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Cagalli sat in her room looking out her dark window. "That was wrong of me." Cagalli said softly to herself. "I can't believe I said that." she said holding her head. "I am ruling Orb now. I can't have these stupid ideas in my head." she said softly.

A pair of head lights caught her eye as she looked out the window once more. A figure stepped out and looked into Cagalli's window. She still couldn't tell who it was so she backed away from the window.

Cagalli turned to her room. It was in a complete mess. "I have nothing else to do but sit around and get fat so I might as well clean." Cagalli said smiling. She really didn't want to but what could she do?

A knock at the door caught her attention as she had picked up at least half of her room. "Who is it?" Cagalli asked confused on who it could be at such a late hour. "It's me." a voice called, deep and sounded a bit sad. "Who is me?" Cagalli asked smiling. "Oh, umm Athrun." the voice called again. Cagalli stopped smiling and went to the door. "Hey Athrun. I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't really mean it." Cagalli sad leaning against the door. "Can I get in?" Athrun asked mindfully.

"Oh yeah!" Cagalli said forgetting he was out there. She opened the door and found him in the same suit but with a brown bag in his hand. "So," Cagalli asked stepping aside "Come on in." Athrun stepped inside her room smiling.

"Well like I was saying before Athrun. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't holding anything against coordinators but I was just so confused and I didn't know what to do." Cagalli said softly. Athrun made no moves to comfort or consul her, he just sat down on her bead and watched her. This got Cagalli a bit pissed. "You could at least say something!" she shouted.

"I'm sorry Cagalli." Athrun said smiling. "Why are you smiling so dam much!" Cagalli shouted again. This time Athrun stood. "Wha-What are you doing?" Cagalli asked as he stood over her. "Cagalli I was thinking a lot. And I talked to Kira and Lacus. And …Meyrin." Athrun said softly. Cagalli blushed. "I'm so sorry Athrun! I didn't mean for you to break up with Meyrin. And you talked to Kira! Great." Cagalli said falling on her bed.

"I don't really see what's the problem Cagalli." Athrun said sitting down next to her on the bed. "Of course there's a problem, Athrun!" Cagalli shouted getting in his face. "I broke you up and I am making Kira and Lacus worry." Cagalli said sitting back down on her bed. "Cagalli." Athrun said softly taking her hands. "Meyrin knew it wasn't going to work between us. She was happy when she left. And she said she would never give up. And Lacus and Kira, they never stop worrying about you." Athrun said looking into her eyes.

"I don't know how to keep a strong face with you Cagalli. I can't lie and I can't yet say what I want to. So for now let's put it that I love you more then anything. I can't hide my feelings any longer. I feel like I'm going burst if I keep it to my self." Athrun said looking around her room. Cagalli was blushing lightly at this.

"I love you too Athrun. But I don't want pity from you just because I'm going to have a baby." Cagalli said looking at there hands which were interlocked. "Pity is something I would never give unless earned." Athrun said looking into her eyes. "Just like trust." Athrun said softly kissing her forehead. "You shouldn't do that." Cagalli said softly.

"Why?" Athrun asked confused. "Because the smell of your colonel is going to make me hurl." Cagalli said quickly and ran for the bathroom. Athrun sat dumb founded for a minute as he listened to his now girlfriend hurling in the bathroom. "Ummm I'm sorry Cagalli." Athrun called from outside the room. "I thought you liked this smell?" Athrun wondered aloud. "I did but now it's making my stomach hurt." Cagalli said tumbling out of the bathroom and falling on her bed.

"So you really didn't mean what you said before?" Athrun asked getting closer to her but not close enough for her to smell him, which was odd for Athrun. "No. I guess I was overwhelmed with what was going on." Cagalli said smiling from her bed. "Ah I love that smile. I haven't seen it in a while." Athrun said smiling. "Well you might see it more often if we can get this all figured out. Now go take a shower and get that nasty stuff off." Cagalli said throwing him a towel. "What will I wear after?" Athrun questioned. Cagalli glanced at the paper bag Athrun brought with him.

"I think Lacus already planned that out." Cagalli said pulling out a green shirt and white pants for Athrun. "She said for me to give the bag to you." Athrun said taking the cloths then stepping back a bit. "Oh I see." Cagalli said smiling. She reached deep in the bag and pulled out a pair of baby booties. "Thankyou Lacus." Cagalli said turning to where she knew the hidden camera was.

"Now go wash up." Cagalli said bushing him into her bathroom.


Lacus who was humming to herself smiled as she heard Cagalli. "So how did you know that would happen? Do you have Esp. or somthin'?" Shinn asked who happened to be in the house taking care of the kids in the orphanage. "Maybe…" Lacus trailed. "You really are somthin' Ms. Lacus." Shinn said picking up one of the kids that he and Luna adopted on there own.

"I wouldn't say that." Lacus said as she was cutting up carrots for a stew she was making. "Ms. Lacus! Mr. Kira is being mean! He won't let me play outside!" whined a small girl with purple locks and bright blue eyes. Lacus looked at the girl and then out the window. Dark clouds hung low in the sky, assuring rain.

"Well sweetie it looks like it's going to rain." Lacus said turning back to the girl. "I thought you would be on my side Ms. Lacus." the girl pouted. "Sorry honey. But I am always on your side." Lacus said bending over and kissing the girls temple. "Maria? Are you bothering Ms. Lacus?" Shinn asked. "No daddy!" the girl said and ran to her father and hugged his leg.

"She's so sweet." Lacus said standing again and smiled. "You are lucky to have her." Kira's voice called from the doorway. Lacus turned to see her husband and two bundles in his arms. "There are my sweeties." Lacus said softly walking to Kira. "My brave night and my brave knights." Lacus said kissing Kira's cheeks. She moved some of the blankets around to find her little toddlers asleep in her husbands arms. "All play and no rest makes kids very sleepy." Shinn said as Maria who was still on his leg was slowly falling into her own slumber.

"Luna should be back from the store soon." Kira said placing the kids down on a nap rug. "I hope so. It's going to rain soon." Lacus said looking at the clouds outside once again. Shinn picked up Maria who was in a deep slumber now and let her down on a sleeping rug. "I'll meet her half way." Shinn said grabbing a umbrella. "You do that." Lacus said smiling. "There is that Esp. thing again!" Shinn said in a hushed whisper pointing at Lacus. "Calm down Shinn." Kira said in a whispered tone and pushed him out the door.


"That will be 46.80." the man behind the register said bagging the last of Luna's food items. Luna handed over and fifty and grabbed the bags. "Keep the change." she said walking out of the supermarket. As soon as she did she looked up as a drop landed on her nose. "Oh man! Rain! I forgot my umbrella." Luna whined as she started down the street as the rain got to a light mist.

The cars that passed by left a trail on the dark sidewalk every so often. "I wish I had an umbrella right now." Luna said looking at the sky. Luna blinked for a long time and held her eyes closed. Soon the rain stopped above her yet the rain bounced off the ground and hit her legs, which she was lucky she was wearing sandals. She opened her eyes and saw a green umbrella. "Your wish has been granted." a voice called from behind her. Luna turned and saw her sister Meyrin with a suitcase on one hand and an umbrella in another. (AN: thought it was Shinn didn't yea! Ha got you!. Sorry 'bout that. On with the story)

"Mey? What are you doing here?" Luna asked confused to see her sister. "Well I had to do a little soul searching. And I realized I can't waste all my time on a guy who doesn't love me." Meyrin said smiling as she and her sister walked stride in stride with each other. "Oh I see. So Cagalli finally kicked you out?" Luna asked with a cat's evil smile on her face. Meyrin's face became red with anger. "No!" she shouted. "Now I am reconsidering ever helping you." Meyrin said with a sour face.

"But I really enjoy this Mey." Luna said as they walked more. The cars that passed began to lessen with every block.

"Don't you mean you appreciate it." Meyrin asked. "That too." Luna said with a nod. "We haven't had a good talk in a while." Luna said smiling. "I haven't seen you since you had Maria. How is everyone?" Meyrin asked smiling. "Maria is good. She adores Lacus. She is like a tiny Meer Campbell." Luna said laughing. "Luna! That isn't right to make fun of the dead." Meyrin said and did a tsking move with a free finger. "I know but it fit my analogy." Luna said with a sad smile.

"So what really happened with Athrun?" Luna said after a minute or two of silence. The rain around them got harder and harder so it was hard to hear. "Well Cagalli had finally came to her senses. Though her choice worlds were a bit harsh. But I know she didn't mean them. And I was finally able to see things I didn't see before." Meyrin said over the rain. "Ah I see." Luna said softly with a soft smile to match. "You know becoming a mom has made you more peaceful." Meyrin said smiling. "It's that feeling of finally being able to understand everything around you." Luna said smiling.

"And knowing the feeling that your husband is coming for you in the rain." Luna said softly. Meyrin blinked because she was looking at Luna. She turned to see a dark figure running to them holding a black umbrella. Luna was smiling and taking what she had just said into thought she knew it was Shinn.

Soon his figure became clear. "Meyrin?" he asked shocked to see her. Luna quickly ran to Shinn's umbrella and gave him one of the bags to hold. "She helped me out." Luna said smiling. "Oh." Shinn said dumb founded. "I also need a place to stay for a while." Meyrin said softly. "Your always welcome Mey." Shinn said smiling. Meyrin blinked at the coordinator as if he were dead or something. "What is it?" he asked confused at her reaction. "Your smile…." she said softly. Shinn blushed a bit. "Your smile is so pretty. You should show it off more." Meyrin said smiling. "Come on Mey." Luna said as they all started for home.


Athrun who just finished washing off his colonel entered Cagalli's room and found her day dreaming by the window. "You like the rain?" he asked smiling that he caught her off guard. "Well sometimes." Cagalli said softly looking at the window again. 'I was about to sing. Thank goodness I didn't.' Cagalli thought.

Two arms wrapped around her and the smell of her soup fill her sensations. "Is this better?" Athrun asked whispering into her ear. "Yes. I find this a lot better." Cagalli said smiling. "I still can't help this feeling of splitting you and Meyrin up though." Cagalli said pouting. "You really didn't." Athrun said sighing. "I know but I can't help but think it!" Cagalli crossing her arms. "Well she is going to stay with Shinn and Luna." Athrun said pulling back a bit. "That's it!" Cagalli said happily and picked up the phone. She quickly dialed.

"Hello. Yes Meyrin please." Cagalli said talking into the phone. "What are you doing?" Athrun asked confused. "Athrun get out I have business to work on." Cagalli shooed him away. "Yes Meyrin. Hi!" was all Athrun heard before the door slammed in his face.


"Okay. Alright. Sure!" Meyrin said then hung up. "What was all that about?" Luna asked. "That was Cagalli." Meyrin said sitting down at the table. "I know that I answered the phone. Did she rub it in your face about getting Athrun? Because if she did then I'll-" Luna started to threaten. "Luna, honey, you know Cagalli isn't like that, and she is the princess of Orb. You Won't be able to touch her." Shinn said reading the news paper and sipping on his coffee.

"I forgot." Luna said with a blush. "I noticed." Shinn said smiling. "Well what did she want?" Shinn asked turning to Meyrin. "She said she wants to find me a man." Meyrin said with an odd face. "A man?" Luna questioned confused. "She said that she feels bad for breaking me and Athrun up so she wants to find me a man." Meyrin said smiling into her coffee cup. "I told her it was okay but you know Cagalli." Meyrin said smiling.

"So your going out tomorrow?" Maria asked who was sitting at the table drinking juice. "Yes why?" Meyrin asked. "Aunty Mey promised me a new toy the last time she was here. I never got one." Maria said with a pout. "I'm sorry honey. I will get you one when I'm out." Meyrin said smiling. Maria nodded and left to go do something else.

"You know you gave her that toy." Shinn said not moving his eyes from the paper. "I know. But I don't stay here often so I figure spoil her while I do have a chance." Meyrin said smiling.


Meyrin was wearing a fitting short, but not too short dress. It was a darker blue not a light one, one of Lacus's many creations. Meyrin entered the restaurant that Cagalli told to meet her at. "Are you looking for something miss?" the waiter asked. He had green hair and was very tall. "Oh I'm going to be with Ms. Cagalli Yula Attha." Meyrin said in a whispered tone so no one could hear the name. "Oh yes Ms. Zala." the green haired boy said. "Zala? They got married already?" Meyrin asked confused. "It a code." the man said whispering in Meyrin's ear. "Oh." she said softly. "This way." the man said showing her to the back of the main and important places. Meyrin looked over his shoulder and saw Cagalli eating at a table with a worried Athrun at her side.

"Ms. Zala. Ms. Meyrin is here." the man announced. "Hey thanks Sting!" Cagalli said happily. Meyrin played the part of jealous lover and sat down with a mad pout on her face. "You already got married?" she asked in a testy manner. Cagalli blinked, her face that was once happy was now very confused. "Oh no." Athrun said dropping his head into his hands. "Oh that. Well I couldn't give out my real name. I mean think of what could happen. So I used his name." Cagalli said pointing to Athrun. "I mean nothing is set but that's not important now. Were here for you." Cagalli said smiling.

Meyrin's face dropped into a smile. "I'm so glad to see you smile again Ms. Cagalli." Meyrin said smiling as well. "Like wise." Cagalli said taking a bite out of her food. "Cagalli you have eaten three plates already." Athrun said taking hold of her shoulder. "Hey! I'm eating for two!" Cagalli whined stuffing her mouth. "Please Cagalli. Slow down." Athrun complained.

Meyrin smiled at the couple. "You two where meant for each other." Meyrin said stopping the arguing couple in front of her. "Well were here to find you a guy. So see any you like?" Cagalli asked. Meyrin looked around the room and shook her head no. "Well I can't do much but I just wanted to try." Cagalli said as she stood. "I'm ready to hit the hay." Cagalli said as she started for the door. "Wait Cagalli who's going to pay for the bill?" Athrun asked. "You are." Cagalli said walking away leavening a crying Athrun on the floor. "Sorry about this Meyrin. If you want anything just but it on my tab." Athrun said following Cagalli out the door.

Meyrin watched the two leave and was sadden at the fact that she was alone again. "Hello miss. I happen to see you are alone." a voice called as a blue flower suddenly came in, blocking her view of the table. "Ummm…." Meyrin said taking the blue rose. A man soon sat down. His cloths looked like those of a waiter at the restaurant. "Hello there Ms. Meyrin? Is that right?" he asked. Meyrin looked at the flower and then looked at the man, his hair and eyes were blue. A lighter blue then Athrun but in a soft way that showed a soft side to him. She couldn't lie, he was cute.

"Yes. My name is Meyrin what's yours?" Meyrin asked smiling happily to have someone as cute as him there with her. "My name-" the man started before the other waiter known as Sting came over. "Auel! Stop messing around! We have people to wait on." the Sting person shouted. 'Oh my. What a temper.' Meyrin thought watching the two men arguing. "Well Ms. Meyrin I get off in an hour. Will you wait for me?" Auel asked taking her hand to his lips with a bow. "O-Okay." Meyrin said blushing. Auel gave her a charming smile.

"Are you playing with this one?" Sting asked as they made there way from the table. "No way. You see her! She beautiful." Auel said looking at Meyrin who was smiling at her rose.

)--00-(10 months later)-00--(

Cagalli stepped onto her floor from her bed and made her way over to the crib not to far away from her own bed. She looked on at her little baby lying in a peaceful sleep in her crib. Cubby cheeks puffed in and out with her breathing. Her chest rose and fell softly like normal. Cagalli was in total heaven now. She turned to look at her bed. A peaceful face caught her eyes as her now husband was sleeping like there baby in her crib. Blue locks fell blocking some parts of his eyes from her.

Cagalli walked back to the bed and moved them and smiled at Athrun's sweet peaceful face. She kissed his cheek softly and then turned to get dressed.

After changing into a nice blue top and jeans She looked at her baby who was now awake and staring wide-eyed at the world around her. Green, no emerald eyes shined as they were looking around the room. "Hey baby." Cagalli said in a baby cooing way. Cagalli picked up her baby and brought her down stairs so they could make something to eat. Also so that Athrun could sleep. He was still working in Orb offices. More as Cagalli's assistant then his other job. Cagalli was now a regular council member. She had stepped down from head representative of Orb when she faint when she was three months pregnant and almost lost the baby. Kira had taken over for her and seemed to be enjoying it.

Cagalli started to make waffles and started to remember the past since she got Athrun back. Lacus was always by Kira's side as well. She kept there twins in line and also helped run the orphanage still. Luna and Shinn had a nice life with Maria and they are planning to have another baby soon. Meyrin did find love once again. She and Auel had settled down and were going to get married soon. Today was there 10 month adversity.

A cloud of black smoke caught Cagalli's attention. "The waffle!" Cagalli yelped as she opened the top of the waffle maker. Burnt. Black as the night. "Oh boy." she said softly. Kathryn, there baby girl sat clapping in her baby seat at her mother's face. "Thanks for the applause, Kathryn." Cagalli said throwing out the waffle. On her way to the trash can she kissed Kathryn's head. "Okay mommy is going to make a good one now." Cagalli said spreading the mixture on the waffle maker.

And this time it worked. "See! Your momma can make waffles." Cagalli said showing the plate to Kathryn. The sound of someone lapping there hands caught Cagalli off guard as she turned toward the door. Athrun was there smiling, leaning against the door frame.

"How long have you been there?" Cagalli asked blushing at her stupid-ness. "Enough." was his answer. He sat down at the table smiling. "How is my little Kathryn doing this morning?" Athrun asked picked his daughter up and rocking her in his lap. "She won't say anything. She isn't old enough yet." Cagalli reminded him standing next to him. "I know. But it never hurt to ask." Athrun said kissing Cagalli's forehead. "I know that." Cagalli complained crossing her arms.

"Well I guess it turned out fine?" Athrun asked. Cagalli reflection on what had happened to lead to that point. "It was rocky but I guess it all worked out." Cagalli said moving some of Athrun's bangs back to see his eyes. The flash of Cagalli's gold ring caught his eye. A sliver one was placed next to it as well. "You still have the rings I gave you?" Athrun asked. "Oh course." Cagalli said blushing. Athrun closed his eyes slowly then kissed Cagalli on her forehead and then Kathryn. "I love this family."

Well that's it. I'm tired so I'm not going to say anymore but this: Happy New Year!