Mokuba's Christmas Card

Mokuba Kaiba peeked around the corner of the Kaiba mansion. Satisfied no one was watching, he picked up the plastic bag behind him and ran down the hall. Reaching the main hall, he jumped on the banister and slid down three flights. Seto would kill him if he knew Mokuba slid down them so far, but Seto was busy right now. Which fit in perfectly with Mokuba's plan, as it were.

Mokuba crept down the main floor to a pair of large oak doors are the end of the room. He slowly creaked them open and slipped into Seto's office. Seto was asleep in his winged-backed chair behind his desk, head leaning against the wing. He shifted slightly and mumbled something about fuchsia-colored Blue Eyes. Mokuba was tempted to forgo his plan and snap the picture now- it wasn't often he got to hear Seto say something that stupid- but he decided against it.

Mokuba slid Seto's lap top off the desk and set it against the wall. He got up on the desk with the plastic bag he had brought and got to work. First, he tied one of the things in his bag around Seto's head. Another he popped on Seto's nose, careful not to wake up his older brother. Finally, he got the half-shirt he had made and draped it over Seto. Satisfied his brother was ready, Mokuba retrieved the last few objects in his bag; a camera, a tri-pod, and an air-horn. He set the tri-pod up, and adjusted the height so it was fixed perfectly on his brother. Mokuba adjusted his own red coat and hat, than set the timer on the camera. He slipped back to beside Seto's chair and readied his air-horn. With a breath, he squeezed. Seto jerked forward with a start, blinking sleepily.

"What? What's going on?" He shouted. Mokuba screamed and pointed at the camera.

"Seto, watch out!" He cried. Sleepy and quickly reacting, Seto stared ahead at the camera just as the timer beeped and the picture snapped.

- - - - - - - - - -

A week later, Yugi, Tea, Tristan and Joey each got a Christmas card from the Kaiba's. The card read 'Merry Christmas from Rudolph and Santa'! Mokuba was wearing a red Santa cap and coat, grinning like there was no tomorrow. Beside him, sitting in his office chair and looking a cross between sleepy and annoyed, was Seto. Who was wearing a large pair of fuzzy brown antlers on top of his head, a red 'I Heart Christmas' shirt, and a large red Rudolph nose.