Bill Reflects on Laura

While his kids were down on the planet, Bill Adama sat at his desk thinking back to the Cylon attack. How in the worlds had they all survived? Was it the scrolls? Maybe all he knew for sure was the odds were stacked against the a million times over. But they prevailed. Against everything that came there way they prevailed. They have had losses great losses but they have survived. Things were a bit messy in the cold blackness of space. They Cylons were relentless and even their allies were ruthless.

He was a skeptic by nature. Not necessarily an agnostic but not a true hard core believer either. He believed in right now. He believed in his people. He believed in the fight. He had doubts. In the beginning it was just a myth but then stepped in Roslin and her priestess. When the words were read aloud the biblical story came alive and he started to believe. Especially since Laura Roslin was still with them. There relationship had grown beyond loyalty and friendship and it was a long time before it became intimate. They spoke daily and met often.

Their meetings never went unnoticed yet not a single soul said a word to dispute them. They, he and Laura Roslin, were the respected leaders of the colonies. They were the dynamic duo. It surprised him that they were still able to lead with no interruption. They were accepted. Maybe it was just comfortable. Worst yet maybe it was fleet wide complacency.

She is an amazing woman. He smiled at the mere thought of her. Over the years he allowed himself to fall head over heals. He fought it for a very long time never admitting to his feelings or his deepest desires. But time went on and the war progressed and he had a duty to complete. What did he have to loose? Nothing but he had everything to gain with speaking three simple words.

She had gotten through to Kara in a way no one could. He with Lee included tried to near desperation to reach. Kara just left them angry and on occasion rattled Lee's teeth with an upper cut to the jaw. Bill didn't really blame her. He knew his son could push buttons like no one else could. Lee and Kara butted heads often. Laura was the one who successfully stepped in. She showed Kara a kind of caring the Adama men couldn't provide. He was impressed with everything she accomplished. She had even given him something he had long since stopped striving for. He was now Admiral Adama. Even now that very thought boggles his mind. He had been the Commander for too many years and he planned to retire as such.

He thought back to when she was finally to sick to govern. He cared for her until she could not live without assistance. No one believed, including him, she would survive to see Earth but some how she continued. Toward what was believed to be the end the doc had her on every machine in med bay. She was being kept alive artificially. Bill was sat by her side watching the respirator pump precious life giving air into her lungs. He couldn't stand it any longer. He loved her and didn't want her to suffer. He finally told the doc with tears in his eye to turn off the machines. The doc agreed.

One by one the machines were being turned off. To everyone's great surprise the flat tone of the heart monitor never sounded. She was breathing on her own with no difficulty. She had not opened her eyes but she was alive of her own accord. Bill came in every night to sit with her. Sometimes he would read. Sometimes he would sit in silence watching and waiting. Sometimes he would ask for silent advice and hope until she finally woke with soft sweet words in his ears, "we will find it and we will survive."


She smiled at him. He placed his head upon her chest and wept silently with joy, "I love you, Laura. I had almost lost hope. I don't want to go another day without you knowing." Through this one sentence every emotion he had went through him. He fought to keep himself under control.

"You know what Bill Adama? I'm pretty fond of you, too", she told him softly. From that day so many years ago their relationship went without boundaries. To their surprise and relief the fleet supported the joining. The fleet kept Roslin as President and their trust in Adama as Commander of the Battlestar Galactica went unwavering. It probably helped that it was slim picking for leaders. It was agreed throughout that they all survived the cylons time and time again because of Laura Roslin and William Adama.

It was ironically because of the Cylon genetic experiments which allowed her to live. It didn't matter they had to continue to fight. They didn't offer up the first strike but they were willing to give the final. Laura hardily agreed. They couldn't stop the fight.

For a brief time there was a short lived resistance but they received very little support. These people had a fool hardy belief that the Cylons could be reasoned with but they tried that for 47 years before the war. At any rate people had been content in those days but things were once again getting tough and they were getting older.

They had to find a home. Here at this planet he and the president hoped to find it. The fleet had long since outgrown itself. They were uncomfortable. Galactica had eventually taken on families. It was against his better judgment but the president had insisted upon it. Rules were in place and restriction strictly adhered to. In the end it was a good decision. It was refreshing to see children playing in the passageways.

He owed her everything now good and decent currently in his life. Before now he had abandoned all hope. "Thank you, Laura Roslin Adama", he whispered to himself as he watched her sleep.