As Long As You're Mine

By Sailor Miaka

Author's note: Hello again all. I know it's been forever since I posted a story but this has been taking all of my time. It was begging to be written. I know it's not the most original of ideas but work with me. I owe a big debt to Jeanine Treviso, Cheryl Roberts, Dagmar Bruse and Pink-Green-White-4-ever for inspiring me back into the Power Rangers. Anyway on to the story. It's going to be a long one. Just a warning. Also since I can't seem to remember exactly which episode had Kimberly's letter I'm just basing it off of what I do know. This will span from Pre-letter to DT and beyond. Definitely AU.

As Long As You're Mine

Miami, FL- January 1996

"Wonderful Kimberly!" called the beam coach as the petite brunette hopped down to the mats.

"You've been on fire since you came back from Christmas!"

"Thanks Maggie," Kim said "I just want to make the team so bad."

The coach smiled down at the girl who had quickly become one of her favorite aspiring gymnasts.

"So does every girl here, Darlin'"

"But I want it more." Kim said. It would be the only thing that would make this whole ordeal worth it.

Maggie nodded in approval. Kim was easily among the more talented and creative of the hopefuls. The confidence that she had in her abilities had begun unmatched, however as time went on Kim's confidence had dwindled. Maggie had noticed that Kim was incredibly withdrawn when she had left to go home for Christmas. But every since her return there had been a bounce in her step and the confidence Maggie had missed was back full force.

"I know you do. Go rest up."

Kim nodded and headed to the showers with Maggie watching on.

With her family in Paris and her friends in California, Kim is more alone here than any of the girls. No wonder she's recharged. She needs her friends. Maggie thought to herself. A buzzing sound rang through the Gym. Signaling to the other Coaches that she was free, Maggie jogged to the door and opened it. The mail man stood there with the usual bucket of mail addressed to the hopefuls.

Maggie took the bucket and began to sift through the mail. At the top was a letter that made her smile. It looked ordinary enough, written in sloppy but masculine handwriting and it was addressed to a Miss Kimberly A. Hart. The return address read T.J. Oliver 1994 Oak Dr, Angel Grove, CA. Maggie's smile widened.

"Kim!" Maggie called out into the locker rooms "Mail Call!"

Kim appeared relatively quickly, looking tired but had a hopeful glow about her face. Maggie handed her the letter, heard her squeal in delight and then continued passing out the mail.

The Moon

Master Vile and his daughter could under no circumstances be considered nice people. The fact that they had collectively been terrorizing the Earth for nearly three years and still had not gotten any headway bothered them greatly. However, as Rita sat up in bed thinking, she knew that soon they would hit upon the perfect plan, one that would destroy the rangers completely. Rita was a very smart woman for all her failures. Smart and manipulative. Knowing the true identities of the rangers was her greatest asset in this war. One she hadn't used to the utmost of its potential in past plans. Since thinking of new plans to conquer Earth wasn't exactly conducive to sleep, Rita mulled over the human weaknesses of the Rangers one by one while the red mass of meat she called her husband snored on, contented beside her.

Throwing a side glace at Zedd, Rita thought about her own weakness: power. Zedd had lots of it; he just didn't know how to expend it correctly, in her opinion. Though their marriage hadn't exactly started in the most truthful of ways, Rita knew (Thanks to Goldar's bumbling with that antidote to her Love potion) that Zedd cared about her. He roared at her and was overly aggressive in the face of their minions all in a feeble attempt to prove that he was still Lord Zedd, hater of all that was good and pure. He was proud of her and her attempts at global domination. He loved her and she'd be damned if she didn't love him as well. In fact she'd noticed a steady increase in their combined power as time had continued on. Zedd was also protective of her and jealous of any male (namely her father and brother) that might claim to have a higher level of affection from her than he did. He was possessive and protective of her as any man was about his mate. Even if he would never admit it. Rita sometimes would wonder if they were to ever be separated, if she were captured or killed, what would happen. If Zedd would replace her... Damn, she thought as she shook her head I'm sounding as love sick as that pink puke Kimberly…Wait a minute.

Rita suddenly smiled. A certain white power ranger had always been very protective and possessive of a certain former pink ranger. Now that that traitor Kat was on the team and Kimberly was in someplace called Florida…Rita's smile got wider and a small cackle escaped her lips. Together Tommy and Kimberly couldn't be defeated. Their love gave them strength that couldn't be beaten. But, Rita thought, if they didn't have that love…they'd crumble quicker then Zedd after walking in on my brother in the bathroom after Rito had discovered bean burritos. With out any powers Kimberly is no longer a threat. She can easily be broken and taken to our side. Or used as bait. The White Ranger will crumble without his pink princess!

Rita bounded from the bead and headed towards the inner recesses of the castle. Zedd turned over in his sleep moments later. When he found no signs of Rita, he sat up, grabbed his staff and began to scour the castle for her.

2 weeks later February 1996 Miami FL

Maggie sighed as she finished handing out the mail. Kim hadn't gotten anything in a couple of days. Usually she had something everyday. She reached into the empty bag just to make sure she hadn't missed anything when she felt one stray letter that she'd obviously missed. It struck Maggie as odd. Most of Kim's letters were handwritten. This one was typed. Maggie held the letter up to her eyes. It looked like it had been typed on a very old typewriter. She looked around for Kim, finally finding her on the uneven bars.

"Kim! Mail call!" she called after Kim had safely dismounted.

Angel Grove CA.

Ernie sorted through his mail and was shocked to find a letter addressed to Tommy in the pile. He looked up over the bar and saw the young man working out with his group of friends. Ernie chuckled at the sight of the teenagers who frequented his youth center. There is more to them than meets the eye, he thought, but he wasn't about to step on anyone's toes.

"Tommy! You got a letter!" He called out.

Adam ran up to retrieve the letter and brought it down to Tommy.

"It's from Kim!" he said excitedly.

"Read it out loud for me…I have to finish this set." Tommy said anticipating Kim's news.

"Dear Tommy…"

Miami FL

"It's from Tommy!" Kim squealed as she tore into the letter and started to read. Maggie smiled; glad to finally see Kim happy again. Suddenly the light in Kim's eyes died and without warning she collapsed to the ground in a dead faint. The single typed page fluttered to the ground next to her. Maggie called to the athletic trainers who patrolled the sidelines and immediately tried to rouse Kim but met with no success. One of the athletic trainers picked her up and walked towards the health center. Maggie picked up the offending page and began to fold it into her pocket for safe keeping. Curiosity got the better of her and she opened it to see what had startled Kimberly so much.

"Dear Kimberly.

I hope all is going well for you in Florida. I'm glad to here that you are happier there now. Kim I have to get to the point. I can't be with you any longer. I care a great deal about you but I have someone in my life now that just feels right to me. You've been my best friend and like a little sister to me. I hope you can understand. I'm sorry.


"That Bastard!" Maggie said softly as she folded the letter once again and placed it in her pocket. She hurried over to the health center to see if there was any response in Kim.

The Moon

Rita was ecstatic. Everything was going exactly to plan. A sharp metallic noise screeched in her ear drums. Rita's eyes widened as she saw what was coming toward the moon.



Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Kim flung her arm out. Stupid alarm, she thought what a nightmare.

Then she opened her eyes. She was laying in a hospital bed in a white room. Sitting up she realized she was in the health center that was attached to the training complex and was hooked up to a heart monitor.

Can't seem to get away from these she thought idly


The brunette turned at the sound of her name.


Either Maggie had been there all the time or she'd come in so quietly that Kim hadn't noticed.

"What's going on?" Kim asked

The coach came closer and sat next to Kim's bed, a file folder in her lap.

"How you feeling Kim?" Maggie asked softly

Realization flooded back to Kim hard. It really happened. She thought. Oh God Tommy…

"Kim?" Maggie's voice brought her attention back.

"I hurt Maggie." Kim said softly "I feel empty. I can't believe he just did that!"

The tiny girl burst into sobs, crying her heart out.

"Oh Kim," Maggie said comfortingly, putting a hand on Kim's shoulder. "I know this is hard. I had a similar experience in college, but there is something else you need to know."

"Oh my God!" Kim said "Did someone call? Is he ok? Was there a second page? "

"Slow down Kimmie." Maggie said cutting her off. "First of all no second page; and speaking of which I have the letter so don't worry about it. When you get admitted to the hospital center we have to contact your next of kin. Since your mother is in France and we have no contact information on your dad, a," Maggie checked her list "Jason Scott was contacted as the nearest relative other than To-" Maggie's voice trailed off not wanting to say Tommy's name.

"You called Jason? Is he here?" Kim said through her tears. "Oh God…"

"Mr. Scott is out in the waiting room. Kim, you know the admitting procedures of the center and-"

"Maggie," Kim said softly "spit it out. I can take it. He's dating Kat isn't he?"

Maggie was thrown for a loop. She had no real idea who Kat was other than a friend who had moved to Angel Grove right before Kim had left for training, but in her mind suddenly it made since. Kim lost confidence the longer she was away from her friends because she felt this girl had replaced her. Maggie felt a wave of sympathy wash over her.

"Kim you know that anytime you're admitted, after contacting next of kin they run standard blood and urine tests for drugs and the like right?"

"Yeah, Mitch and Devon got kicked off last week because the Nurses found out they were using steroids."

"Well one of the tests came back abnormal Kim."

"Maggie, I swear I am not on drugs!" Kim exclaimed. "I don't drink-"

"They also run a routine pregnancy test on girls Kim." Maggie continued on over Kim's protests "That's the one that came back abnormal. You're pregnant Kimberly."

The world stopped. All Kim was aware of was the beating of her heart. Dear god I'm pregnant. I'm going to have a baby. Tommy's baby…OH MY GOD.

"How far along am I?" she said quietly

"About 7 weeks Kim. You're due in September."

"Oh my god," she whispered, her cheeks pinking "Christmas."

Maggie nodded and her gaze softened as tears ran down Kim's face yet again.

"I can't tell him" she cried out suddenly as the trickle of tears turned into a deluge.

"Oh Kim, that's up to you." Maggie said softly. "You have a couple of decisions to make though."

Kim's eyes blazed in anger. Either it a trick of the light, Maggie thought, or Kim's eyes just turned pink…no it has to be the lights, stupid fluorescent lights.

"If you are even suggesting…" Kim began.

"No I'm not. It's none of my business, you're choice. What I meant was the fact that you can't stay on the team pregnant."

Kim nodded numbly. Her emotions were going on such a kaleidoscope that she doubted her life would ever be normal again.

"We can't afford to lose you though Kim. You're great at making up beam and floor routines. Yours are some of the best envisioned that I've seen in a long while. If you're going to keep the baby, I can offer you a job as a routine choreographer. Maybe when you've recovered from the birth you can still have a shot at the Pan-Global Games."

Kim stared, not sure what to do. Life was never going to be stable again in her topsy-turvy brain. A sudden shout from the hallway startled them both.

"Sir I'm sorry but I can't let you-"

"Dammit! She's my little sister! I-"

"We'd better cut this short," Maggie said a laugh creeping in her eyes. "Take a week to think about this Kimberly then tell me. I'll let Mr. Scott in."

Kim smiled at the kind coach. People like Maggie were hard to find. The door burst open just as Maggie reached the boor knob. Jason rushed in followed by two orderlies.

"Kim? You ok?"

"Jason Lee Scott! I'm fine! Now sit-"

Maggie and the orderlies quietly slipped out of the room, the door clicking behind them as it locked.

"Kim, are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Jason, I can not believe you drove over here from Tampa Bay because I fainted. Oh my god. You should be back at school!"

Jason's look silenced her as she caught sight of his solid face.

"Serious, Kim. Don't make me call Zordon. Are you alright?"

Kim felt what little resistance she had begun to put up fade away.

"Physically I'm fine. Jason, Tommy…Tommy, he broke up with me!"

Sobs racked her body as she recounted the whole situation.

"I can't believe Tommy would do something like that, it's just not like him Kim. You of all people should know that! Something has to be up."

"Jason, there is still something you don't know—I'm pregnant."

Jason had his mouth open in mid protest when his mind made the connection. Kim was pregnant. To get pregnant Kim would to have had sex. With a man. Specifically with Tommy. In Jason's completely confused mind only two clear thoughts remained. Kim was pregnant and Tommy was a dead man.

"I take it Tommy doesn't know." Jason said as realization hit him.

"No, Jason, I just found out."

"When are you telling him?"

"When I can face him." Kim replied matter-of-factly.

"So you're just going to take this lying down then?" Jason said.

"You don't understand, Jase!" she cried

"You're giving up. You're a COWARD Kimberly Hart."

"He REPLACED ME!" Kim shouted at him.

For the second time Jason stopped short, staring at Kim in disbelief. Tommy replace Kim? The thought was unfathomable. It was like saying that he, Jason, should learn how to reconfigure the wiring in the Megazord.

"It's Katherine, the girl who replaced me on the team, she's always had a thing for Tommy. If there is some one new in his life, like his letter said, I'd bet my power coin it's her."

Jason couldn't believe the hatred coming out of Kim's mouth. There was nothing he could do for her but hug her when the sobs over took her body once again.

Six months later, Angel Grove CA.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep

Tommy slapped his alarm clock. He was all for education but not when it was in the middle of a good dream. A really good dream. Of the Kimberly variety. He felt a little guilty about that. He knew he should be over Kim by now. In the eyes of his friends he had. He was "same old Tommy" to quote Rocky and was half dating Kat. But he knew that in his heart he wasn't over Kimberly. He didn't understand how people could expect him to be. Kim was everything to him for so long. She had been the glue that held the team together, the literal "Heart" or rather "Hart" of the team. He had shared with her a side of himself that none of the other rangers ever dreamed existed. He had given her everything he had ever held back and she had just dropped him flat. He shook his head. It was time to get moving.

A shower and a change of clothes later, Tommy sat in his white jeep, newly pinstriped in red and adjusted his red seat covers. He missed his Ninjetti powers. He had always felt so in-tune with the Falcon, looked to it as a guide. Even though he had long ago accepted the mantle of Zeo V Red, he still heard the cry of the falcon in the heat of battle, giving him that extra push forward. He was also greatly thankful for the gold ranger. Jason had stepped up to take the powers from Prince Trey and it was good to be around him again. Even if Jason did threaten to pound him for taking 'his' color. Tommy had thought Jason would be the one person he could have talked about Kim with, but interestingly enough, Jason would not discuss Kim or her letter with him. Tommy had tried on numerous times to get his friend to talk but met no success.

"Tommy, bro, if you want to talk about it, here's Kim's number. Call her." is all Jase would ever say.

That was, of course, out of the question to Tommy. If Kim had found someone else who made her happy then Tommy wasn't about to hurt her by messing that up for her. He would just continue on as he had been-doing absolutely nothing.

Command Center, outside of Angel Grove CA.

Zordon of Eltar was not an easily surprised being. Thousands of years as an inter-dimensional energy entity would do that to a person. However as this day progressed, uneasiness over took him. There was a power flux in the morphing grid. One he had been monitoring for quite a while now. It was beginning to affect the Power Rangers. They were off kilter, something just wasn't right. Zordon had worriedly monitored them in secret, hoping to discover the source of this upset, but could only come up with one possible solution. Their power was constant from the Zeo crystal, but instead of helping and energizing them, it was beginning to drain their energy away. That meant that something just wasn't right among the team. Zordon thought the addition of Jason back to the team would have helped to balance the immense negative calibration to the power. It had not.

The power flux had begun shortly after the assumption of the Zeo powers. As a mentor Zordon prided himself with the knowledge that his charges could and did come to talk to him on a one on one basis to seek advice. They all had. The fact that they had all come to him on one subject is what first alerted him to the flux in the first place. Tommy had been the first. Kimberly had ended their relationship. Zordon was shocked, but even more shocked when in the deepest parts of his depression; Tommy had revealed that he and Kimberly had engaged in intercourse after she had returned from Florida for Christmas. Tommy had not contacted Kimberly and vice versa, so Tommy had no closure. This had shaken the very base of Tommy's foundation of strength. He no longer had confidence in himself.

Adam had come next, in concern for Tommy as well as Kimberly, followed by Rocky, Billy and even Tanya, who had never met Kimberly. Katherine however had come not only in concern for Tommy but in extreme guilt. She felt responsible, she said. Though Zordon assured her it was not, she had launched into a bitter diatribe about standing in the former's shadow.

Zordon gave as much wisdom as he could to his charges, leaving them slightly uplifted and retaining yet another piece of information that would continue his search. The logical conclusion was that the situation with Kimberly had destroyed the delicate balance of the team. Zordon knew that there had to be outer involvement, but the Machine Empire knew nothing of Kimberly's past of a ranger-

Suddenly a harsh static crackling began to echo in the command center.

"-son. –ason? Are you there?"

"This is Zordon. Identify yourself immediately." he said, his voice stern.

A look to Alpha 5 had the small robot scrambling to track this signal.


He would have known the quivering female voice anywhere.

"Kimberly? What is wrong?"

"Zordon? I was trying for Jason. There is something weird going on here!"

Alpha managed to pull up Kimberly's location on the viewing globe. Once the image cleared, Zordon saw two very big issues. One, Kimberly was surrounded by Cogs and had no way of defending herself. Two, Kimberly had either gained a substantial amount of weight or she was exceedingly pregnant. 7 months at least if not more, he thought.

A cog came dangerously close to Kimberly who lashed out and elbowed the robot sharply. She grabbed her elbow in pain.

"Zordon! I need help!"

"Alpha teleport Kimberly here immediately"

"Right away Zordon."

Within seconds the former pink ranger stood before Zordon after materializing from a pale pink light.

"Ai yi yi yi yiii!" Alpha cried. "Kimberly it's so good to see you!"

"It's good to see you too Alpha. Zordon? Why did you teleport me?"

"It was the easiest solution to the problem Kimberly. However, I think perhaps there is some news that you did not inform me of during our last contact."

Kim blushed. She had been astonished to learn that Zordon kept in touch with the former rangers. She was even more surprised when she learned that Alpha had hacked into the telephone mainframe and Zordon conducted these chats over the phone. He "called" once a month or so to check up on her. She smiled.

"Zordon, I'm pregnant."

"Congratulations Kimberly. May I ask when you expect the arrival?"

"Officially? September 24th. I'm not sure though. Zordon? What were those things?"

"Cogs. They are the putties of the newest threat to Earth, the Machine Empire."

"Zordon?" came Tommy's voice echoing over the intercom.

Kimberly stiffened visibly, putting her arms around her protruding tummy.

"Yes, Tommy?"

"We were just attacked by cogs. They were targeting Kat but then one of them pulled out some sort of scanning device. They pointed it at her and then just left. I think they were looking for something."

"Is Katherine unharmed?"

"Kat's fine. We just thought you should know."

"Thank you, Tommy. Alpha and I will see what we can find out."

Silence reigned in the Command Center for a moment. Kimberly shifted uncomfortably.

"I should probably head home now," Kimberly said slowly.

"Kimberly," Zordon began." Though you are no longer an active power ranger and therefore not under my guardianship, I do have a few questions for you."

"I think I already know them Zordon and I'll answer them. Yes, Tommy's the father. No, I haven't told him yet but I will soon. Jason is the only one who knows besides the necessary people."

"Kimberly, are you sure that this is how you wish to continue?"

"For the moment Zordon, I have to. When I'm ready, things will be different. By the way Zordon, I'm having twins."

Zordon smiled.

"I look forward to meeting them. Kimberly, for your safety, I am giving you a new communicator so that should the need arise you can contact us. I don't think that this unwarranted attack on you, as well as Katherine, should go unresearched."

"I'll check in more often Zordon, I promise." Kim said, tears welling up in her brown eyes.

"May the power protect you, Pink Ranger."

With that the young woman Zordon considered a daughter teleported out. Zordon sat in contemplation for a long while after that. Alpha wisely left the wizard to his thoughts.

The wizard of Eltar was no stranger to life and love. With the knowledge of this new side to Tommy and Kimberly's relationship, Zordon was no longer surprised about her pregnancy, or about the power flux in the morphing grid. Kimberly's pregnancy was a repercussion of a side effect of the Power. A side effect that would have been and would be explained when they gave up their titles as Power Rangers. The Power had a strange effect on the reproductive abilities of humans. By embarking on a sexual relationship, Kimberly and Tommy were almost guaranteeing a pregnancy. Yet they hadn't known. They were perfectly matched. Whatever petty difference had come between them would soon be quickly resolved as soon as they were together again.

Ranger loving Ranger and the heartaches that came with were no surprise to Zordon either. Though he had never explained the real origins of the power to the teens, he himself had been a power ranger once upon a time. White in fact. His powers were released during the final battle with Rita, but he and Alpha had managed to harness them again for Tommy. His lover, ironically also the Pink Ranger, was a beautiful woman named Serentina. They had married and had two girls-twins- named Alphiana and Zephronica, though they were always called Alpha and Zephyr. They had been introduced as the Orange and Purple rangers. When the war with Rita was over, the complete original team, including Serentina was dead. Alpha, who originally designed the robots who carried her name, and Zephyr were missing and he, Zordon, was trapped in an energy field. Zordon sighed and turned back to the matter at hand.

Outside the Youth Center, Angel Grove

"Well that's that." Tommy said, as the gang headed in into the Juice bar.

"We'll know something soon" Adam said.

"I still don't like it one bit." Rocky added.

"No one does Rocko, but until we can get rid of the Machine Empire for good we're stuck with them." Tanya replied.

The five settled around their favorite table

"Hey Ernie!" Kat called out.

"Just a second guys-look at the news!"

The teens turned to look up at the TV in the corner of the juice bar. A reporter had just come on.

"In a bizarre occurrence it seems that Miami FL, was host to an odd occurrence usually found only in the small city of Angel Grove, CA. 15 Robotic androids attacked a young woman identified as Kimberly Hart today while she was walking in the park. We were lucky enough to speak with Miss Hart about this incident"

All eyes turned to Tommy and Kat. Kat stiffened while Tommy just stared. Jason fidgeted nervously. He'd known something had happened earlier –he just hadn't been able to pinpoint it-maybe he needed to tell Zordon.

"I used to live in Angel Grove, you know home of the Power Rangers?" Kim said over the TV "I saw this stuff all the time. All I have to say is that whoever is behind these attacks better watch out or they'll have 6 angry Power Rangers breathing down their backs."

"You sound pretty confidant in the Ranger's abilities," the reporter replied "Are you a fan of these mysterious Rangers?"

"The biggest," She said, with a twinkle in her eye.

The entire gang chuckled at that.

"Do you think the Rangers will be able to stand up to this threat?"

"Like I said earlier, there is nothing they can't do. Whoever this new enemy is, they don't stand a chance. They'd better start packing; the Rangers would have them gone in a heart beat."

The camera panned back as Kim stared into it, seemingly at them. Just as Ernie reached up to turn the TV off a full body shot of Kim was on the screen for a split second, though no one even saw the bump on her stomach besides Jason, who breathed a sigh of relief when the screen went black.

"How about that?" Ernie said as he walked off to fill the most consistent order he had.

"Yeah how about that?" Adam repeated quietly. Kimberly was still a sore subject for the group.

"Any ideas on these cog attacks?" Kat said, hoping to divert attention away from the subject of Kimberly.

"The one on you I can understand. Why one on Kim though? That's completely random. I mean she's not even an active ranger any longer-" Jason said

"Pink Ranger!" Tanya said cutting Jason off. "She was a Pink Ranger! Kat's a Pink Ranger. That's the connection!"

Jason's communicator went off just then. They all reached for their own respective bands but realized it was only Jason's sounding. They turned their backs to camouflage him the best they could.

"Yes, Zordon?"

"Jason, teleport to the command center immediately."

Jason exchanged looks with the other rangers as he stood and moved non-chalantly to the back hallway to teleport out.

Miami FL

Kim smiled as she waddled around her apartment tweaking little things here and there in the newly painted mint green nursery. Kim had tried not to gender code the nursery since she didn't know the gender of her babies, but she couldn't help but laugh at the unintentional green and white décor. If she was having girls she could get the cutest little pink bedspreads-

She stopped herself. It was better not to get a head of herself. Her mind floated back to Zordon. The meeting and subsequent teleporting had taken far more out of her than she was willing to let on. She cuddled a stuffed white tiger that sat on one of the dressers. She'd bought it on an impulse on day and had slept with it every night since, though she replaced it in the nursery every morning. She felt an odd twinge in her back and then water gushed down her legs. She stared surprised at the growing puddle around her feet and then the realization that she was in labor hit her. She was in labor and she was alone. She hit the first button on the new communicator Zordon had given her and waited.

Command Center

Jason teleported din to the command center dreading what Zordon might have to say to him.

"Jason. You are no doubt wondering why you are here. I imagine you just saw the news cast with Kimberly?"

"Yes, Zordon"

"I teleported her here during the attack. She was and is in no condition to defend herself."

"You mean because she's pregnant." Jason said putting two and two together. "That's why I'm here isn't it?"

"Yes, I have given Kimberly a communicator. With you in service here and these most recent attacks…"

A siren sounded and a pink light blinked.

"Zordon?" Jason asked

"Kimberly's communicator."

"Zordon?" came Kim's quavering voice

"Yes Kimberly?"

"I think I'm in labor."

A quick look to the viewing globe showed Kim clutching a counter in her kitchen as a contraction gripped her.

"I'm coming Kim!" Jason said as Alpha set the coordinates for the teleporter "Thank you Zordon, tell the others-"

"Go to Kimberly. I'll take care of this."

In a flash Jason was gone. Zordon sighed. He was not a happy inter-dimensional being. If only he could just teleport Tommy and Kimberly into a room and leave them in their for a week he was sure that their problem would work itself out. But, he thought, they're just teenagers. They'll come around soon enough.

Time passed with no word from Jason. In the quiet that normally prevailed in the command center, sirens flashed and in teleported 5 multi-colored beams of light. When they materialized into the Zeo Rangers, Zordon immediately discovered what was wrong.

Tommy was unconscious.