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Chapter 2 : Prologue

Hundred years passed.

The marine woke up after 95 years of sleeping in stasis...

To find his early 'welcome back' party waiting for him...

Consisted of 2 major troopers, 2 light blue pfhor fighters, 2 red pfhor fighters and 2 gray colored pfhor fighters.

He reached for his weapon, .44 magnum.

+Found it, he was wrong, he found white colored 'uzi' instead.

Nonetheless, he was never picky about killing aliens, he fired with instinct.

---Slow-motion mode: on---

"Bang!" A blob of plasma leaving appeared, leaving some electric sparks behind.

The plasma blob slowly closing the distance between it and the gray pfhor.

It whizz against the air and hit the gray pfhor's skin.

The plasma seeped inside the gray pfhor's skin and it was instantly zapped with the small electric.

---Slow-motion mode: off---

"B-B-B-B-B-B-BANG!" He fired upon the pfhor and another gray pfhor.

However, before he could fire another round of those plasmas...

The light-blue pfhor ran to him with the speed of a leaping hungry tiger.

He was strike-d (What's the past tense of 'strike'?) with the staff.

He was down and the pfhor are going to attack again.

He grabbed the pfhor's staff and fired it's head.

He fired again, again and again.

---5 minutes later---

Everything is killed.

He looked around, this place seemed to be some kind of old earth building.

He walked to the door.

He opened it.

+There are just a water flick'ta here+

But he was wrong.

Now, five water flick'ta are teleported in on his left.

He tried to punch the flick'ta, but failed as he don't seem to have enough power to make the punch 'damaging'.

Then, he noticed that there are another weapon in his pocket.

He found a knife with a button.

He stabbed the lick'ta a few times before it died.

He was curious about the button.

As he press the button, the blade heated up to the point that it was glowing red.

He stabbed the flick'ta and it was on fire.

Suddenly, 3 remaining flick'ta jumped to attack him.

He threw the knife at the flick'ta.

It growled in pain and dies...

Before the another 2 flick'tas had a chance to do anything.

Several plasma blobs went in their direction.

He pick the knife up from the remains of the flick'ta and began to reload the uzi.

Only to find major shock.

The hands that was holding the gun...

wasn't his hands...