever. Not much Bouncer fics these days so just thought I would contribute some more. Please leave a review, and as always, thank you for reading!