By Kali Gargoyle

Sequel to Missing Pieces


Chapter One: Going Home


The sounds of fighting could be heard in the lair. Splinter stood off to the side of the training room and watched his pupils practice their skills. The group had recently increased by one. Angel, formally a human named Cassidy, had joined their ranks when Krang and Shredder transformed her into a mutant turtle. She had only been a turtle for a few weeks but had adapted quickly. Now, she was as comfortable with her new form as his sons were.

Donatello thrust his bo forward to attack. Angel dodged and wrapped the cord of her kyoketsu-shogei, her weapon of choice, around his forearm and flipped him.

Splinter smiled. "Excellent, Angel. I am impressed with your progress."

Angel bowed to her sensei. "Thank you Master, I have a good teacher."

"Suck up," Raphael said. Unfortunately, he was sparring with Leonardo at the time, and the turtle's leader caught him off guard. He got a face full of floor.

Angel helped Donatello up and he congratulated her just to show no hard feelings.

"Practice is over for today," Splinter announced.

Michaelangelo, who had not been sparring at the time because of their now uneven numbers, jumped up from his seat on the floor. "Finally. It's time for April."

The five turtles sat down around their television and Raphael turned it on. April's face appeared on the screen. As always, she was smiling, and staring at something off screen.

"This is April O'Neil for Happy Hour News. Today's top story is the escape of mental patient Veronica Matthews." A picture of a thin woman with pale blonde hair appeared to the right of April. "She was admitted to the Bleeding Heart Mental Institute two years ago after burning down her school gym during her senior prom. Three died as a result.

"This is her sixth escape attempt and her first successful one. She was being treated for several psychological disorders. She is considered dangerous and anyone who encounters her should not attempt to confront her, instead they should call the authorities immediately."

Leonardo shut off the television as April went on to talk about the rising price of bottled water. Donatello did a quick evaluation of his brother's facial expression.

"Leonardo, Bleeding Heart is halfway across the state."

"I know, Donatello, but I know she'll come back here. I can't help it. I remember that fire. The school was in the city, and she may come back to her old stomping grounds."

"You are right to worry," Splinter said. "A disturbed individual such as this should not be taken lightly. I suggest you keep an eye open."

Raphael nodded. "Or better yet, both."


Deep below the Earth's surface, in the large Technodrome, another was watching the same news broadcast. As Shredder listened to the nosy reporter rattle on, his two bumbling hench-mutants stumbled into the room.

Bebop looked over Shredder's shoulder. "What cha watchin', boss?"

"A report about an escaped psychopath."

Bebop snorted. "Hey, Rocksteady, ain't dat your sis?"

Rocksteady looked over Shredder's other shoulder, making the evil villain very uncomfortable.

"Hey, it is! Sis finally got out. I knew she could do it!"

Shredder pushed them both away and looked at Rocksteady. "Your sister is in a mental institute?"

"Yeah," Rocksteady nodded. "She was always the overachiever in the family. Hey, maybe she can come visit us!"

Shredder stared at his mutants, then turned back to the screen. "Perhaps that's not such a bad idea."


It was so cold. It was warmer when she was last out. How long had it been? A month? A year? It was so hard to tell time in her cell. She didn't really care anyway. All that mattered was that she was now out.

She shivered. She was only wearing the powder blue pajamas from the institute.

A pair of headlights traveled down the dark, abandoned road. They passed a lone figure walking slowly and slowed to a stop. The driver got out and walked back.

"Hey, you need a ride?"

The woman stopped and looked at him with ice blue eyes through a curtain of white-blonde hair. He was decent looking, even if he screamed 'hick'. She nodded and smiled.

"Well, hop in." He opened the door and let her climb in. He whistled to himself as he climbed in the driver's side. "So where you headed?" he asked as he started up the engine.


"That's nice. It must be nice to have a home. Me, the highway is my home. I ain't got any roots, no family."


The man eyed her. "Good?"

She nodded. "No one will miss you."

Her hand shot out and clamped around his neck. She snarled as his air supply was cut off and he began to choke. One of his hands tried to keep the truck from crashing and the other was trying to free himself from her hold. The thin woman was stronger than she looked.

The truck spun and slid to a stop. It rocked on its wheels for a moment then was perfectly still. There was an eerie silence.

The driver's door opened and the man was pushed to the ground with a thud and lie still.

Veronica climbed out and knelt by the body. She grabbed his arm and pulled with that same unbelievable strength.

"You know, you really shouldn't pick up hitchhikers," she told the corpse. "Especially the pretty ones."

She dumped him into a ditch and gave him one last kick for good measure. Then she walked back to the truck and got in. She hummed softly as she turned the key and turned the truck back onto the road, heading towards the lights in the distance.


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