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Are you awake Miss Granger?

By Morgana-Alex

Chapter 3

I have said many times in my life that turn about is fair play, but this time I think it extremely unfair – I suppose that is because in this instance my words are being used against me.

"I hardly think that my dreams will be of interest to you Miss Granger." I smirked then as I sat up and opened my eyes.

"I beg to differ Professor McGonagall, after all you were calling my name." My sometime student and newly acquired tease was now sitting beside me on the bed, far too close for comfort as I felt a blush rise in my cheeks.

"Hermoine I really do think we should be getting to dinner." Now it was her turn to smirk.

"Dinner isn't for half an hour Minerva. I called you early in case you needed to freshen up. " Her eyes dancing over me with each word.

'What now?' She had me at her mercy and I was not sure I didn't like the fact.

"That was very thoughtful of you Hermoine. Now if you will excuse me while I do indeed freshen up." She didn't move away in fact she moved closer and sat beside me on the bed, causing my heart to beat so fast I thought it would explode.

"Hermoine what are you doing?" My voice shaking slightly as I asked and she placed her hand across me on the bed.

"Minerva I think that an intelligent woman such as yourself could work out what I am doing. But just in case there is any doubt in your mind I am about to kiss you. If you do not wish me to kiss you, I suggest you tell me now." She waited a split second before she continued to lower herself to me, I didn't want this moment to end and yet I wasn't entirely sure I wanted her to kiss me.

However as her lips met mine, I melted in to her embrace, her lips were so soft, her kiss so tender and yet so passionate, and as we parted I was hungry for more.

"That was better than any dream Minerva." She smirked and I couldn't help but return the gesture.

"That it was my dear." I said as I picked up my wand locked my bedroom door and then drew her to me again for what would be the second of many kisses we would share and indeed they were all better than any dream could have been.

The End

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