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Summery: In the year 1099, the end of the Dark Ages brought forth another sad ending, for when his lover was murdered, Prince Draco had nothing left to live for and took his own life. Now his spirit walks the castle that was his home, and waits to meet the reincarnation of his true love. 906 years later, the castle is now a boarding school, and when a young man with his lovers' looks and name makes an appearance, a love story begins that proves that even death cannot keep apart those destined to be together. SLASH Draco/Harry.

Genre: Romance and lots of it, with dashes of angst, and a touch of comedy. I can't write without putting some comedy bits in, it's just my style.

Warnings and other notes about the story: This is SLASH between Harry and Draco, so please don't bother flaming if you're against it, because it will be ignored and laughed at that you can't read warnings. It's very possible at some points they may seem OOC, but I hate it when that happens so I'll try not to, but there are going to be quite a few lovey bits in this as Draco is completely head over heals in love with Harry :) Plus it is an AU remember. It is set not in the magical world but in every day to day life, and more importantly the afterlife, so things will be different so please keep that in mind. Oh yeah, and a warning for eventually sap hehe, I love sap.

So, like the idea of Ghosts and Angels and a love that neither Heaven nor Hell can break? Read on!


Bible of the Soul:

Book of the Living and Dead

27th December 2005
By StarRose


"I would rather be a ghost, drifting by your side as a condemned soul, than enter heaven without you." – from the movie Wo Hu Cang Long.


An extract from the journal of Prince Draco Malfoy, December 27th, 1099

He's dead.

And so is my soul.


906 years later…

"Is it possible to fall in love with a guy in your dreams? It's the same dream every time; me, him, we kiss, I feel…just… really in love, then there's this dark shadow between us and everything fades to black and I feel really depressed when I wake up, like I've been missing something my whole life and never found it. Nothing ever changes. I just wish I knew what it meant."

Harry Potter, a 20 year old student of Hogwarts School of British History, sat on a large deep red leather chair staring at the cream coloured ceiling above him. The room was quiet, the only sound being the faint ticking of a clock on the mantel piece above the open fireplace, and the occasional twittering of birds outside the opened window.

Hogwarts was a large ancient castle turned boarding school in the highlands of Scotland. It was a college focusing on students who had a strong interest in studying the ancient history of Britain, either for archeological purposes or any other career move they were thinking of taking.

"Seamus thinks I'm dreaming of a past life, but then he would, considering he believes this place was full of wizards and witches and all that occult stuff hundreds of years ago. But please, I mean, I know I only recently admitted to myself that I liked guys," Harry said, running a frustrated hand through his hair, "but dreaming I'm in a relationship with a Prince in the last year of the Dark Ages? What the heck is that about? It always feels so real."

In contrast to the old room with golden tinted walls, the room was covered with large metal bookcases crammed full of complicated looking science books and reference papers. An equally modern and out of place looking metal desk lay underneath the one window, pens and rulers lying scattered around a closed laptop, and a pile of papers rustling gently in the breeze to one side. An old copper paperweight in the shape of a bowler hat was the only thing keeping the papers down, and a stained white lab coat hung on a coat stand to one side.

"I mean I've always had this dream on and off all my life, but I've dreamt it every single night since I got here. I don't know, maybe I'm just loosing it in general." Harry sighed and glanced to his right to look at his counselor, "What do you think Hedwig?"

The snowy white owl sitting on the back of the swivel grey chair behind the desk watched Harry curiously with her big round eyes. As usual she just sat there, ruffled her feathers and hooted softly at him.

Harry smiled affectionately at her, "Yeah, thought you might say that."

Suddenly loud footsteps were heard coming towards the closed door, and Hedwig shot up into the air and flew out the window with an annoyed hoot when the door burst open and in stormed Professor Snape.

Professor Snape led a small team of scientists who cleaned and resorted artifacts that were brought back from digs. The man had no interest in History whatsoever, which was probably why he always such a grump, but when it came to the chemistry of restoration without damaging the artifacts, the man was a genius.

Or so the headmaster had told him on the day he came here anyway.

Luckily not many students ever saw him, but for Harry he was, unfortunately, his form tutor. "Potter, feet off," he snapped at Harry who was resting his feet at an angle on the desk, "and if I see that owl in this school one more time I'm going to castrate either it or you!" He barked at him when he saw the owl fly away leaving a few feathers by the window sill.

"Sorry sir," Harry said calmly, swinging his legs over and sitting upright, "I guess she likes me."

"Then the bird should be put out of its misery."

Harry had found Hedwig when she was a chick, having injured herself trying to fly out the nest. Harry had found her and taken care of her until her injury had healed, and even though he set her free again, she always seemed to come and visit him.

Harry ignored the usual temper of his form teacher and reached for his glasses that he'd placed on the desk, when Snape suddenly dropped the books he was carrying heavily on the desk and made Harry jump, dropping his glasses on the floor.

"Detention again, you must really enjoy being humiliated. Let's see, how many times is this in the two weeks since you got here? Six? You certainly know how to make a first impression; do you plan on taking a day off from detentions any time soon?" Snape growled at him.

Harry looked blankly at him. It's not like he deliberately got into trouble, trouble just seemed to follow him. Besides it annoyed him that teachers could still give you detentions in this school, he was 20 for heavens sake, you'd think they'd realise if students haven't learnt by now they're not going to. Anyway, none of his detentions so far had even been his fault, things just seemed to happen. He didn't throw that book at Professor Flitwick's back, and the fact that his books disappeared when arriving to every single lesson with Professor Sprout was just weird.

Harry reached down to pick up his glasses off the floor but paused and winced at Snape's shouting voice as pulled back his chair to find Hedwig had left a little surprise for him on the seat. He cursed Harry's friendly little owl, followed by cursing Harry, followed by another threat of being castrated as he grabbed a tissue from his pocket and wiped Hedwig's 'present' off his chair.

As Harry watched rather amused, although willing himself not to smile just in case Snape really did go through with his threat, he didn't notice his glasses as they slowly lifted off the floor, folded neatly, and floated upwards, resting back on the desk at the side.

Harry refrained from rolling his eyes at his teacher as he slammed the window shut, for fear of far worse things to come if he was caught, and reached back down to pick up his glasses, only to find that they weren't there. He blinked at the empty space where he'd seen them fall and glanced around his feet in case he'd kicked them by accident. He looked up frowning and suddenly saw them sitting back on the desk right in front of him.

Harry stared at them, not listening to whatever Snape was yelling at him now, and slowly picked them up. Looking back down at the floor and back at his glasses, he frowned. Maybe he hadn't dropped them? Well he couldn't have. But… he did, didn't he?

He shrugged, oh well.

Placing the glasses back on his nose and turning back to the lecture Snape was giving him on what he was to do for his detention today; Harry wondered where that breeze had come from that had just ruffled his hair, considering Snape had just shut the window, and he absentmindedly rubbed the back of his neck gently and continued to watch his fuming teacher.

For some reason he suddenly felt warm and at ease, the kind of feeling you get when a person you love more than anything else in the world walks into the room. Not that Harry really knew what that felt like, Seamus had always teased him that he had never had a partner in his 20 years. That soft breeze tickled the back of his neck again, and for some unknown reason to Harry, he found himself smiling.

"What's so funny Potter?" Snape glared at him when he saw the student he was supposed to be reprimanding smiling stupidly at him.

"Nothing sir." Harry replied, but the smile didn't leave his face.


An extract from the journal of Prince Draco Malfoy, 27th December, 2005

He's alive.

And so is my soul.

Chapter one coming soon…