..What do you want?

I.. just came to see you. You don't have to snap at me.

I'm... sorry. I'm just frustrated.

What did you expect, Seifer? Does it surprise you that Squall would make you jump through a few hoops?

No. But I wish he didn't make me anyway... I've put myself through more.. since...

It's okay.

Sure doesn't feel that way.

It doesn't? Don't worry, it will.

How do you know?

I just do. I am woman, after all. We have a sixth sense about these things.

That's a lie.

About me being a woman? I've got a few body parts that would contradict you..

She giggles, and he blushes.

No-no! That's not what I meant, it's uh..

I know what you meant.

And you just wanted to torment me?

Of course. I only torment those who I love.

That takes him off guard.


Don't you remember the night...?

Before Squall left for Timber?

I came to you after the SeeD Ball. I had been... hoping to see you.

I ran. It hurt. It hurt so much to see you with him.

..Him... Squall?

Of course. Everyone always goes to him...

It's not what you think. I promise you.

What, you expect me to believe...


Based on..?

She kisses him fully and deeply. He receives it, and begins to respond it turn. Then, she pulls away, gazing into his eyes.

And now?

I believe you... but why?

Why do I love you?

I hurt you... I killed people you loved in my service to her... Why? Why would you care about me?

Who are you?

The question takes him off guard.


Who are you? Just a simple question.

..I am Seifer Almasy.

But more than that, your someone that can be protective and caring.

How do you know?

We grew up together. I'm just starting to remember it...


Do you?


You don't?


Are you lying to me?


She kisses him again.


You protected me, you know.


All the time. I was smiling a lot, but I was always scared.


We lived in an orphanage... there's a lot you don't know about me, and before the orphanage. Things... I'm only starting to remember.

...I'd like to know.

Are you just saying that?

He chuckles quietly.

You know.. I'm not sure.

She punches him lightly.

You better be joking!

Of course. Maybe.. I'd like to know.

She looks up into his eyes, tears barely shining through their brightness.

Where are you going?

Where ever you want. This time I won't run.

He pulls her closer to him.

I'm done running, Selphie. This time... I'm here for good.

Their lips meet.


Author's Notes

What's happening here? Who wants to know? shrug One-shot. Selphie/Seifer. Yeah, weird much. I know. Needed a break from FFX realm. Review.