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Hermione tiredly walked down the cold stone hallway of Hogwarts, scuffing her feet. She had just returned from studying in the library and had skipped supper.

'I can't believe how hungry I am,' she thought to herself. Hermione paused, trying to decide whether to go to the school kitchen and eat her fill, or forget about it and go to bed. She heard a grumble as her stomach decided for her. Turning, she made her way down the dark hallway when the light abruptly went out.

"As if it wasn't dark enough!" she said aloud, attempting to calm her nerves. Hermione flicked her wand, and brought the fire back to the torch. She shivered, and after a moment she confidently started walking once again. Suddenly, she heard a familiar, yet sharp and terrifying laugh. Hermione squeaked before she caught herself.

"Malfoy!" she gasped, as the boy moved out from the shadows.

"Yes, Granger?" he smirked, enjoying her fear.

"I, wha-?" she stuttered. "What are you doing here?" Hermione finally managed.

"Following you, of course," Malfoy retorted slyly.

"Well you can go sod off, you bully!" yelled Hermione, her fear now replaced with anger.

"I'm a bully now, am I?" he murmered, approaching slowly. Hermione took one step back as Malfoy took one forward.

"Stay away from me Malfoy!" she yelled, frightened once more. Malfoy stopped, but there was no telling what was going on in his head from the look on his face.

"Do I scare you?" he said, suddenly disturbingly quiet. Hermione stared with morbid fascination.

"…Yes" she whispered, unsure what else to say. Malfoy continued to draw nearer, until they were mere inches apart.

"Back off" Hermione whispered, shivering not from terror.

"Why?" Malfoy whispered back, a slow smile coming to his mouth. The only thing keeping Hermione from running away was Malfoy's wand pointed at her stomach.

"Don't touch me" she said, her mouth suddenly dry. Malfoy moved his hand to push Hermione harder into the wall she was cornered in.

"I already am," he said with brazen eyes. Hermione had always fantasized about a moment like this. She would never ever admit it, but it was almost always about Draco.

"Then get off," she murmured, staring at his lips. Malfoy did nothing except to reach forward to brush a coiled loc of hair away from her face. Quicker than Hermione could see, Malfoy grabbed her wand and gleefully threw it down the dimly lit hallway.

"You actually thought I was going to kiss you?" he yelled hysterically. "You, a bloody mudblood!" Hermione fought fiercely with her tears.

"I hate you Draco Malfoy!" she exclaimed.

As Hermione tore away from him to go to the common room, Malfoy felt something he would have never thought possible. He felt guilty. He was ashamed yet a little excited thinking about how close they had become. Suprising himself with such rash thoughts, he squared his shoulders and walked over to the broken wand. He picked it up and looked around, deposited it in his pocket before strutting away to enlighten Crabe and Goyle of his trick on Hermione.

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