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Are you awake Miss Granger?

By Morgana-Alex

Chapter 1

"Are you awake Miss Granger?" I called to the sleeping form in the room next to mine.

After Albus's death and the closure of the school we had all moved in to the order head quarters and either by chance or design I had been assigned the room to the left of Hermoine's.

In those first fragile weeks we had become friends of a sort, each of us relying on the other for one thing or another.

The most notable being that Hermoine made sure I ate regularly and I made sure she got up on time after working most of the night.

Only this morning did it seem strange to me that I still called her Miss Ganger and that I was still Professor McGonagall.

I moved to shake her this time a hand on each shoulder and then again as I was moving further from the gentle tap it usually took for me to wake my former student.

Hermoine started to stir as I shook her for the fourth time, she was still somewhere between being asleep and being awake in that blissful state where anything and everything is real and yet not so.

"Miss Granger I know you can hear me so I would appreciate it if you would at the very least open your eyes." Hermoine then proceeded to grab my hands and I think that I may have been wrong in my assessment of her conscious state, when she pulls me closer to her I know I am wrong; she is still in a deep sleep and unaware of exactly who I am.

"Minerva?" A single word escapes her lips, it is my name and yet she has never used it to address me directly before, and why is she dreaming of me?

I take that chance to pull away from her and the bed before I - at her unconscious self's insistence – end up on top of her.

I take my wand and use it to summon a glass of water, it is my last resort and I have real reservations about using such drastic action, however at this very moment I have little other recourse.

"Hermoine if you do not wake up this instant I will be forced to throw water over you." She stirred more convincingly this time and rubbed her eyes before speaking.

"I'm awake Professor, no need to drown me." I placed the water down on her bedside table and smile at her hair, while no longer quite the bushy mess it had been a few years ago, it still acquired the just got out of bed look quite well.

"Glad to hear it Miss Granger, although I was more than a little tempted to shock you awake after you nearly pulled me on to the bed with you a few moments ago." The girl looked a little shocked when I had finished telling her that, but I didn't stay to find out just what was on her mind, after all I had many other things that I needed to do before I had the time to sit down to breakfast.

30 minutes later as I am sitting in the kitchen sipping what must be my 3rd cup of tea in the last hour, I raise my eyes as the door opens to reveal a wide-awake Hermoine.

"Good morning my dear, would you care for a cup of tea and some breakfast?" I ask her as I stand and walk over to the teapot to pour her a cup.

"Tea would be lovely thank-you. Though I think I will skip the breakfast, I ate rather a lot last night and I don't think I could stomach anything else this morning. I do hope that you have eaten though?" This was her part of our unspoken bargain, and I had gotten used to the fact that sometimes my student acted as my mother and vice versa.

"Your tea, and yes I had toast with Jam and some fruit." I smile and place her tea on the table in front of her before going back to my original seat.

It is clear my young companion has something she wants to get off her chest and so I wait in silence sipping my tea. I don't have to wait long however.

"Professor, you said that I tried to grab you earlier. I can't apologise enough for that. But I must ask…did I try anything else?" I certainly wasn't expecting that last bit, what else could she have done? And for the fist time I wondered just what it was that she was dreaming of this morning.

"You pulled me towards you, right after calling my name." I get up and wash my cup in the sink; I can hear her fidgeting with her cup behind me.

"Professor I am very sorry for what I did this morning I didn't mean anything by it." I turn to see her face suddenly extremely interested in the table she is sitting at.

"Miss Granger…Hermoine why would you mean anything by your actions, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of our sleeping selves." I tried to comfort her in the only way I knew how.

"But may I ask a question Miss Granger?" Now she regarded me like a child who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"Of course Professor." I smiled this was not exactly a fair question and in truth I expected her to tell me to mind my own business. However…

"Tell me what you were dreaming of just before you woke up."

End Chapter

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