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Rating: Teen-Mature for references to blood and death.

Thoughts Of A Dying Witch

There is so much blood on the ground. Such a pretty red. I wonder how much of it is mine. I wonder how much of this red so much like the curtains surrounding my old bed belong to the boy holding me tightly as we both wait to say a red good night. So much red, too much death, so damn cold.

Sweet Lord I can't stop shivering. I think we're both are shivering now this Draco Malfoy, this man with what seem to be the eyes of a scared little boy. I think you're scared to die. Then again I would be too if I was you. So corrupted since birth by such foolish ideals. Ha! Who am I kidding? I'm terrified but having you with me is somewhat comforting. Imagine you comforting me. I can almost laugh at the idea, shame it would hurt so much, I always enjoyed a good laugh.

I wonder why. Why did you reach for me? Why did you turn from me when you should have shot me? Damn it boy why wasn't it you who killed me! It should have been you!

I pull you closer to me for warmth and you look into my eyes. I always thought you hated my eyes. I thought you hated me. I thought you hated everything. I curse you Malfoy! I curse you for holding me so tight on this dark night. On this red ground. Why? God why did you try to save me, try to stop them? It was already to late! There were too many!

Is it just I or is it getting darker? I wander if the fighting has moved away from our little patch. I wonder if Harry has won yet? I wonder so many things. My goodness it is so hard to keep a straight thought isn't it? I think maybe I should close my eyes for a bit. Maybe that would help. I always told the boys a good nights sleep was important. I wish all of my friends a good night in my mind. I say good night to you and give you a small kiss to sooth that sadness in your eyes and call you my silly Malfoy, yes you are my silly Malfoy.

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